VFP#8-Growth – Balance in Life


The image above pairs together VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration with VFP#8-Growth – this is because they are both concerned with the physical body. VFP#1 focuses on energy, nutrition and regeneration; VFP#8 focuses on energy, exercise and growth. You will get the best results when you are clear on all the insights and combine them together:

This page focuses on VFP#8-Growth:

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This page provides a FREE PREPARATION STAGE so you can better assess if VFP#8-Growth is for you . . . let’s start:

VFP#8-Growth will show you how to conduct yourself and guide you with positive ‘protocols’ with regard to exercise and fitness – it will support you physically to be in tune with the rest of your life.

It is best run in 3 phases of 3 weeks each and may be tripled for 27 weeks and ultimately become a lifestyle pattern – THIS IS THE INTENTION AND THIS IS HOW YOU FULLY BENEFIT!

Prior to starting you must have read the preparation stage.

After you have read the preparation stage you must take action – VFP#8-Growth is all about action!


This page provides our Top Ten Insights on what defines a well developed human being:

The insights are underpinned by the authors belief that the word ‘development’ needs context and perspective. According to the proven scientific research of Dr David Hawkins, mankind’s ‘level of consciousness’ varies between 1 and 1000. Further research has evidenced that 85% of the worlds population calibrate at a level below 200 (this level is weak and manifests itself through the ego using force to interact with others). 15% of the world’s population calibrate above the level of 200 (this level is strong and manifests itself through ‘the unified whole’ to interact with others). Development is concerned with transcendence from the lower levels to the higher levels (from below 200 to above 200).

Insight Number 1:

Your psyche (consisting of your conscious and sub-conscious) and your psychophysiology (the way your mind and body interact) must exhibit feelings of safety, trust and love. This ‘state of being’ impacts on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.

physical mental emotional spiritual

It is essential that a human being feels safe and that they feel they can trust themselves (and those closest to them), and that they can feel the love that is within them (and preferably feel the love from others). When a human being has this ‘state of being’, and only when they have it, will they activate their ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ (PNS). The PNS releases positive and creative hormones and regulates the ‘sympathetic nervous system’ (SNS), so you can physically react to situations in a more positive manner rather than ONE THAT INDUCES STRESS – you can transcend from a lower level of consciousness to a higher level. This ‘state of being; this positive development, impacts on physical appearance and performance; it impacts on rest and sleep and recovery and your natural circadian and ultradian rhythms; it impacts on the release of all your hormones and determines how you feel; it impacts on your motivation and self-respect; it impacts on your understanding of what is going on in your life and how you react  / overreact to life; it impacts on your purpose in life – it is the most important aspect of your life and you should do everything within your power (and the control of others) to ensure that ‘safety, trust and love’ are felt in your total being.

Insight Number 2:

The opportunity to pursue a desire with creativity without any expectation imposed or felt – this is being at a ‘level of consciousness’ above 200! As a baby, infant, child, teenager and even as an adult, we often ‘modify our being’  to accommodate expectations of those that provide us with the safety, trust, love and security we need. This is likely to be a parent or care provider, a teacher or an employer or a close friend or family member. As our journey in life goes on then these expectations may also come from ‘those who we look up to’ or ‘inspire us’ or they may include those we ‘have a relationship with’  or those that ‘impose a negative force over us’. We may also modify our expectations based on our own beliefs and our own expectations! When an individual has little self-belief; when someone has a belief system that has been imposed on them or indoctrinated into them; then it becomes part of their sub-conscious, and they revert to behaving and accommodating these beliefs without consciously being aware of it. This means we don’t always know that what we are doing is not of our own creative being – we just do it.

As we get older and ‘get on with a life that has been created for us’ then at some point, some people realise that what they are doing, or perhaps the way they are ‘obliged’ to do it (the way they have to do things to accommodate the system or others) is not what they want – because it does not feel right. If you have felt this way, or know someone that does, then read on . . .

You don’t need to change the system – you can be who and what you feel you should be simply by finding and knowing yourself – and allowing this inner-self to be.

By having purpose (not so much in what you are doing) but in how you live and interact can change everything in your life for the better.

What does this mean?

By having purpose in how you live is a key factor in what defines a well developed human being. Once you feel safe, feel trust, security and love then, and only then, can you activate the force that is within you to be the greatest version of yourself. You can behave on a conscious level that vibrates at a higher frequency. These frequencies start with courage.

Courage is what allows you to think for yourself and be positive and care about yourself and others. Courage means you do not have to conform to the weaker frequencies of others, perhaps those you have known all your life and perhaps those that surround you especially those you have a caring or loving relationship with . You do not even have to ‘run away from them or hide’ you can simply be the new you.

WHO OR WHAT is the new you?!

The courageous you is the starting point for the you that will leave behind the feelings and behaviours of the past and embark on higher frequencies of the now and the future. These are shown below  (and include calibrations / testings by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D; Don Beck – Spiral Dynamics and Marcus Pearson – the founder of VFP):

Levels-and-zones-of consciousness-and-emotions

When a human being is allowed to pursue a desire with creativity without any expectation imposed or felt then they are being their true self. To be your true self allows you to be creative and it allows you to experience ‘for yourself’ how you feel about what you have done without any concerns about what anyone else feels. You can then consider other opinions from a position of completeness rather than from expectant change.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations anyone should consider when embarking on a creative journey is the quality of any information you use or apply. Genuine creative thought is possibly the greatest choice. It may result in you later ‘validating’ what you have done from similar work done by someone else. When you really think on a creative basis it is very rewarding and you will fully understand and feel all that you are doing,

Thinking for yourself and acting on it is very liberating and can be applied to exercise and fitness as well as art, music and technology etc. As a starting point you could exercise and undertake exercise / fitness at the best time of day in line with your circaian and ultradian rhythms (full details in VFP#1). You could eat at the right time to suit your exercise  / fitness timings and you could  / should think about this all on your own – because nobody else is you!!

When you have the courage to do what is right for you then you may progress to further insights and benefit even more.

Insight Number 3:

The next insight is all about balance, in as much as a little bit of harm in the short term is good for you in the long term. Or put another way  – a lower dose stimulation of stress for the body and mind, will create a higher dose of inhibition against identical and similar stress.

EG: A little dose of corona virus may be a little uncomfortable for a short while; however, it is likely to create anti-bodies within your system that will inhibit you getting it again and getting a more harmful dose – thus preventing long term stress.

The key factor of this insight is to recognise that this balance is actually an in-balance in favour of what is good for you.

Balance in Life

VFP provides insights that allow you to make choices that you feel are the best balance.

The insights are detailed and can be found within each members category.

Insight Number 4:

It is essential to nurture positive close personal emotions / relationships with as many people as possible, via ‘eye contact, facial expression, voice, physical activity and like minded thoughts’ – so that coherent resonance abounds, AND so that ‘misattunements’ may be dealt with in a positive and caring manner. This will help activate the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ (PNS) of both yourself and of the people you are with. Once the PNS is activated then more positive and creative emotions can be used for communication. Activation of the PNS also helps regulate the ‘sympathetic nervous system’ (SNS), and on a practical basis such progression facilitates positive states arousal and performance rather than negative and stressful states of activity.

To do something with someone else that has an underlying positive consciousness / emotion for everyone concerned (please refer to the infographics above) will bring greater rewards than doing something with an underlying negative consciousness / emotion. When you live in a positive conscious state with positive emotions then life is done with ease and you experience less disease. On a social and community basis such positive interaction will lead to higher harmonic resonance.

But there is more . . .

Interpersonal communication however, is not limited to that which our 5 senses experience. We also have energy fields that extend beyond our body (up to 30ft). These energy fields allow us to feel and interact with others without our ‘known senses’. VFP provides you with the insight that you can learn how to use additional senses that you perhaps don’t use much at the moment. These additional senses also activate the PNS as well as the PNS of the people around you.

aura blueprint

Using The Quick Coherence Practice is one way to tune in to these other senses. When you practice Quick Coherence you will feel this extra sense for yourself. You will feel what it is like to connect with your inner spirit AND the inner spirit of those close to you.

Click here for details of the Quick Coherence Practice.

Insight Number 5:

Love is quite simply that lovely feeling you experience when ‘what you do and what you feel’ are tuned in together. When people feel great it is when they tune in together. People may tune in on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – and all of these individually will allow the positive emotions to be felt. When someone tunes in totally on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level then the tuning feeling will be magnified.

“To love and be loved is one of the greatest aspects of life – seek it, be it and give it”.

Marcus Pearson (Founder VFP)

You can tune in with someone whilst simply talking with them or whilst going for a walk with them. This tuning will be felt within you.

Love is a higher emotion, however it is just like all other emotions and is not a straight line – it is a spiral of vibrating frequencies – love can easily be mistaken for desire, and may also become guilt. Love may also spiral up to become joy, peace and enlightenment.

Emotional Tuning

How you do what you do is what determines your overall harmonic resonance (HR).
HR represents all the vibrating frequencies from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. By following the insights from VFP you can raise your vibrational frequency and be who you want to be.

Insight Number 6:

Once you have gained higher emotional intelligence (HEI) and raised your level of consciousness – what then? This next insight provides the answer –

Live with purpose and yet remain open minded by living in the present moment rather than the past or the future.

When you are experiencing a period of ‘higher waves’ in your life (this varies with everyone), then you are more likely to live more in the moment because what you feel within you and around you is at ease. This more easily allows you to live within this moment and you naturally spend less time thinking about the past or the future – you simply enjoy the now. This hopefully explains the ‘living in the now’ aspect’, however, the insight that VFP seeks to impart is that HEI (higher emotional intelligence) may only be achieved if what you are doing and how you do it have true and pure purpose. This is not meant to intrude or conflict with any positive feelings you may have, it is simply the truth that HEI comes from a “combination’ of being in the now with purpose”!

The Optimal Continuum Ratio

When you are experiencing a period of ‘lower waves’ in your life then you are more likely to live more in the past or future that in the moment because what you feel within you and around you is NOT at ease. you naturally spend less time thinking about the NEGATIVE CURRENT MOMENT and spend more time thinking about more positive times in the past or dreaming  / hoping about a more positive future – it is only the NOW that is going to influence the future – furthermore, the now actually exists and the future may not. So by making the now what you want then the future will become the now and life will be at ease again rather than be a life of disease.

“Give purpose to your now and this insight will sort out the future. Be at ease with your current situation and all else will tune in to your positivity”.

Insight Number 7:

This next insight totally relies on you being at a Higher Level of Intelligence because it requires you to nurture the insight from Number 6 in others.

Once you are at ease with your situation, then this means you have given positive purpose to the situation and thius will reactivate your PNS which will help you remain creative and positive. It will also let you access your sympathetic nervous system from a positive emotional state rather than a stressed state – and this will allow you to become focused and work hard without becoming tired and further stressed.

In a normal world you also share this situation with others such as family and friends – this insight is that you should nurture your combined situation into an agreed and mutual purpose. This is so POWERFUL it will sky rocket your level of consciousness and further raise your level of Emotional Intelligence – furthermore, it will raise the Emotional Intelligence of those who you are nurturing.

Once again the Quick Cohesion Practice will help you nurture this.

This is how to undertake the Quick Coherence Practice:


Insight Number 8:

Find an activity (yes something active for your physical body) that you can undertake by yourself and with a person close to you (it doesn’t matter if it is the same activity – just do it at the same time together).

Make this an activity that gives you pleasure. It may be a physical activity. It may be an activity that takes you to places that give you pleasure – but make sure the journey and mode of transport also give you pleasure (quite often the journey is more important that getting there).

Do this activity every day. Arrange your life so that this activity can be scheduled to fit in with your natural circadian and ultradian rhythms. So this insight is about scheduling positive activity and positive recovery into your life – click here for details.

Find out more about what hormones make you feel happy and nurture them with what you eat and drink and do.


Insight Number 9:

Consider The Optimal Continuum Ratio.

Insight Number 10:

Enjoy yourself every day!

Don’t wait until tomorrow or until week-end – don’t hesitate to enjoy any moment of any day to be happy.

When you laugh or smile either outwardly or inwardly then this positive energy is felt by everyone around you. It will make them feel good and it will make them want to be around you more. I will make your life better. Tell jokes and watch funny films or videos or music with friends and your loved ones.

Incorporate enjoyment into your purpose in life; incorporate enjoyment into your schedule and daily rhythms. Try to enjoy yourself with your close family and friends and everyone you have contact with.

That’s it – this is the end of the preparation phase:

The first full phase of 3 weeks is all about establishing an “attitude and being” that will support your natural circadian / ultradian rhythms and hormones. These patterns will be important for long term success and will make the whole undertaking enjoyable and one you want to share with others. DO NOT SKIP THIS STAGE – EVEN IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE.

During the second 3 week phase you will focus on a detailed and purposeful training routine – so if you have successfully completed the preparation phase – sign up here.

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