VFP#0 Therapy

If you are supporting / caring for someone who has experienced chronic stress or extreme trauma, they may possibly have activated their PNS Freeze Response, and experienced a split second seizure – or be on the verge of a more severe intervention

SSP, HRV & PEMF are new and effective approaches for you to consider:

Consider VFP Therapy for trauma support – it is a combination of SSP, HRV and PEMF tools and devices mixed with supportive physical experiences – don’t be too concerned if you don’t understand any if this. You don’t have to understand it to benefit from it!

VFP Therapy (Vibrational Frequency Programming Therapy) is a new experience that may be delivered as a ‘range of modalities’ rather than a single experience?! We use it to support:

  • those who are severely affected by trauma, anxiety and stress and struggle to self-regulate, and
  • those who can self-regulate and seek to maximise their creative potential (the gifted and talented)

If you are looking more specifically for Therapeutic educational facilitation please click here.

This post focuses on those who are more negatively affected.

VFP Therapy seeks to improve behaviour and stimulate creativity and social interaction. It takes at least 9 – 12 weeks of daily focused support.

VFP is similar to ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in that it is behaviour led; however, the difference is that VFP is person led rather than environment led.

VFP focuses on activation of the PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) and a new cycle of positive experiences that change the ‘Reticular Formation’ so that when the sub-conscious takes control, the behaviours become naturally more positive. This is more effective than a ‘broad ABA’ approach; where the basic principles consist of environmental variables that impact on behavior. These variables are antecedents and consequences. Antecedents are events that happen right before the behavior, and a consequence is the event following the behavior. As such ABA does not have an emphasis on the power the individual has on sef-controlling the PNS.

When we are supporting individuals that struggle with self-regulation (perhaps because they have shut down and activated their PNS Freeze Response) then the sub-conscious is in control 99% of the time – and the subconscious is not part of the environment.

Any setting or circumstances:

VFP Therapy may be used within any ‘therapeutic setting or circumstances’ where the emphasis is on recovery and rejuvenation. It does not have to relate to a work or learning aspect. However, VFP is very effective for supporting someone who is struggling at work, at home or with learning and social interaction.

A schedule of positive activity through ‘gentleness’ is our focus rather than anything else.

“Both the giving and receiving of caregiving or love has the capacity to protect, heal and restore – Stephen Porgess”

The ability of the brain to form new ‘patterns for progress’ is crucial for recovery and rejuvination, however, such patterns may be achieved without an obvious or direct approach – we have experienced that a more subtle, gentle and holistic approach works much better. We put the individual first rather than the work / home or educational system – so if this resonates with you – read on . . .

Social stress and communication:

VFP Therapy

VFP Therapy is ideal for those who suffer from panic attacks or who experience anxiety and stress to such an extent that they struggle with life or sleeping; they probably find it very difficult to focus or handle any challenging conversation or situation – they are not going to feel comfortable in social situations.

We run workshops and training to support those who are resistant to life and display challenging behaviour at work, in the home or within a learning or supportive environment.

We do not use CBT!

VFP Therapy is not a ‘talking therapy’ like CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy); and it does not seek to work with a persons negative influencers. It focuses on the now – and through positivity, safety, trust and the freedom to relax and do nothing, more is achieved – indeed, LESS IS BEST!  It establishes new positive patterns and cycles of behaviour FOR ANYONE THAT HAS CHRONIC STRESS.

It creates new positive patterns in the brain (know as the ‘Reticular Formation’); these then re-align the sub-conscious with new positive experiences / behaviour.

For those who clearly need a NEW and “advanced therapeutic experience from someone who can deliver results” – VFP Therapy is a practical solution!

So, if you feel the time has come to put a solution in place that deals with ALL THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS THAT MAKE EVERYONE’S LIFE A MISERY – THEN READ ON . . .

If you support or care for someone, be it an elderly person, or a child or young person with:

  • Social, emotional and attachment disorders
  • Auditory hypersensitivity
  • Body disorganization
  • Nervous system dysregulation – panic attacks
  • Learning, cognition and attention difficulty
  • Sensory processing differences
  • Stress-related physical conditions / addictions

Or put another way – do you have to support individuals or a small group because they can’t cope with a mainstream work or class environment, or simply cant cope with the life they now have; do you support someone who struggles to focus or simply cope with anything; do they sometimes appear just deliberately awkward or disobedient or perhaps function as a selective mute or have almost given up the will to live; do they ‘seem to freeze or go still and silent’ or hide, walk away, run off or show challenging or strange behaviour; do they give things away, show a lack of care with things that were personal or throw / rip things up and cause stress to family, friends, care staff, educational staff or work  / school colleagues?

Are you concerned for their wellbeing and safety. Are you also getting a little stressed yourself having to review what best to do for them; are you fed up with  safeguarding, risk assessments, EHCP’s, PEP’s and prescription drugs – do you sometimes feel there could be a better alternative?

VFP Therapy is a better alternative you need to try it  – because it works!

By introducing a ‘caring regime’ that specifically promotes positive emotional (heart) and mental (brain) stimulation and entrainment, we activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System and Reticular Formation to create new positive patterns / cycles of electro-firing neurons that positively influence the sub-conscious  – “Neurons that fire together, wire together” – this is why VFP WORKS BECAUSE YOU ONLY PERCEIVE THAT WHICH IS POSITIVE.

This is scientifically referred to as Hebbs Law –

Reticular Formation and Hebb's Law

VFP Therapy combines many other ‘therapies / experiences together’ and introduces them on a linear time line subject to each individuals needs and progression.

VFP Therapy is also part of a BIGGER WELLBEING SUPPORT PACKAGE from Be Super – that includes nutritional support and activation of the PNS through activating Maximum Autophagy –more here.


It is a very focused and ‘micro-managed’ therapy and is only delivered on a 1:1 or very small group basis. It is the attention to detail and personal tuning that distinguishes VFP Therapy from other support programmes.

For children or young people the follow on or next progressive step after VFP Therapy may be one of our Intervention / Pastoral Solutions, or for adults, another of our VFP experiences – click here for more details.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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