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This worded post is a little ironic, because it is a message of our intention to move all that we do away from word text, over to a video format. This may manifest in all that we do being published via our YouTube channel.

The full change will be in place from Jan 1st 2023 – the universal year of 7, we are making moves towards it as you read this.

What we do is in natural flow with how we have evolved, and with what is naturally cycling with others around the world.

The launch of VFP and especially the VFP BLUEPRINT for the Universal Year of 7 in 2023 is significant.

Please click here to find out why.

Only the VFP BLUEPRINT provides the clarity for you to know thyself.

Click here for details of our VFP BLUEPRINT  – this is our starting point together.


To find out more and ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

Marcus and Sharon Pearson (and Morgan).

By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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