PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields; and PEMF therapy transfers magnetic energy, generated by copper coils, through the body & brain. PEMF enriches the body and brain at a cellular level with specific vibrating frequencies; creating balance, positive energy, aiding relaxation and recovery and helping with a variety of disorders, diseases, conditions and injuries. It entrains the heart to be coherent with the brain and resonates health and wellbeing through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

PEMF Therapy:

The PEMF Therapy from Be Super Ltd does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure anything!

We provide cellular energy (voltage and oxygenation) to the body so it can self-regulate!

No physical contact is required, no clothing needs to be removed – it is very easy to administer.

Sessions are for 50 mins and may be done at your home or place of work or a place of convenience – we could even do them at your holiday home  – energise whilst you chill!

Our PEMF devices induce benefits along 3 PAIN CONTROL THEORIES –

  1. The endogenous opioid system (2 – 10Hz) is one of the most studied innate pain-relieving systems. This system consists of widely scattered neurons that produce three opioids: beta-endorphin, the met- and leu-enkephalins, and the dynorphins. These opioids act as neurotransmitters and neuromodulators at three major classes of receptors, termed mu, delta, and kappa, and produce analgesia.
  2. Gate Control Theory of Pain (60 – 100Hz). Following an injury, pain signals are transmitted to the spinal cord and then up to the brain. Melzack and Wall suggested with this theory that before the information is transmitted to the brain, the pain messages encounter “nerve gates” that control whether these signals are allowed to pass through to the brain.
  3. The Pattern Theory of Pain (120 – 140Hz) – The pattern theory of pain suggests that the nerves involved in detecting pain also detect other sensations. According to this theory, there are no specific nerve fibers or endings used just for the sensation of pain. Instead, different sensations, such as cold, pain, heat, and touch, are detected by the same nerves, which then send specific signal patterns to the brain. The brain interprets the pattern, which includes both the sensation and its intensity, and the specific sensation is felt.


PEMF increases HRV and may be used in conjunction with HRV technology and SSP for UNIQUE therapy.

Research and safety:

The following 2 video’s are both under 5 mins in length and clarify the safety and benefits of PEMF:

This video shows how PEMF is used all over the world –

Thousands of studies have proven the benefits of PEMF therapy, and for over 50 years it has been widely used to improve health and enhance performance of people and animals around the world.

PEMFs is a natural drug free alternative to pharmaceuticals because they replicate the natural magnetic field and low frequencies of the earth and never reach the high frequencies or heating effects of EMFs (such as 5g WiFi and powerlines).

PEMF Applications:

Double-blind clinical studies have shown PEMFs repair soft tissue damage such as chronic wound repair, acute ankle sprains, whiplash injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis.

The wider benefits of PEMF include reduced stress and improved circulation which greatly improve sleep quality.

PEMF within therapeutic educational settings:

At lower frequencies Therapeutic PEMFs have been shown to improve concentration and mental wellbeing.

Scientific research has evidenced that PEMFs actually change brain wave activity and are often used to assist with reducing mild depression, anxiety and panic attacks; improve concentration, mental wellbeing and provide cellular exercise!

PEMF therapy is useful for deep relaxation and can be used alongside our other solutions such as HRV and SSP Therapy.

We even combine PEMF, HRV and SSP in our UNQUE Intervention & Pastoral Solutions.

It has been found that Alpha frequency waves (10 hZ) are excellent for learning, focus and creativity; furthermore, low frequency Theta-Waves (4-8 Hz) are particularly useful for deep meditation and inducing sleep.

Click here for more detail on PEMF Therapy for Stress.

Cellular Energy and Cellular Exercise:

The human body has over 100 trillion cells (or batteries) all emitting an electro magnetic charge

More on PEMFS:

There are many devices on the market, however, we use probably the best ‘range’ in the world – we use OUR TOP 4 and recommend these (above all others) to our own family and friends:

NeoRhythm: The Best Device For Neuro Brain Stimulation:

The NeoRhythm PEMF device is one of the most versatile and effective devices for stimulating frequencies in the brain. In field test comparisons the ‘User Benefits’ ARE MORE BENEFICIALLY NOTICEABLE with the NeoRhythm than with other premium brain/mood/energy devices.

  • Within 30 mins of use with the NeoRhythm you will feel more mentally alert and focused – imagine the benefits of this for people wanting / needing to learn or improve at given tasks.
  • Imagine the benefits of feeling more relaxed and calm in just 15 – 30 mins (and this feeling lasting for hours) – SUPER IMPRESSIVE!!
  • Imagine the benefits of relaxing and getting better sleep – this is also a SUPER EASY BENEFIT of NeoRhythm.
  • NeoRhythmis also the least costly, easy to use and more flexible – you can also try it and if you are not happy within 60 days – you may have a full refund!

Please view this independant review to find out why we use this device:

The final video provides research evidence on the NeoRhythm –

EarthPulse: The Most Powerful and Cost Effective PEMF Device (for home or small scale therapy use) For Full Body or Specific Brain / Body Part Stimulation:

Here is what the manufacturers say about EarthPulse:

According to –


Anything that can enhance athletic sports performance to the levels that we guarantee are either banned or illegal. Period. End of story.

There are no,… I repeat NO biohacking techniques that come close to EarthPulse™ either. Certainly not tDCS – transcranial direct current stimulation or any other types of electric stimulation, or vibration plates, or 3-D gaming for tuning-up reflexes, fine-tuning motor control, or increasing strength, stamina or accelerating repair. Put all those technologies together and you still won’t even come close to EarthPulse™ PEMF. Hypoxic training takes time and effort. You do this in your sleep. Can you handle that?

The Olympic Baseball player in this short video had incredible things to say about his very first EarthPulse™ session taken right beside the batting cages and how it immediately impacted batting performance and hand-eye coordination. Over 10 days his peak strength increased close to 20%.

The second video interviews a full-contact, mixed martial arts fighter reporting incredible effects on speed, punching accuracy, and strength. When asked about his punching accuracy responded… “I can catch a butterfly in a wind storm.” Reported sparring at next heavier weight class because guys he used to spar with seemed “small”. These videos are old…our 2016 v5 systems are better than ever. N.B. The 2021 systems are even stronger!

The EarthPulse™ Athletic Performance Enhancement Guarantee: our EarthPulse™ ergogenic PEMF system will increase your peak strength by 10% & stamina by 20% within just 7 – 10 days. Peak strength measured by increase in resistance in 1-3 rep set. Stamina measured by added reps to previous 8-10 rep resistance level.

Earthpulse™ PEMF will increase your VO2 Max by 1% in 7-10 days, up to 3% by the end of 90 days or RETURN. If you run a field or a court you’ll run back and forth like you did have the 3rd lung Carl mentioned. You’ll beat your opponents by attrition!

And if EarthPulse™ PEMF helps you repair an old nagging issue that’s been holding you back, gains will be a lot greater than that. For example only, we include this on-point 90-day case study of a recent EarthPulse™ PEMF client.

FlexPulse: The Most Versatile PEMF Device:

OMI Mat: The most economical and proven mat PEMF for passive support.


If you would like to TRIAL, rent or purchase any of the PEMF devices mentioned above please contact us.

Be Super use PEMFS in conjunction with other supporting experiences  –


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