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This information is currently being developed, however, Mr. P is available to discuss the opportunities in detail – they just don’t exist in a written format yet.

It is the intention to run courses for different cohorts; from individuals, to small groups and even full teams or full assemblies/large audiences.

Anyone attending the training will be nurtured towards greater Emotional Intelligence. They will also experience the benefits of gentle modalities such as:

  • The Trust Technique,
  • The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
  • The Yawning Protocol (YP)
  • Coherence Breathing using HRV monitoring
  • Art:Binaurual Beats Combined (A2B Protocol)
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK).

They will also experience more active approaches, such as:

  • Mirroring, Modelling, and Managing (3 M’s Protocol)
  • The Play, Move and Distract Protocol (PMD Protocol).

They will also be involved in workshop experiences discussing trauma, attachments, chronic stress, ACE’s, and psychological terms and symptoms. They will also develop a clearer awareness of the difference between their Ego, Self and Soul and about victims, perpetrators, exiled parts, and protectors – so they can better relate and understand their own situations, the situations of others – and how best to achieve POLARITY INTEGRATION.

To find out more about Be Super and our VFP Protocols, click on one of the information boxes above, or visit our Index Page, or to ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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