2023 related to Pythagoras Cosmic Numerology is the year of information, issues, challenges and SOULutions relating to the number 7.

The number 7 represents the perfect timing for Be Super to launch their VFP Wellbeing Experience, significantly because, it includes their VFP BLUEPRINT, and their VFP#0, VFP#1 and VFP#3 ALL FOCUS ON DEEPER SELF HARMONY.

The VFP BLUEPRINT provides support and guidance for individuals and teams to connect and balance their SOUL and EGO.

The opportunity for anyone to do this is beneficial, moreover, to provide this in a Universal Year of 7, such as 2023, means it aligns naturally with what people are searching for – spiritual connection, authenticity, truth, quality and purpose. It is also a number associated with insights beyond the normal senses.

The Universal Year of 7:

This year may commence from October 2022 to March 2023, depending on each individuals own personal cycle. For Marcus Pearson, the creator of the VFP Wellbeing Experience, 2023 will be a personal year of 1 – this is the year to start something new. Furthermore, 2022, is his year of 9, and this is a year to assess all that has gone before and get in FLOW with what is.

A year of deep connections:

The year of 7 is a year of slower, deeper and more powerful vibrations. A year when individuals, organisations and families look within rather than outwards as a focus. It is a year of more spiritual connective opportunity. Subsequently, the VFP BLUEPRINT provides a natural vibration that will guide and support people to trust the truth of intuition – and the potential harmony between their SOUL and EGO.

The year of 7 represents a period of vibration during which people seek to penetrate deeper and more meaningful aspects than they have before, mainly with regard to self-awareness, transcendence, faith and purpose.

Planetary and Political Intensity:

On a deeper and bigger scale, the earth is likely to feel and show its true reaction to more solar light, heat and energy. This could manifest in more volcanic activity and tectonic plate movement, greater storms, rainfall, floods and tsunamis, and extremes of temperature and winds. This could be the start of a destructive level not experienced in the past 12000 years, and is due to natural phenomena and cycles (polar reversals) rather than those imposed by mankind.

Politically a Universal Year of 7 often results in major political disharmony,  collapse or upheaval, and if planetary changes force greater challenges on already weak political stability, then we may all need this year of inward focus to find a solution.

The number 7 may also signal energy issues on a scale that have never been experienced before (perhaps on a nuclear or high frequency interference from 5G or 6G WiFi) – once again this will need people to have inner strength as political leadership may be lacking.

Potential deception and deceipt:

This is also the year when others may try and hide the truth, or put forward false horizons. The greatest thing you can have is self-awareness, because it allows you to be authentic and live as the true you. When you are authentic nobody can hide the truth from you, and you can show empathy for others – a human asset that will be lacking from those that seek to force their will – perhaps by using Artificial Intelligence. This is the year when others will try to negatively impose deception and deceipt in your pathway – and this is the year you may succumb to following your EGO without balance from your SOUL.


Ideally what you need in 2023, to avoid negative forces, is clarity on how best to communicate for the balance and harmony of your SOUL and EGO. Clearly, this can’t be done unless you are aware of the issues, challenges, SOULutions, strengths and opportunities your SOUL provides – and the difference between your EGO and SOUL.




What this means is that if something is not meant to be, then don’t force it – let it be. If it is meant to be, then it will FLOW naturally without any pushing. Furthermore, it is the year for things to find their own natural way, and the more space and freedom things have, the more they will intuitively FLOW. The more you push in this year the more pressure/resistance you will create.


The challenge of 2023 will be to recognise procrastination and acquiescence, and to realise others will take advantage of this year to further create negative vibrations that force us to perceive solutions that are not needed. LETTING THINGS BE – DOES NOT MEAN ALLOWING THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE OR NOT NATURAL TO TAKE HOLD!

The most powerful few are aware of these natural cycles of information. This post seeks to illuminate what may otherwise appear hidden. When you align with natural vibrations then your actions carry more resonance and power. The few have less resonance than the many, however, the many are not aware of the natural cycles, or what to do if they do know (and the few are aware).

2023 is a year when those with clarity need to transcend from the depths and illuminate a pathway from ignorance or fear to enlightenment.

For Be Super and VFP this means that our support will not be pushy or forced. However, we will provide guidance and encourage you to harmonise this Universal Year with your own personal year in an assertive, calm and empathic manner – WE WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR AND UNCERTAINTY OR PROCRASTINATE OR ACQUIESCE – AND URGE YOU TO BE THE SAME.


During 2023 the Universal Year of  7, we are all learning from one another, and learning how best to interact. Some will be learning self-awareness from a more physical perspective, some from a more mental and emotional perspective, others mutual co-operation and some altruistic endeavour. The VFP Wellbeing Experience will provide you with clarity for your own stage of self-awareness, furthermore, greater self-awareness will empower you with the courage and acceptance to say NO – and to resonate true positive vibrations that will resonate and inspire others. For the Universal Year of 7 is about you being you – not you being how others control you!


This is a year to learn about learning and to review the experience ready for the BIG YEAR 8 that follows.

A Spiritual or Truth Awakening:

There are some who believe that 2023 will be the year that information about the true origins of humans is tuned in. This may also be the time that communication frequencies are tuned into, from beyond what most of us are currently unaware of.


The Universal Year of 7 in 2023, may bring about fear and darkness for many people. This will be overcome by those who are harmonised in SOUL and EGO. For those who are still unaware, or in denial, this year may be one of fear of the unknown (or in the false future that others predict) . Those who are learning spiritual communication will be experiencing awareness of Universal Connection and this will provide clarity and remove doubt or the fear of separation and possible extermination.

Beyond year 7:

Year 8 is the year of growth, and if you have not learned from Year 7 then your growth may be stunted, or you may end up going in the wrong direction, or for the wrong reasons.

2023 may be the vibrational cycle you experience separation or extermination, or unification and harmony of your true self in some way.

Only the VFP BLUEPRINT provides the clarity for you to know thyself.

Click here for details of our VFP BLUEPRINT  – this is our starting point together.


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Marcus and Sharon Pearson (and Morgan).

By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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