Disruption to our electromagnetic energy fields induces mineral dysregulation, that leads to metabolic dysfunction:

Within all the insights we provide Polarity Integration is at the core of what we do. In this respect, it it is important to recognise that NOT ALL EMF INFLUENCERS ARE DISRUPTIVE! For example, much of the experiences from PEMF interventions (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) is very positive, and enhances the flow and potential of minerals – especially the 12 main tissue mineral salts. It is from this perspective, the perspective of potential to optimise the opportunities for mineral regulation that we move forward.

N.B; It is important to learn from these investigations that whilst PEMF alone may have benefits, it is the PEMF that facilitates optimum potential for other beneficial protocols – such as exercise or further nutritional considerations that is more significant.

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Negative EMF’s impair the potential of minerals to work effectively; as such the impairment creates a negative cumulative dysregulation that increases the damage from other negative actions. External EMF’s may also negatively impact us by directly causing dysfunction to our own natural electromagnetic fields. Our own fields are very subtle and are easily affected by external stronger EMF’s. Most of our minerals directly relate to positive and negative electromagnetic charges (4). Subsequenctly, external EMF’s that go directly to our neuroreceptors in the brain, not only disrupt our optimal functioning on a direct level, they also impact these charged minerals and this further dysregulates us in other ways.

Unless this mineral dysregulation is corrected, either by removing the external EMF, or by correctly regulating the mineral balance (which may be an unknown factor – as it often takes months for imbalances to show up on test results), then the damage is likely to be ongoing, dynamic and something that may account for our biorhythms seeming off (those times when you are noticeably not in flow).

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Examples of the negative impact from EMF’s, specifically relating it to mineral deficiency: 

In a study on the effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure  in electrical workers, the conclusion was that mineral dysregulation caused metabolic disfunction.  This negatively impacted on bone mineral density, thyroid, and the oxidative stress index.(1)

Conclusion:  In line with the previous studies, long-term exposure to an electromagnetic field causes disorders in many organs and systems.

Other studies (2) similar to this specifically noticed dysregulation in calcium and phosphate metabolism. Thus a focus on correcting the calcium and phosphate regulation would correct the imbalance caused by the negative EMF. However, the real solution would be to eliminate the EMF!

Pesticide-Induced Diseases: Brain and Nervous System Disorders:

According to a report (3) on pesticides (which directly impact on your natural EMF; pesticides destroy and disrupt the minerals within the soil and thus in the plants. In addition to rendering the foods we eat inadequate in minerals, the chemical within the pesticides further disrupts mineral dysregulation and this can cause Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Dementia, Epilepsy & Seizures, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, and lead to other Neurological & Nervous System Disturbances.

The report goes on to say:

The nervous system is an integral part of the human body and includes the brain, spinal cord, a vast network of nerves and neurons, all of which are responsible for a majority of our bodily functions—from what we sense to how we move. However, exposure to certain chemicals, like pesticides, can cause neurotoxic effects or exacerbate preexisting chemical damage to the nervous system. The impacts of pesticides on the nervous system, including the brain, are extremely hazardous, especially for chronically exposed individuals or during critical windows of vulnerability and development.

Mounting evidence over the past years shows that chronic exposure to sublethal (low) levels of pesticides adversely affects the central nervous system (CNS), with agricultural chemical exposure identified as a cause of many adverse CNS impacts.

This rport also indicated that another study reported that extremely low exposure to EMF from mobile phones may cause health problems. Several studies have reported findings such as stress, headache, tiredness, anxiety, decreased learning potential, impairment in cognitive functions and poor concentration in case of exposure to microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones. EMFs influence metabolic processes in the human body and exert various biological effects on cells through a range of mechanisms. EMF disrupts the chemical structures of tissue since a high degree electromagnetic energy absorption can change the electric current in the body. As a result of this exposure, the functions of organs are affected. Electric fields exert an oscillatory force on every free ion on the both sides of the plasma membrane and cause them to cross it. This movement of ions causes deterioration in the ion channels on the membrane, biochemical changes in the membrane and consequently impairment of all cellular functions.

There is considerable evidence that EMF can affect neural functions in the human brain.

Low frequency (0–300 Hz) and RF (10 MHz–300 GHz) EMF has also been reported to alter the permeability of the blood–brain barrier. At the same time, these changes in the blood-brain barrier may lead to excess accumulation of heavy metals and specifically of iron in the brain. This effect may trigger several neuronal disorders Some studies have reported that DNA damage and blood–brain barrier disruption is connected, and that autism spectrum conditions are associated with EMF exposure.

Neuroendocrine changes caused by EMFs are a key factor in changing hormone functions.

The Table 1 below is provided from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6025786/#ref97

Some experimental studies on the oxidative effects of EMF.

Reference Biological endpoint Results
Ghodbane et al. [] Kidney In the study investigated that whether Static magnetic fields induces oxidative stress and apoptosis in rat tissues and to evaluate the possible protector effect of selenium (Se) and vitamin E (vit E) supplementation. In the results have been shown exposure to SMF induced oxidative stress in kidney that will be able prevented by treatment with Se or vit E.
Meral et al. [] Brain 890-915-MHz EMF emitted by cellular phones may generate oxidative stress. MDA levels increased and GSH level and CAT enzyme activity decreased, while vitamin A, E and D3 levels remained unchanged in the brain tissue of guinea pigs
Misa-Agustiño et al. [] Thymus The thymus tissue exhibited several morphological changes, including increased distribution of blood vessels along with the appearance of red blood cells and hemorrhagic reticuloepithelial cells
Balcı et al. [] Cornea and lens To investigate the adverse effects of mobile-phone on the antioxidant balance in corneal and lens tissues and to observe any protective effects of vitamin C in this setting. The results of this study suggest that mobile telephone radiation leads to oxidative stress in corneal and lens tissues and that antioxidants such as vitamin C can help to prevent these effects.
Bodera et al. [] Antioxidant capacity of blood EMF exposure at 1800 MHz significantly reduced antioxidant capacity in both healthy animals and those with paw inflammation.

Iron, copper and magnesium are crucial in this respect.

Ozorak et al. [] Kidney and testis In the present study was investigated that the effects of both Wi-Fi and 900 and 1800 MHz EMF on oxidative stress and trace element levels in the kidney and testis of growing rats from pregnancy to 6 weeks of age. It has been observed Wi-Fi and mobile phone-induced EMR may cause precocious puberty and oxidative kidney and testis injury in growing rats.
Ozgur al. [] Liver and kidney RF exposure is reported to induce lipid peroxidation, accompanied by decreased activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), myeloperoxidase (MPO) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), in various organs, such as guinea pig liver and rat kidney.

Sulfur is required for the synthesis of glutathione.

Glutathione (GSH) is an endogenous antioxidant and an important cellular defense agent against oxidative damage – THE BENEFITS OF GSH are reduced by EMF’s.

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References and links for further information:

Positive benefits of PEMF:


Negative EMF’s:

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