The Hidden Truth

Be Super – “Illuminating the Truth.”

Be Super illuminate the truth so you may live as the real you.

Knowing how to look at life:

The search for perfection and the pursuit to overcome difficulties – (the inner turmoil of trying to balance our intellect with our intuition); explains why so many people provide guidance or ‘solutions’ to anything and everything. But why are there so many pieces to the jigsaw, and how do we know if we even have the right pieces – more worrying is why the solutions only seem to last a short while and then another conflict occurs –  so what’s going on?

Be Super would like you to ask “what if most of the questions and answers maybe from the wrong perception”?

We will support and share with you what we consider to be the true and real aspects of life – so you can complete your own jigsaw.

We provide you with a key that allows you to perceive the pieces / experiences in a new way – as the real you and with the truth (we will reveal the truth –  and the truth is the key).

Jigsaw of life

Is there an imbalance between intellect and intuition?

Does it appear to you that human life was created or evolveed to be perfect or have perfect balance? Do you really believe that any amount of physical training, health and wellbeing, mindfulness or meditation will ever give you perfection. Do you really believ any amount of money, power or secrecy will ever achieve it or reveal it? Do you believe any of these are the pieces needed to Be Super?

Are we brought up in a way that makes us perceive that there is a wrong and a right; and to sometimes believe our intellect and sometimes out intuition?

Do we have anyone that supports us with learning the truth and how to be the real you – the greatest version of you, or does society kind of force us down an auto-pilot kind of life?

The Hidden Truth:

When you become a FREE VFP PROVISIONAL MEMBER – The Hidden Truth is the first thing we reveal.

What underpins the hidden truth?

Humans seek to understand all things; and in the English-speaking countries the words we use to understand life are ‘Perception’ and ‘Physics’ – Be Super use both of them; so let us clarify what these mean before going any further:


Perception is the organisation, identification, and interpretation of sensory signals that go through the nervous system.


Physics is the natural science related to how matter behaves. It studies physical, liquid and gas matter, its fundamental constituents, its motion and behaviour through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. All of this directly and indirectly relates to what humans perceive to be real and the way we then interact with life.

When you link Perception and Physics to improving human behaviour, relationships and wellbeing then the truth and our solutions become quite simple and clear.


The image above prompts you to consider different relationships – all related to finding and living as the real you – whatever your stage or state of life.

We have identified 9 cyclical moments with specific supporting practical experiences to support you find and live as the real you. All of this is run through a single membership programme – that puts all the correct pieces of the jigsaw together for you.

Once you know the hidden truth you can use it to make sense of the different pieces of life’s jigsaw – and we even provide the pieces (as practical experiences).

It is important you know which experiences to focus on first and then which one follows because this jigsaw is about your life  which is moving through space and time (unlike a 2 dimensional jigsaw).

Cyclical.moments in life

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