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Be Super Ltd launched with a whisper on the 2024  Northern Hemisphere’s spring or vernal equinox – March 19th 11.06pm (UK)


Hi, my name is Marcus Pearson, aka Mr. P or P Diddly Dacious.

I am the creator of Be Super, VFP and Superfoods4u.

As from June 21st (the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere) I will be available full time to guide and support others as they undertake the 5 Protocols as Members of VFP.

My co-director is my wife, Sharon Pearson, and we have been ‘supporting and seeking to positively interact’ and improve the awareness, functioning, and interactive capabilities, and well-being of ourselves, individuals, partners, families, groups, teams, schools, organisations and business ventures for over 40 years. Since 2016 this has focused on what we phrase as –

self and team actualisation.

We have 5 children, 6 grandchildren (by September ’24)), and our youngest daughter Morgan, is the first one to officially join us as part of the team at Be Super. We are hoping to add more in time.

Pearson Family

We have provided her with her own ‘Morgan’ category within Be Super – she will inspire and guide all ages!

To Be Super is to co-create the future and share altruistic visions, compassionate pathways, and actions with Love. This is best achieved when all beings within any contained environment or Vortex are all in FLOW, and when they are functioning as effectively and flexibly as possible. Our experience of Being Super, varies because we are no more super than you are – however, our experience and advanced journey of self-actualisation, allows us to integrate Soul filled purpose, within natural physical cycles with clarity, love and compassion. We try to integrate our individual and joint being, so we harmonise self-actualisation into team-actualisation – Be Super is a manifestation of this effort.

We would like to share our vibrational frequency protocols with you. 

If some of these words seem strange or unknown – if you are prepared to find out more – all will be illuminated.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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