If you share my vision from Part 1, will you help me, help you, help others?

I can visualise a creative, compassionate, and multi-dimensional space for polarity integration.

If you are prepared to spend time moulding my vision, then we can integrate together to create a new future.

I may not be the first being (etheric or physical) to create such a future, however, I may be the one that initiates such a creation at the right time in the right place to gain its acceptance from those with the perspective and dimension to see it through – and succeed with Polarity Integration for our SOULS.

In order to become a master of the game I welcome your help – NOW!

Will you help me, help you, help others – “Because You’re Worth It”!?

Because You're Worth It

Why is Polarity Integration the name of the game?

Integration of both resistance (inhibitory) and attraction (excitatory) is at the core of why we were created. Ignorance of this objective leads to imbalance, and dis-ease, and creates distance between your inner true self (your SOUL), and the physical, mental, and emotional you (your EGO). The more you are distanced from mastery of the game, the less you perceive your SOUL. The pathway to mastery is to re-introduce your SOUL and EGO so they may integrate and play the game together with ease and FLOW. You must live on Earth with other humans through the perception of a 3-dimensional being, otherwise, you would not be able to interact and play the game correctly with others.

What does the game require me, you, and others to do?

When we learn compassion (affective empathy with action) and apply it with creative altruism (for the benefit of others without focusing on ourselves), then we can start to integrate that which challenges us and changes issues into creative opportunities. This type of behaviour gives your life true purpose. What you think about, what you feel, and what you do, all become one – you start to experience FLOW more frequently.

When you combine this with improved physical well-being, your organs, tissues, and cells vibrate with their full potential. You will function better and rejuvenate like never before. This increased energy, mental clarity, and emotional well-being can be further channelled into supporting others to achieve the same. Only by playing the game with other ‘players at such a level’ can anyone become a master.

This next section is essential for you to understand:

As a master of the game, you will be living and experiencing life with truth, clarity and purpose – living with Flow to the maximum, as your SOUL through your physical being. When your physical body comes to an end you will continue living as A MASTER PLAYER (your INTEGRATED SOUL), and because you have achieved your purpose and become a master you will be vibrating at a frequency high enough to transcend with other SOUL masters ready for reincarnation AS YOU INTO ANOTHER PHYSICAL BODY (WHEREVER AND WHENEVER THAT WILL BE).

“We come in peace, we are peace, and we seek to go in peace – to return whence and how we know not – but we will”. Marcus Pearson


What will happen to those who do not master the game of Polarity Integration?

First – don’t worry or stress about it – on a physical level we are all going to experience the same loss of life at some point – (hopefully, with peace as we sleep – and at a very old age). Perhaps, those who have more mastery of the game may have less fear – but that is not really the issue. There is no issue – in fact, all I know is that I vibrate with all that I vibrate with, and it makes me want to support those who also tune in (resonate)– and those who don’t!

I will now use the word knowing rather than belief – because belief indicates you do not know – and I vibrate in a way that I refer to as knowing – you may know or you may not know – and that’s ok – because should you choose I will support you.

My vibrations tune me into a knowing that those SOULs that do not become masters of the game of polarity integration in perhaps the next 30 years will not be vibrating at a high enough frequency, and they will not be reincarnated in the future (as they would have before). Previously they would have reincarnated, however, due to natural catastrophic events being upon us this will no longer occur because there may be no physical bodies to reincarnate into, and if your SOUL does not get the opportunity to integrate with your EGO and reach higher states of vibrating (during this lifetime) – then your SOUL will not transcend into the ETHERIC dimension that will maintain life until new physical incarnations are possible again.

So, what will happen to them?

For those who do not become a master of the game of Polarity Integration, they may continue as they live now or even modify it to become a player in a few years – this may work if they have enough time.

Time is unknown and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow let alone in 25 years.

This is why I have chosen to start my mastery NOW rather than delay it a day longer.

Could you simply repent at the moment of your death – of course you could, but what will that achieve?

In reference to time, I am not referring here to a religious doctrine of forgiveness of sins – at the last minute (this is not mastery of anything), I am referring to becoming a master of living with the behaviours and life of a master of polarity integration – and this takes time. It will be more difficult if catastrophic events prevail (especially when everyone will be in fear) – so why wait? If you consider this an intrusion on your ability to make money, have fun, or in any other way diminish your greatness, then perhaps, all you need is more perspective.

On a practical level, none of us really know how we will react when a catastrophic event, such as the end of our life, (or that of our loved ones)  – or the end of most life on earth will impact us. On a personal level, all I can do is that which I believe to be the best whilst I have the chance – whilst I am living and have the energy to live with purpose.

I do not think I will live forever as a physical being. I also think that approaching life in a way that shows compassion and integrates all aspects need not be a bad one. In fact, I am feeling very relaxed and even positive, rejuvenated by this clarity and my actions. On a personal basis I have found being me (integrating my SOUL and EGO) to BE SUPER (lol) – and you being YOU could result in a similar experience.

It is an essential part of the game of integration that life progresses. The natural cycle is coming to move the game to a higher level. The only players at the next level (beyond the catastrophe) will be those SOULS who have mastered the game at this current level.

It is not a choice of believing or disbelieving, it comes down to whether you become a master of playing the game – and you can do that without changing your whole life. You may just need to change the way you interact and integrate. THIS IS PERHAPS A TIME FOR CONTEMPLATION AND ACTION – OR NOT.

Only your SOUL can live through and beyond the oncoming catastrophe!

Be Super VFP

Over the next 25 years, everyone is going to face increasing levels of natural disasters. This may culminate in a catastrophe that will cause fear and anger relating to the extinction of their physical body, and most physical life on the planet. (I could have just said we are all going to die at some point – but I am trying to vibrate the truth as calmly as possible).

Regardless of whether you believe or disbelieve in your Etheric SPIRIT and incarnated SOUL, and regardless of whether you are religious, scientific, or a hermit – you would benefit now from asking a simple question

“When your physical body ends, and that of those you love; even though your SPIRIT lives on, do you see a future where your SOUL can reincarnate in another physical body to continue (ideally with your journey of mastering the game of polarity integration)or do you foresee an end with you and those you love, not having a Soul whose vibrating frequency is high enough for the next game”?

For those of you who are religious and believe that you will go to heaven (or hell) when you die, then I do not seek to change your belief.

So what would be required as regards simply living, on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis is shown in the infographic below:

Be-Super-What is it

If this is worth the opportunity to be reincarnated as YOUR SOUL in a future physical being – then why would you delay this opportunity?

Should you not go for it in a way that your future life depends on it?

In doing so are you not adhering to all the values you uphold?

A summary follows:

Words, nor their conversion to information within numbers, do not convey the Grace of the TRUE CREATOR.

I must however, use the tools at my disposal. I have fallen short of expressing my intention with these written and spoken words, however, I hope your inner true self is not too distanced to tune in to my meaning.

Nothing I have said goes against any religion, or against the creator, whatever you desire to name it.

“I come in peace, I am peace, and I seek to go in peace – to return whence and how, I know not – but I will!” Mr. P

Only you can choose how you live your future.

But do you seek to support those you love, by restricting or imposing beliefs on them?

Would it be such a terrible future to support our children and grandchildren, and family and friends and others to live together with compassion? To live in a way that integrates challenges and issues rather than segregates, restricts, or prevents polarity.

Such a way of living takes time to evolve. It takes time to adjust to doing it as a master, rather than someone tripping at every obstacle or reverting to the norm with every excuse or delay.

I have chosen to embrace the natural cyclical catastrophic future as an opportunity for the future re-incarnation of my SOUL to the next and higher level of the game. I have chosen to support others should they seek the same. Others have already chosen a different path –

Some are already planning their exit to other planets or moons. Some are seeking to hide within the planet, and others may even live on space stations for as long as is necessary. Some are creating Artificial Intelligence to survive or revisit and rebuild as they see fit (on Earth or elsewhere).


In order for human life to remain on earth after a major catastrophic event, such as polarity reversal, there are 2 options:

1. We act NOW with creative altruism for the benefit of all.

2. We act now for the benefit of ourselves and a select few.

If you look around, you will find people and organisations already trying to accomplish both of these. The result of both of these is that any Souls reincarnated after the magnetic pole reversal, will be more of a Reptilian nature (polarised towards the masculine), and civilisation will continue to be run by those who enforce their will on others. It will be gang vs gang mentality!

3rd Choice – my choice:

I know that by achieving Mastery of Polarity Integration I will have safeguarded my future Soul. At some point in the future it will be reincarnated into a physical being living within a creative altruistic environment.

Once this has been done, I will be able to use what time I have left to supporting others do the same – with compassion and love.


Mastery of the game of Polarity Integration is a game for YOUR SOUL. As such you have just as much opportunity as Elon Musk, Sadhguru, Eckhart Tolle, or anyone else.

All you have to be is YOU and in doing so integrate YOUR SOUL & EGO with compassion and then use creative altruism to support others to do the same – so you can gain mastery.

N.B. So yes – even the BIG PLAYERS, whom many think, are in it for themselves, have the same EQUAL OPPORTUNITY as You and I.


I do not fear the future, however, I do not look forward to the stages of fear, denial, anger, and loss of the physical life of those I love, or the anguish we share with initial discussions over options. It is my quest to support them with the truth. This will enable them to continue living with purpose, peace, and joy. It will enable them to support others they love and hopefully, this will resonate with as many people as possible.

I have reached a stage of personal development where I seek to be as physically perfect as possible – for my age and circumstances. In doing so I will vibrate at a higher frequency, and this will allow me to experience FLOW as much as possible. For my EGO to better tune in to my SOUL it needs higher vibrations.

By vibrating all aspects of my physical body, mind, and emotions in FLOW, I have already experienced a sustained connection with my SOUL. I am still me, and whilst many people have noticed a change, others (those I meet only occasionally), still perceive me as I was – and this is how subtle transformation is!

It is not a matter of being better. It is not about being better than you were, or better than someone else.



Be Super has created 9 experiences to try and support mastery of polarity integration.

You may already be much more advanced at certain aspects of polarity integration than others (including us), however, it is a holistic game – meaning it is ALL OR NOTHING – “The Art of the Ever True” (Socrates).

The truth, clarity, illumination, knowledge, and light change in form due to a natural paradox or Philosophical Triangle/Primordial Triad between Intellect, Life, and Being. What the truth is during the procession of thought and visualisation (the cause), is not the same as it is when you are sustaining it, and neither is it the same when it is returning back to the source (the effect). Harmonising this polarity requires the integration of the paradox.

Let us support you to find and integrate your paradox.

Thank you for reading this. Marcus Pearson (Mr. P, P Diddly Dacious)

This was the second part of Polarity Integration – please click here for the 1st part.

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By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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