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Our aim is for you to register for our Wellbeing Package. We suggest everyone who takes up a Wellbeing Package starts with VFP#0 Coherence:

The video below highlights some of the pre-arranged outdoor activities that you may undertake as part of the Be Super Challenges.

The use of sound:

The intro sound / music to the video below maybe what we use to ‘audio brand’ Be Super (in this particular video the intro track is fully extended).

As part of our Corporate Wellbeing Package we also provide business support, video clips and video marketing to enhance your company branding.


As an alternative to the intro above we have created the following video so you may help us with our efforts to create an audio branding for Be Super.

Onomatopoeia (a word that imitates the sound it represents); alliteration (the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning) and rhyme (correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words) are all key factors that could and should be considered with professional audio branding.

Be Super are only just learning how to use VFP (Vibrational Frequency Programming) to better influence and support brands with ”copy, voice and music’ – as we ‘tune in to this skill dont judge us on being open with our first attempt – please comment and then check out the other clips below:

For further details about our Video and audio clip service please click here.

The video below is in support of our therapeutic educational pdf in support for children and young people  – Be Super provide pastoral and intervention support for schools and educational establishments.

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