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For those who have found themselves –


Hello, my name is Marcus Pearson (aka Mr. P). For those who have found themselves, this is a short and simple message – an invite to walk & talk about mutual and team altruism – a focus on how to attract similar Souls to journey together.

For those who have found themselves

The pathway of actualisation is often a lonely one – why don’t we walk and talk and share experiences. It may well be that we can help one another.

For those who have found themselves, or at least feel they know themselves better, and are making an effort to live true to their inner authentic self – this is a post just for you.

It is not a lengthy post, and it has no deep meaning – it is simply an invitation from me to you – to allow us to share and possibly integrate what we know.

My purpose may be very similar to yours!?

My purpose is to support and guide others find self and team actualisation using love and compassion. Yours may be a similar purpose. If we walked and talked we may find better words to express our similarity. If you are reading this, and you are still here – then you clearly tune in  – so please accept this calling from me to you, it is meant to be.

I would like to focus on how to attract similar Souls to journey together. Over the past 9 years I have found it a rather insular place to be – this new world full of people who have not yet caught up with the changes we know about. I have spent my time finding practical ways to help others better tune in to this time that is upon us. I would like to share my experience with you, and also learn from you.

Please reach out and contact me – we will take it from there.

Thank you,

Marcus Pearson.

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By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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