VFP is short for Vibrational Frequency Protocols:


VFP is provided to individuals and small teams as a dynamic programmed experience. What this means is that you learn from our insights through your experience of doing and being – not just reading or listening – this is significant because what may emerge for one may emerge differently for another! The same applies to teams or multiple others – every individual impacts on the whole, and the whole also impacts on the individual. Individuals and multiple others may become more excitory or more inhibitory – they will function or interact depending on the coherence and resonance that is capable of being transmitted and received – dont worry about these words – VFP IS SIMPLE!

Our services for Individuals, Families, Teams, Organisations include:

  • Biofeedback – Bloodwork, HRV, Kinesiology, & Dowsing Analysis
  • Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Informational Programming & Therapy
  • Mastery of Polarity Integration – Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual
  • Life Coaching – Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Experiences
  • Superfoods & Energy Products & Services
  • Video, Web & Mobile Marketing Support

9 different experiences depending on what state or stage of lifes cycle you are in:

9 Cyclical Moments

Each specific VFP experience provides a greater perspective that better explains the BIGGER PERSPECTIVE of what VFP provides for your benefit, meaning the more you experience the more you know.

You cannot start VFP without faith!?!

We do not know how much you will benefit – only you will experience what emerges from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integration, changes and a new perspective!

The creator of VFP – Marcus Pearson (aka P Diddly Dacious or Mr. P) has experienced success as a work-study engineer, business analyst and consultant, e-commerce web developer and marketing consultant, creative entrepreneur, sports coach and fitness/dance instructor, motivational instructor, life coach and team leader, residential and family care worker, therapeutic educator, and most recently a biofeedback practitioner, and informational programmer.

He has also experienced physical, mental and emotional illness due to trauma, chronic stress, abandonment, humiliation, shame, depression, self pity, anxiety and detachment from those he loves. He has experienced bankrupcy, loss of a home and and all that he holds of value. He has experienced illness, hardship, stress and death from various family members, and has experienced the benefit that loving care provides for an individual, partners and close groups.

He has overcome and rebuilt a positive self-being. He has experienced supporting others overcome and integrate all that life presents. He has experienced working with others for mutual gain and he has experienced altruistic endeavour.
He now combines expertise in fear, trauma, and chronic stress therapy with POSITIVITY. Positive life coaching, emotional coaching, insights from sacred geometry, and dowsing, numerology/etymology, and self-discovery with personal, mutual, and altruistic development initiatives. He combines all of this with physical and mental well-being through health and fitness blood testing (he is a qualified phlebotomist and nutritional coach). He also provides analysis, and educational self-help support for optimal functioning and performance.
He provides all this to individuals, families, and small teams of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Above all he has experienced contact with his own Spirit / Soul and experienced how it feels to nurture this and further interact with the Spirit / Soul of others.

Professional Support:

If you are a business owner, partner, director, team leader, or focus on sport and fitness, as an elite or aspiring star, athlete, combat performer or coach, then please recognise the dedication, and skills Marcus and his wife Sharon have gained in the past 9 years setting up VFP for busy people just like you.

Our approach is based on mutual trust and respect – and a love for life. It involves going beyond where others have gone before – including yourself – it involves experiencing more of yourself than you have before. We do not fear anything – we embrace all aspects of life as an opportunity to integrate more of oursleves with more of that which is beyond and yet part of us.
If most of this appears different or even weird – thank you – that is what we are, furthermore, we believe that you are. We believe YOU ARE UNIQUE and deserve to be treated with respect and care as an individual and as part of a team.

Becoming involved with Be Super is not a normal experience – it will involve regular personal contact – if you are not prepared to invest time in YOU then you are not ready to Be Super – if you are ready then please . . .

View our pdf that summarises all our VFP Experiences:

For adults:

For children and young people:

Thank you,

Marcus and Sharon Pearson (and Morgan).

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