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LINK#1 – Is about OUR FOCUS GROUP B, which is for organisations, projects, new ventures and creative expansion.

It predominantly includes what we call TYPE A Positive people:

This provision is for when the key person in an organisation and their supporting team(s) are already functioning as their positive authentic Self.

It may however, also be suitable, for when certain individuals or a team has challenges and issues (in or out of work) and improved well being is the best solution. We refer to these people as Type B Positivity.

Our Protocols are as much for the benefit of the directors and organisation, as for the named individuals and teams involved. Click here more information.

LINK #2 – Is very similar to Our Focus Group C, however, it is for small business ventures, the self-employed and professionals.

It is particularly geared for partnerships at work or at home as it deals with those relationship challenges that often mean the most but may have been neglected and need a focus. Click here for more information.


LINK#6 – Provides an overview of The Corporate & Club Wellbeing Membership Experience from Be Super

LINK #7 – Provides details of SNAG – Our Super Network of Altruistic Guides – 

LINK #8 – This focuses on our ‘holistic business support‘, because the main emphasis of what we are introducing to you now is more altruistic than pure business minded. Click here for more information.

LINK #8 – Focuses on our Digital Marketing Care Package for business ventures. Click here for more information.

LINK#9 – Is a link to the form each individual must complete when they become a VFP Member. Click here for details.

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