Underlying Principles of LiCrON.

Underlying Principles of LiCrON.

The following information is quite detailed (and we have no excuses for the unusual words and phrases); it is provided for those who seek detail and the truth – we provide the best and we ‘live and breath’ what we do – because it is part of who we are. What we do and provide is both scientifically tested and approved AND has been used for years by the founders and many healthy people –

Underlying principles –

‘Yin Yang’, ‘Hormesis’,  ‘Autophagy’, Antifragility’ & ‘Sarcopenia Prevention’
These will be covered in more detail later, – as a summary however –
LiCrON promotes:

VFP- Very Friendly Programme
A Yin Yang Energy system that alternates between glycogen and ketones (using fasting and Intermittent Ketosis).
Hormesis (a little bit of bad can be very good for you) – this supports natural anti-inflammatories for antifragility.
Natural optimisation of Autophagy (the natural removal & renewal of unhealthy & dead cells).
Sarcopenia prevention (prevention of muscle loss) via loss of muscle atrophy, fat accumulation & hormonal balance.

LiCrON involves following beneficial pathways such as:
Intermittent and prolonged Fasting (to deplete your glycogen, support hormesis and autophagy).
One of the most beneficial insights provided by LiCrON is from the founder. He has undertaken Intermittent Fasting and prolonged continiously since 2013 and it is now a lifestyle for many of his family. Timing of food and drink is everything . . .
Intermittent Fasting

Additional Insights are also a crucial part of the jigsaw . . .

LiCrON jigsaw

The consumption of Low Carb & Nutritionally Dense Foods.
The burning of triglycerides; the sparing of muscle and nutritional anti-inflammatories.

The jigsaw also involves eating raw and predominantly high frequency/ ionised foods. These are mainly alkaline High Frequency Foods (HFF’s), however, we also support the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, which is acidic!
Other foods may also be taken and cooked depending on the choices of the individuals.

LiCrON starts burning body fat to deplete your liver glycogen in a fasted state, preferably with some exercise and then continuing with LiCrON food.

LiCrON and Longevity:

Fasting is optimal and optional – it will help to reduce stress and prolong life!

Hormesis /stress is also a significant requirement (in very small amounts)  – read on to understand the balance between low and high stress:

The reason we age is due to the diminishing benefits of our repair and recovery system.

When we eat too often and do little to exert ourselves, then our bodies switch off the repair and recovery enzymes and we stop replenishing bad cells with new cells – we keep the bad cells and they get worse and do not get replaced – we effectively get ill and endure a slow death (especially if we suffer from insulin resistance which is caused by overeating and lack of exercise).

The more we need recovery, the more our system keeps repairing and providing new cells – so we have to live in a way that challenges our physical, emotional and mental states – but this should be in the ration of 95% low stress:5% high stress!

The balance between low stress and high stress is approx 95:5 (95% low:5% high).

Short periods of fasting rests the body (16 – 36 hours). Medium periods of fasting are therapeutic for our health (36 – 120 hours) – it optimises autophagy. Prolonged periods of fasting (120+ hours) may also optimise autophagy, however, it also creates stress or challenges that the body is not used to. (Deending on what you are seeking this may be good, however, every situation should be approached with wisdom).

All types of fasting may utilise what are called ‘cellular NAD(+) concentrations’ – these enzymes change during the aging process, and increased activity of NAD(+)  can prolong both health span and life span.(*13)

Stress from fasting or from the factors indicated below, makes the NAD(+) recovery enzymes more active – IT IS THIS ACTIVITY (rather than non-activity) THAT REPAIRS AND RENEWS CELLS rather than leaving them to become toxic and die that prolongs the quality and duration of life.

In addition to stress from fasting, we should also stress the body with ‘periodic/pulsed’ stress from physical experience – such as extreme cold or aerobic or HIIT or strength training or over-eating (including bad foods). But all this ‘hormesis’ should be periodic and not at frequencies or levels that influence us negatively. Challenges should be ‘pulsed or periodic’ and not follow a regular pattern – they should be significant but not be such that physical, emotional or mental performance suffers – if it does then the stress may be too much to be of benefit.

Nutritional Data regarding The LiCrON Programme:

The facts revealed after intensive research . . .

Nutritional Data

The Nutritional Data relating to The LiCrON Programme will vary considerably
depending on how it is modified from it’s basic and Ultimate Form.

It is based on what we have called

The Ultimate List of Primary Foods.

Nutritional Research Data
These consist of the minimum amount of food required to provide an individual with at least 100% of all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed per day 
(based on the 2016 figures provided by the UK Government). (*0)
This also includes natural antioxidants.

Nutritional Data for The Ultimate List of Primary Foods (ULPF)

(* – This is a reference that is provided as a link at the end)
The LiCrON Programme is low-energy dense (this is good) and supports fat loss and the removal of low level inflammation. (*1)
Research studies (*2) indicate that consuming a low-energy dense diet helps people lower their calorie intake. At the same time, eating low-energy-dense foods helps people control their hunger and maintain feelings of satiety. This is the feeling of fullness and satisfaction experienced at the end of a meal.
Satiety and hunger control are important for long-term weight loss, satisfaction and compliance with an eating plan.
Energy Production (according to Gov. Relevance)
The energy intake on the LiCrON Programme, in terms of kcal/kj is only 42% of Gov. Figures – is this a problem?
In 2017 the mean BMI for men was 27.6 and the mean BMI for women was 27.8 (*3)
This means that as a Nation we are overweight. (*4)

You can calculate your own BMI – (*5)

Health and data – our programme is better than what the Government says is healthy:

If you are overweight or obese or suffer from health problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes and you consume only 821kcal per day (as you would following this basic programme – don’t worry, you can increase this – and we show you how), however, even on what appears such a low calorie intake, you will improve your health (*6) and need not suffer from a loss of energy. (*7)
The LiCrON Programme may also be used by those who have a very low BMI (those who are lean).
“Autophagy recycles protein as substrates for energy” – meaning even those with a very low BMI can remain energised on a very low calorific intake. (*8)

Fats are 74.2% of Gov. Figures and Carbs and Sugar are only 7% of Gov Figures.
Fibre is 85% and Protein is +164% above Gov. Figures
The protein level is actually 67.4g per day or 25g more than the Gov, recommended levels.

So – Do Government Guidelines / Figures make you healthy?

Consider taking 18 mins out of your life to check out this scientific fact about the OFFICIAL GUIDELINES –

Recent studies have indicated that the Gov figures may not be sufficient for muscle mass and strength maintenance. (*9)
This is especially relevant with an ageing population. New research indicates that consumption of two to three meals a day, each containing 25-30g of high-quality protein, is optimal for the stimulation of 24-h muscle protein synthesis (MPS) in healthy adults – and most people can benefit and gain muscle with just one 25-30g meal per day – as per LiCrON! Eating OMAD (One Meal A Day) is especially beneficial as it minimises the time time you are in mTOR and out of a recovery and state of rejuvination (whilst maximising the growth mTOR provides).
This makes The LiCrON Health Programme a perfect choice for our future health.

Medical science supports all aspects of our programme (even though it differs from Government information):


The Insulin Load / Level is only 18% of the Gov. Figures – what does this mean?

It means we totally disagree with the high level of carbs/sugar the Gov indicates is healthy!

In our opinion it means the Government are not focusing on health, they are focusing on providing data that hides the truth and promotes the making of huge amounts of money from the people that donate to the Political parties (oops, sorry that slipped out). Our low insulin load is incredibly healthy as low levels of insulin are crucial for overall hormonal balance and to overcomeinsulin resistance.
Abdominal obesity forms part of the criteria for metabolic syndrome.
“Normal weight subjects may develop type 2 diabetes if the fat is deposited in the organs instead of in the fat cells”.

LiCrON – Low insulin:

In the absence of insulin, these ectopic fat deposits, and hence the insulin resistance cannot develop. Indeed, accumulated fat deposits melt away under conditions of sustained low insulin levels. Insulin is required to convert excess calories to fat and also to sustain it as fat”. (*10)

Possible reduction in drug dependency:

The LiCrON Programme may eliminate the need for insulin drugs such as metformin.
Dietary insulin load and DII could be considered independent dietary risk factors for development of insulin resistance. (*12)
Salt / Sodium is 11% (but increases with SF3 to comparable levels)

Super Micro-nutrient Provision –WOW –

Just look at these figures – all for just 821kcal per day?!

Vitamin A 95.3% / Thiamin B1 +402.5% / Riboflavin B2 +232.7% / Niacin B3 +378.8%
Pantothenic Acid B5 +130.5% / Vitamin B6 +363.3% / Folate B9 +270% / Vitamin B12 +521%
Vitamin C +352% / Vitamin D 20.2% / Vitamin E +31.7% / Vitamin K +1,355%
Selenium +443% / Calcium +106.9% / Iron +205% / Magnesium +253.8%
Phosphorous +220% / Zinc +348.9% / Copper +256.7% / Manganese +118% / Potassium 93.8%


Antioxidant’s are not of significance in Gov data but are of major significant benefit to your health:
SF1 (a main part of The LiCrON Programme) contains 4mg of Astaxanthin that as an antioxidant is 6000 times greater than Vitamin C; 550 times greater than Vitamin E & 11 times greater than beta-carotene. So even though our Vitamin E level is not very high with the addition of Astaxanthin it is well over the 100% RDI.
These qualities enhance improve aerobic-like performance & combat ROS/RNS-related diseases.
Astaxanthin is one of the few antioxidants capable of penetrating the retinal barrier in our eyes.

The products within the programme can offer you a wide-range of benefits for vision related problems.

These include Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts & Diabetic Retinopathy
The main nutritional elixir, SF1, contains Spirulina, Chlorella and Barleygrass in proportions that provide the highest natural levels of enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) and chlorophyll – natural detoxifiers. We further support problems such as this with PEMF.

And now the references to support all the above:

*1 – http://siimland.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-start-burning-body-fat/
*2 – https://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/nutrition/pdf/r2p_energy_density.pdf
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*13 – https://youtu.be/qkdWQ_46zvs
Thank you.

Marcus Pearson (Founder)

LiCrON is part of a Wellbeing Package provided by Be Super

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