SNAG-Super Network of Altruistic Guides

Be Super are currently setting up a super network of altruistic consultants / guides to “help people overcome a problem or positive challenge that stops or slows their progress”.

It has an acronym – SNAG – Super Network of Altruistic Guides:

Supporting information:

Ask yourself – how do you best support others harmonise their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being (to some this may represent balancing their work/life balance – or simply making a new venture flow better). If you can provide support for others with this; you may be clearer as to whether you want to be part of SNAG.

Once we have a reasonable number of SNAG’s we will all agree how we will provide our services and how we expand the concept in an altruistic manner  – click here for an example of simple business support.

Find out more and ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

Thank you,

Marcus Pearson

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