The heading ‘Business’ could have said ‘holistic business support‘, because the main emphasis of what we are introducing to you now is more altrusitic and holistic than pure business minded.

Be Super are currently setting up a super network of altruistic guides –  this means support to “help you overcome a problem or positive challenge that stops or slows your progress in business or life”.

We are offering more for less!

Many skilled, experienced and wise people people have reached a stage in their life where giving and being unselfish has a priority over financial or personal gain. This does not mean such people do not need or require to benefit financially; it just means that they also benefit / value from seing others benefit from their support. This means they care more, give more and often charge a lot less – or are more prepared to engage in mutual ventures with the right individuals (hence Angel Investors). Such people have high morals and can be trusted to support you for the right reasons – they are often UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS who have completed their own ‘Hero’s Journey’ and now find satisfaction in giving back to society!

Be Super operate on such a basis with their own support and our Digital Marketing Care Package provides an example of our altruistic offer for you:

Please enlarge the viewing before playing this video:

The offer without the detail:

Our ‘stand alone digital / video clip marketing package’ costs £500.00 per month (with a minimum of 4 months contracted in).

Our current stand alone offer provides the first month for only £250.00

Our Altruistic Offer:

  • Requires you to contract in for our Corporate & Club Wellebeing Package (worth £4,500.00 per person) for at least 5 people (for only £75.00 per person per month) for 12 months. This equates to £375.00 per month (minimum) for 12 months.
  • PLUS our digital / video clip marketing ‘package 1’ – for only £250.00 per month (for a 4 month contracted periods – with no price increase).


We are willing to provide you with a Company & Club Wellbeing Package worth £22,000 plus £5,750.00 worth of digital/video marketing  (total value £27,750.00) for only £7,500.00 – payable on a monthly basis at only £650.00 / month.

Click here for more detailed information – including our Trial Offer (no contract for 1 month to experience everything).

Find out more and ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

Thank you,

Marcus and Sharon Pearson

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