Be Super Fit

What does super fit mean to you?

If someone was able to do almost anything and yet they did almost nothing; and someone else who was considered less abled, unfit and unhealthy did more than most people – then how do you compare or quantify their health and fitness; especially in relation to the meaning or purpose of life?

Please pause and think about this before reading further – consider your response . . .

Fit for purpose is a common phrase. A sumo wrestler and a cyclist will both have a different perspective on what fitness and exercise is. Similarly, a depressed or traumatised individual will not be as focused as a Tai Chi Instructor regarding mental clarity, focused discipline and the strict avoidance of negative stressors.

To Be Super Fit is to to be fit enough to integrate your physical and non-physical.

To Be Super Fit, is to be fit enough to put into physical action all the knowing from the non-physical.

To Be Super Fit requires ‘harmony’ between your thoughts, feelings and your actions. This harmony can be measured in a simple and effective manner – known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The greater your HRV the greater your ‘optimum arousal zone’ and the greater your ability to experience ‘flow / bliss’.


VF#1 LiCrON/ Regeneration provides details of how to BE SUPER FIT. It provides details of how to combine fitness with health, because they are not the same. You can be fit and not healthy, you can be healthy and not fit.

To BE SUPER you have to BE SUPER FIT & SUPER HEALTHY at the same time – it isn’t rocket science, however, most people are not aware of it, let alone know how to achieve it.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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