Educational technology

Technology for education is developing faster than awareness – we are looking to integrate to find alternative solutions – please read on for more details:

We are currently in discussion with various Ed Tech companies so we can provide Ed Tech products for improving:

  • Educational Attendance
  • Social and inter-relationship skills
  • Neuro sensory learning patterns
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Life skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and self-actualisation

Most of these will enable children and young people to be supported at home or in bespoke environmental settings. They will enable parents, carers and supportive others to be involved in support as well as the educator and therapist’s.

Fast Forword Ed Tech:

Fast ForWord Scope and Sequence Guide.pdf

Telepresence Robots for social integration and home education:

School absence is the biggest challenge facing education. We seek to use Telepresence robots to re-connect absent students to learning, nurture social relationships, and support reintegration back to the classroom and public life.

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