VFP Benefits and Payment Options

The VFP Benefits and Payment Options are extensive and affordable. They are perfect for a work-life balance and for those who are retired or seeking purpose in life.

Wellbeing Packages

The VFP Approach:

We DO NOT provide an auto-response service and DO NOT provide you with all the insights all at once – it would be too much to understand and do – WE KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE!

We DO provide personal human support. We DO provide you with the insights to focus on what you need for NOW (we call the NOW moments ‘cycles of experience’ – each ‘cycle experience’ normally lasts for 9 to 12-weeks.)– WE WILL DISCUSS AND AGREE THIS WITH YOU IN ADVANCE AND monitor it EVERY WEEK! You will do this both as an individual and as part of a small team. It is your individual cycle of experience that determines your team!

The VFP approach is based on SUPPORT for individuals and small-teams of 2 to 5 people:

Work – Life Balance Harmony:

Our VFP Wellbeing Packages are all about finding and living as the true you!

Improved self-awareness and being will positively impact on your personal, family, work and social relationships. You will find yourself considering changes to all aspects of your life. With our VFP Wellbeing Packages you will be the one who changes your own perspective to what is being experienced. Our packages are all about you.

Our insights and experiences will allow you as an individual to become a greater version of yourself. . You will perform better than ever before because what you do , and how you do it, will have greater harmony with what matters to you. You will improve your physical energy (health and fitness); you will improve your emotional intelligence and mental energy (behavioural intelligence). You will also experience the true you – and be supported to live with this new experience.

Do you want to interact with others who have experienced the same?

Imagine multiple beings feeling and being as good as they could – ‘interacting together’ – imagine the benefits this brings to a family, a community and a country as well as a working environment.

The VFP Wellbeing Package is life changing – it is THE GAME CHANGER of all Wellbeing Packages.

Household / Family Package:

The VFP Household Wellbeing Package is for individuals, partners, couples, and households working on well-being on their own or with others, within a single household. The household price is £75.00 per month and covers up to 5 individuals (2 adults 18+ and up to 3 younger people).

The emphasis of the Household Wellbeing Package is to improve self-awareness within the harmony of a family relationship environment.

The cost is £75.00 per month per household (12-month contract).

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Corporate Package:

The VFP Corporate Wellbeing Package was created so employers could provide our Wellbeing Package for their employees (including management and directors). We split larger numbers up into small teams of between two and five people – based on similar cycles of requirements. We do this based on individual and team dynamics, discussions, and agreement. Each team works on their aspect of well-being together.

The emphasis of the Corporate Wellbeing Package is to improve self-awareness within the harmony of a working relationship environment.

The corporate price is £75.00 per month per person (aged 16+).

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Wellbeing Packages

If there exists a more professional, practical, holistic support programme available please let us know.

As a Full VFP MEMBER you have the opportunity to work with us and to allow us to share your own services and ‘being’ with other members – we seek to inspire and be inspired by you – why would you not join and encourage others to do so.

£75.00 per month  = £1.23/day (for 2 people per household)

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