Marcus Pearson

Marcus Pearson (aka P Diddly Dacious or Mr. P) has experienced success as a work-study engineer, business analyst and consultant, e-commerce web developer and marketing consultant, creative entrepreneur, sports coach and fitness/dance instructor, motivational instructor, life coach and team leader, residential and family care worker, therapeutic educator, and most recently a biofeedback practitioner, and informational programmer.
He has also experienced trauma and chronic stress and for a short period was burdened with procrastination and acquiescence. He has supported family, friends, and others to integrate what was perceived as bad, to be a learning opportunity for a more positive perception of the present. He now provides specialist support on how to create the future you desire – through a mutually beneficial and altruistic approach.
For many, he combines and INTEGRATES the polarities of his experiences. He integrates fear, trauma, and chronic stress therapy with emotional coaching, numerology/etymology, and self-discovery with personal, mutual, and altruistic development initiatives. He combines all of this with physical and mental well-being through health and fitness blood testing analysis (he is a qualified phlebotomist), and educational self-help support for optimal functioning and performance. He also utilises functional or applied Kinesiology and hypnotherapy to achieve solutions in real time.
He provides all this to individuals, families, and small teams of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly – as well as elite and aspiring sports, athletic, and combat performers. His approach is based on enjoyment and flexible extremes. With his VFP (Vibrational Frequency Programming) you learn from your experience that coherence and resonance thrive from an ability to combine extreme variability/polarity with a quick return to a safe, trusted, calm, and creative foundation of flow.
If most of this appears different – thank you – that is what I am!
More than that I am a very happy husband, with five well-balanced and happy children, and four similar grandchildren (and counting). I am a supportive son and brother and value the friendship of my wider family, friends, and those I have the pleasure to encounter at work, leisure, and on life’s journey.

For details of the true me – please click here to view my VFP BLUEPRINT.

I look forward to including you if we have yet to meet x

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