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Help us help others increase awareness of insights to save people from unwanted but self-inflicted illness, disease, stress and slow death – read on . . .

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After-school, evening and week-end events / workshops for small groups, educational or workplace settings are being offered by Be Super. These 90min sessions focus on chronic stress (physical, emotional and mental) and insulin resistance – please consider the advantages of hosting or attending such an event. They are held throughout the North West of England.

Alternatively, you may attend one of our webinars – the dates will be posted up:


Currently over 2.7 billion people around the world are recorded as being obese; over 463 million people are diabetic and a further 374 million are pre-diabetic; plus a further 125 million people suffer from ‘IGT’ (Impaired Glucose Tolerance) – these are often ‘fit and lean people who are pre-diabetic’. Furthermore, many fit and lean people suffer from chronic  stress and do not realise they are insulin resistant (they may suffer from high cholesterol – or just constantly feel anxious).

A further 34.6 million die every year following illness & slow death – All caused by Insulin Resistance – yes it is that bad!

insulin resistance and chronic stress

Almost every age group, but the  younger generations, Generation Z in particular, are statistically feeling more stressed than their parents and grandparents – so help is needed – and Be Super provides it for EVERYONE!

Trauma, anxiety, stress, depression and anger, when unresolved become ‘chronic stress’ (meaning prolonged or repeated stress). This can lead to addictive type behavior (behaviour that impacts on you physically as well as emotionally and mentally) and controls you in a sub-conscious /  automatic way, rather than you having conscious control. As a safety mechanism, some people respond by shutting down in some way – this is an automatic response to avoid a major heart attack or a blood clot reaching the brain.

This shut down is caused by what is known as a ‘dorsal vagus reaction or the freeze response’ – for example they may experience temporary physical collapse or a mental shut down; they may feel like they can’t respond any more (severe depression and anxiety); and they may even feel like they are dying, or physically experience some kind of paralysis – it may even lead to suicidal thoughts and action. Your energy systems may take weeks or months to rea h this shut down  phase, and it will put  triggers in place to try and slow you down (such as an illness or an inflammation). Doctors may prescribe drugs or statins. These  do not overcome the cause, they simply prolong the condition until another BIGGER problem or shut down happens.


In 2015 over 33 million people worldwide suffered a first or recurrent stroke. This has increased even more since people have had the covid-19 injections – and when you have negativity your immune system is weak and you are more prone to get bacterial or viral infections.

‘Be Super’ need your help to organise and run these events / workshops to increase awareness of insights to save people from unwanted but self-inflicted illness and slow death!

  • Organisations can sponsor larger events, or a series of ongoing events, allowing hundreds and thousands of people to gain insights FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Individuals may donate or gain sponsorship allowing smaller groups to gain insights FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Individuals, groups, clubs and organisations may pay per person or a fixed amount for the events and workshops so they are self-funded.

The events highlight common problems and common solutions that do not work! The events also suggest lifestyle changes and simple solutions that do work – the insights could positively change you life or a friends life for the better!

Is health and fitness a focus for you rather than stress?

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