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A message to all mankind:

Marcus Pearson, co-founder of Be Super Ltd, has a message to all mankind. It is a message that cannot be explained in a few words. It is a message that may only be explained to those who are ready to respond positively. Your understanding and ability to positively respond will only happen as fast as you can cope with it…, no faster. This is outlined because it involves guiding you to greater self perspective of how to respond to what you will self discover and experience from what we illuminate (we seek to provide both polarities/sides of any dark or light perspective) – so you can make a free and objective choice not an informed one from us). Much of what we illuminate is presented by others who thankfully, are on a similar authentic path. Many people are providing pieces of the NEW JIGSAW OF NEW INFORMATIONAL ENERGY – we (Marcus Pearson at Be Super and those who join us), as well as providing certain pieces, are also seeking to show everyone what the completed jigsaw picture looks and feels like – because it is a multi-dimensional jigsaw not a 2D image. We will be seeking to do this by bringing many of these other providers together – BECAUSE WE NEED TO INTEGRATE FOR CLARITY AND SPEED.

Clarity on the dawning of the Age of Aquarius –

lets go beyond the song and even recent times when people were only starting to learn – we can now go deeper because of new insights:

Mankind is experiencing a shift in the perspective of many people – mainly because information that was previously withheld, is now being released. Depending on where your perspective is, your point of view, angle of approach, frequency of tuning, and even the dimension you relate to, or experiences you have had, or are focused on, or aware of – any and all of these will impact on your life and your ability to comprehend the truth.

There is potentially too much new information that is disjointed  – it is hard to know where to start or what to do with it all – and that’s why we have clarified as much as we can – including presentations from those who seek to provide an alternative future (with themselves, or named others,  having a controlling interest – which is supposed to be for your benefit!?)

There is no hidden political, religious, economic, or power based agenda behind our intentions – we can all integrate our polarities without any of these restrictive values.

We have tried to simplify all these possibilities into one phrase – Self & Team Actualisation.

Be Super provide support and guidance for you to benefit from Self and Team Actualisation.

This means we support you to find the truth and be authentic. We do this because we believe a time is approaching (is upon us – a time known as OLAM), when new information will become available to us. This information will be what we call Informational Energy (IE). It is not simply information you will read or hear about. It is information that has energy – it is information that you will experience on a physical, mental, and emotional basis, and on a non-physical basis. Some of this information will cause many people to experience extreme joy and peace, whilst others may experience extreme fear, trauma, and stress.

We seek to prepare you so that rather than being overwhelmed, and not being able to cope or make the correct lifestyle choices (that may be too late); you are well informed and better prepared to deal with things positively – because, thankfully, the message is reassuringly positive.

We cannot support everyone at once, in fact, we can only support a few people correctly. We have a strategy for dealing with an important message to all mankind.

Within this strategy, of which what you are reading is the start, we seek to promote our approach to many, and then inform those who are more ready with more details. The few (initially 12) will then spread the word to a small number of their own – and so it will grow (to 144 and then 432, and in increasing harmonics of this) with the correct quality of information. This is essential because the solution to what you will experience cannot be overcome quickly – it needs time on your part to change and become stronger – to achieve self-actualisation. Only when this is done can others be told via team actualisation. More will be illuminated with what we are calling ‘our walk and talks’.

We are doing all of this through a membership programme called VFP. It is a way to ensure proper support and ensure members know what is going on – it is not a members programme to try and earn money – all membership fees are used to help support membership grow.

Much of the insights we will refer to are already available as pieces of the jigsaw from others. Their work and contribution is outstanding, and we seek to present it to you. However, it may shock you or send you off at a tangent, it may confuse you to the point of spending too long finding out more information. You can do this, however, you need to know that the BIG PICTURE IS AVAILABLE. YOU NEED TO SPEND TIME CONSIDERING THE BIGGER PICTURE RATHER THAN TRYING TO FIND THE PIECES (OTHERS HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS).

THE BIG PICTURE IS THE START – you have to know what to do so you can be part of this multi-dimensional future – otherwise, you will be part of a different picture – and options for this will also be provided for you to consider. (IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU RECOGNISE THE FREE CHOICE WE PROVIDE – MORE OF THIS IN TIME. . .). This is an opportunity for you to realise your true and authentic self, and give it purpose and value for all mankind, and all other sentient life.


Some of what we seek to illuminate for you has already been compiled in a very professional manner by those with extreme power, finances and open agendas. This is a future that will be very appealing for many people, possibly yourself, however, we seek to provide you with self-actualisation because you may then be free to make a better informed decision – rather than a decision based on fear or greed or self interest. Such a future is already being created, and in the most part already exists. The time for choosing will be upon us sooner than later (probably within the next 25-50 years). Those with economic power, political power, religious power, as well as those seeking to reveal themselves as THE ULTIMATE POWER (possibly a new or unifying religion, or new world order, or a world economic forum, or a unified few super controllers, or creative society),  – some or all of these already have millions of people committed to supporting or complying with them.

Others, (e.g. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos) are seeking to find alternatives beyond our own planet (for a temporary or permanent future).

All these alternative solutions will be seeking to increase their numbers from your Free Will, however, they may seek to entice you with benefits. The cost of which may involve taking that which is of greatest value to them and unique to you – your ability to Love through a Soul, or to take away your capacity for Gratitude, and replace it with being and feeling Used.  They will replace your freedom and authenticity with AI that will control all aspects of your life – whilst providing you with a lifestyle that may be a heaven for some, and a hell for others (E.g. China and a dictator run Communism (perhaps presented as a democracy) – but without that which they have taken away – your ability to Love.

Knowing what true love is, is the basis of self-actualisation – so find out before you make a decision.

All the information you need to consider benefiting from VFP Membership is provided from the FREE links on this page – AND OR from our Walk and Talks.

The scope and quality of these insights provides you with an example of what VFP Members receive.








Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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