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Be Super Healthy with LiCrON:

LiCrON is a lifestyle approach that supports optimal health, fitness and wellbeing – it is part of our VFP#1 PROTOCOL: SELF-AWARENESS.

Who is LiCrON for?

LiCrON is perfect for combat professionals and performance athletes as well as children, the elderly, and families. It is also perfect for anyone that does not engage in any exercise or physical training (for whatever reasons).

It is a body and mind transformation programme that may be used for weight loss, hormonal balance, energy enhancement and physical perfection. It provides insights on combining nutrition with exercise, with rest, recovery and sleep. We have detailed  insights relating to strength conditioning, body building and aerobic optimisation – as well as relaxation and stillness. Our insights aim to promote a longer life of quality functionality.

LiCrON provides you with insights and the personal experience to re-tune your own beliefs about how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No other programme delivers such quality.

LiCrON is UNIQUE – and Be Super Ltd (via Superfoods4u) are proud to have developed it.

LiCrON is a set of ‘guidelines’:

The better you combine them the more you will benefit. Consider them as guidelines that show you what is good and what is bad. You can do more of what is good to be better; however, doing less of what is bad does not make it good (it just makes it ‘not as bad’). So, if you are prepared to accept this and take the necessary action then you are ready to Be Super Healthy 

Let us begin  . . .

  1. It is essential that you are clear where physical health fits in with ‘other‘ health factors. We can support you with ALL the factors  for Super Health – and do so in a manner that correctly flows and balances with natural patterns and rhythm’s. So LiCrON is a holistic approach.
  2. LiCrON reflects new scientific evidence and practical evaluations rather than ‘traditional, existing and politically / financially motivated guidelines’ – we are proud to be different!
  3. We support you to be the conductor of your own life. We support you with guidelines via online links to readable documents, audio and video support. We also provide interactive communication / dialogue between you and the founders and other people following the guidelines – and we support you to support others! So LiCrON is a supportive approach.
  4. We prepare you to Be Super Healthy for 95% of the time and allow / encourage access to stress 5% of the time.

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