T.E.N.T. is an acronym for Therapeutic Education for Neurodivergence & Trauma (including chronic stress).

Don’t go through an agency for a tutor or specialist intervention support, when you can deal with a specialist provider directly – there are so many advantages – read on:


Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, suggests that schools primarily educate only two of the eight intelligences described in his book Frames of Mind:

  1. logical-mathematical intelligence (reasoning, calculating, and experimenting) and
  2. linguistic intelligence (reading, writing, and speaking).

We cover these with the core subjects of Maths and English, more specifically, Entry Level 1, 2  and 3, and Functional Skills 1 and 2.

More than this, we promote the additional learning through a more practical project syllabus and scheme of work. Our alternative therapeutic education (TENT) also nurtures the six other intelligences; and combines them with formal and semi-formal qualifications – Our main three include:

  1. bodily-kinesthetic (crafting, acting, displaying physical abilities) and
  2. spatial (imagining, drawing, designing)
  3. musical (listening, composing, performing on instruments).

We also seek to nurture other intelligences through these qualifications and courses, namely:

6. naturalist intelligences (discriminating, classifying, and nurturing living things)

7. interpersonal (empathizing, negotiating, co-operating) and

8. intrapersonal (self-understanding, reflecting, feeling).

This latter one is a significantly beneficial one, as it includes our own Emotional Intelligence Coaching Workshops.


We can deliver it at your school, however, it is better done away from the school in a suitable other environment. We have access to a variety of settings, from libraries, to calming centres, to outdoor based environments and sports.clubs. We combine becoming calm with positive distractions and 100% therapy – not a therapy session – a total therapeutic  experience.  This can be combined with academic learning, life skills and improved social interactions through emotional coaching. If you would like more details on any or all of these approaches please contact Marcus Pearson

The directors of Be Super Ltd have over 60 years combined experience in certain sectors and we believe this can be of specific help for teams within our FOCUS GROUP A:

  • Residential care homes (for both children, young people, adults and the elderly)
  • Smaller schools and organisations supporting children and young people with trauma, chronic stress, as well as Autism, ADHD, ODD, Epilepsy, Selective Mutism, DLD, and other developmental challenges and issues.
  • Children and young people who are home educated, who need support with academic learning, social interaction and life skills.
  • CAMHS teams that seek to transition children and young people out of psychological units back with parents or carers and into education.
  • We also support the gifted and talented as much as the more challenged (we run emotional intelligence coaching lessons and peer mentoring).

Therapeutic Education

If you are a key decision maker supporting children and young people who are traumatised, have chronic stress (physical, mental or emotional), or struggle to be educated or socialise in a classroom setting due to neurodivergence – then we provide a dynamic, flexible, personalised provision on a paid basis.

Don’t go through an agency when you can deal with a specialist provider directly – there are so many advantages.

An approach endorsed by CAMHS:

Using polyvagal (PNS) modalities, endorsed by CAMHS, our 100% therapeutic provision will be more effective than a therapeutic lesson approach.

Our therapy is incorporated into the learning / educational environment and forms part of the individual’s assessment (EHCP); and this makes it less intrusive than a ‘stand-alone therapy session’. It makes sense to incorporate therapeutic support ‘with socialising, learning and assessment’ because the aim is to better integrate students into society as much as possible as self-sustaining positive, caring, creative and socially active human beings.

For details of the experience provided by the main deliverer and creator of T.E.N.T., Marcus Pearson – please click below.


T.E.N.T. uses gentler approaches, such as The Trust Technique, The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), The Yawning Protocol (YP), Coherence Breathing using HRV monitoring; Art:Binaurual Beats Combined (A2B Protocol), Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and Applied Kinesiology (AK).

T.E.N.T. also uses more active approaches, such as Mirroring, Modelling, and Managing (3 M’s Protocol), or The Play, Move and Distract Protocol (PMD Protocol).


More details including effective use of ED TECHNOLOGY available on

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