VFP Blueprint

VFP supports Polarity Integration.

The ULTIMATE vision or goal is Mastery of the game of Polarity Integration.

VFP was developed to help us, help you, help others to achieve Mastery of Polarity Integration.

Mastery of Polarity Integration and VFP starts with your VFP BLUEPRINT:

The first part of the VFP BLUEPRINT is fun, fascinating, AND FREE. It involves a simple personality profile analysis.

After this a deeper journey is available for you – A Cosmic Numerology/ Sacred Geometry Report.

The second part of the VFP BLUEPRINT illuminates YOU AS YOUR SOUL. It identifies the challenges and solutions that your SOUL experienced in previous physical incarnations (Karmic Lessons). Some of these may still be lingering, and with these insights, you can clear them to allow your current physical body and SOUL to be more at ease and in the present – such previous issues often cause current health issues and dis-ease.

These deeper parts of the VFP BLUEPRINT provide clarity to aspects you may have found elusive.

The third part of your VFP BLUEPRINT clarifies the difference between YOUR CURRENT EGO and YOUR SOUL (AS THE TRUE INNER YOU – YOU HAVE YOUR OWN CHALLENGES AND ISSUES BEYOND THE PHYSICAL) – without knowing them, you can’t integrate them with your EGO.

This is what you have been waiting for!

This is the main section of the report and covers the reason you chose your family name to give you specific challenges and issues. It illuminates your planes of expression in public life, in personal life, and in relation to the current and future years – this is not what will happen, but how a nine-year cycle relates to good or bad timing for doing things.

The fourth part of the VFP BLUEPRINT clarifies your role and the roles of other members of your family – AS YOUR SOULS – not as the personalities and persona you all project – IMAGINE THE CLARITY THIS COULD BRING. This is significant because the integration of the challenges and issues in your life is often brought to you by those who love you the most (it takes love to challenge someone to breakpoint). Learn how to share the insights OF NEW PERSPECTIVE with your family to help you all integrate.

The fifth part of your VFP BLUEPRINT involves a numerological and physical analysis of potential mineral deficiencies, and your metabolic flexibility (how much your body is stressed or flexible). You will learn how to integrate your other internal intelligent systems such as your microbiome and mitochondria.

The sixth and final part of your VFP BLUEPRINT involves you reviewing your report so far. It then involves creating a visual representation to clarify/illuminate the challenges and issues you think you still need to overcome and how you will overcome them. The secret to success with this is the integration of these polarities rather than a complete change. When you have completed the visual, please try and explain this using words or text.

You then need to give a copy of this to everyone involved in your vision – if they agree to it (or you modify and agree on it) – it will manifest!

The main purpose of the VFP BLUEPRINT is to nurture you towards regular/daily FLOW.

To achieve constant FLOW you have to be free from fear and anger and be capable of experiencing affective empathy, compassion, and creative altruism – this is the key to the game of polarity integration.

To view an example of the VFP BLUEPRINT (for Mr P) – please click here.

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