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PEMF Therapy from Be Super Ltd may help with stress in three basic ways:

  1. PEMF Therapy reduces the brain’s reaction to stress.
  2. PEMF Therapy helps the body to eliminate the neurotransmitters and hormones produced by stressful fight-flight reactions.
  3. PEMF Therapy defends the cells and tissues of the body from the physical changes induced by stress chemicals and hormones.

According to Dr Pawluk in his book (Power Tools For Health) –

In terms of reducing the brain’s reaction or reactivity to stress, PEMF therapy acts positively on the functional state of the nervous and endocrine systems as well as on tissue metabolism. The heart rate and blood pressure decrease and the cardiovascular system are less reactive to adrenaline and acetylcholine. The relaxation part of the nervous system (parasympathetic) is activated.

This is significant because once the PNS is activated then an individual is already out of the stress zone.

What Be Super seek to do at this point is widen The Optimum Arousal Zone – We may additionally use SSP and HRV to enhance and support this state.


PEMF Intensity:

Dr Pawluk goes on to say –

High intensity PEMFs tend to entrain brainwaves and brain cells more rapidly, more effectively disrupting their negative symptom-producing patterns. Treatment of PTSD with 20 Hz rTMS of either right or left forehead for ten daily sessions over two weeks significantly decreased PTSD symptoms. TMS on the right side induced a larger effect. Mood improves better after left rTMS and anxiety improves better after right rTMS. Improvements were long lasting, even at three-months. Stimulation at 1 Hz doesn’t appear to be as effective. Since lower intensity PEMFs may not produce as long-lasting results as high intensity PEMFs, they may still be expected to be effective if used over longer periods.

This useful supporting information, means that ‘clients who have the opportunity to use home based PEMF devices for longer periods, may be able to heal better than with professional support (as professional support is often limited by time and cost).

Specific Hz Frequencies for Anxiety and Sleep Disturbance:

Anxiety is another condition predisposing individuals to exaggerated responsiveness to stressors. Alpha brainwaves appear to be lacking in these individuals. Alpha entrainment is effective in helping people with anxiety. Treated individuals had positive results with reduction of multiple measures of psychological symptoms including anxiety when compared to prior to entrainment therapy. Stress clearly causes significant disruptions in normal brain rhythms. Research in Germany found that 10 Hz PEMF stabilized circadian rhythms. Use of this frequency can restore jet lag and other sleep disturbances. Circadian rhythms control the hormone balance of the body and when they are out of alignment or not in their proper phase, many problems begin to show up in the body. Stress is a clear example of how circadian rhythms and brainwave frequency patterns can become disrupted. So, 10 Hz PEMF can be useful for reducing many of the physical effects of stress, circadian disruption, and tissue regeneration.

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