Clear to Create

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VFP#2 Clear to Create

is all about Positive Tuning

Utilising the positive power of

physical and mental play (natural movement) and creativity; rest, relaxation and sleep – with daily scheduling and audio/visual affirmations. It builds on VFP#0 Coherence.


Professionals, Business Owners,

Individuals Feeling Anxious

And Those Seeking Purpose.

Includes an innovative use of HRV (Heart Rate Variability Technology) and

SSP Therapy (Safe and Sound Protocol developed from Polyvagal Theory)

Be Super Ltd



  1. Why was it developed?
  2. What is the measurement criteria and why?
  3. How long does it take to affect long lasting positive behavioural change?
  4. Where and when is it available / accessed?

Queries: Email – or ring Marcus Pearson on 07931 326 164

  1. Why was it developed?

Regardless of your age or stage of life you may experience a time when you have doubts as to your purpose in life. You may also experience times when you need to overcome procrastination (the action of delaying or postponing something with purpose – you may simply be existing from day to day). You may also experience a time when you have to overcome trauma (physical, mental or emotional). This may cause you anxiety and lead to physical, mental or emotional stress, inflammation and illness. Whilst all this is going on you may also be ‘distracted’ by supporting someone else or many others (or setting up or running a business). You may have noticed a drop in your energy levels and suffer from poor sleep or some addiction (the bottom line is you will have become more ‘distant from connecting to and being your true self’).

Clear to Create

As a child, adolescent or young adult you may have experienced:


You may never have experienced any of these difficulties; or you may have resolved them – you may be a totally positive person; perhaps even running a successful business you may be simply searching for that ‘SOMETHING EXTRA THAT DEFINES YOU – that you cannot perceive at the moment?!’

VFP#2 Clear to Create was created to allow you to perceive the real you and BE SUPER – to find and be that something extra that defines you. It provides gentle guidance that will empower you to ‘re-tune’ to your inner self. We introduce ‘templates’ for you to develop your own ‘SCP’ (Scheduled Cycles of Positivity) that induce / entrain positive changes in your sub-conscious behaviour. We do this with personal human support as well as pdf information, video’s and audio support.

When you start our ‘SCP’ (Scheduled Cycles of Positivity) you plan every day, creating time to experience being yourself without any thought, discussion, emotional attachment, or learning / working requirement disrupting the moment – this purposefully avoids conscious negativity (including triggers, thoughts & memories).

  • It avoids ‘talk therapy /CBT’, and purely focuses on being in the now and being relaxed.

Measurement and tools for progress tracking and fun:

We use 3 main tools (all involving technology):

*0 – PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) –

PEMF is like the key that opens the PNS pathway, especially when someone struggles to self-regulate. It may also be considered more of a jump start for that can’t start on it’s own (even with a key).

Click here for more on PEMF

*1 – HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is used as a measurement criteria to establish a base level for ‘stress / positivity’ – (more specifically ‘coherence’). Heart rate variability (HRV) is one of the best ways you can measure your vagal tone and can be a great indicator of overall health (mental and physical) and indicates an ability to heal (emotionally and physically). It is an objective measurement based on the bodies truthful response to what is going on ‘in and around’ a person.

Our HRV Neurofeedback Games and optional ‘entrainment’ options when combined with PEMF (tune the brain and emotions to the required frequency for positive action or relaxation). They are used within your ‘SCP’ (Scheduled Cycles of Positivity) to provide a self-learning experience for you to better regulate anxiety and improve calmness, mental clarity, positivity and creativity. This will manifest itself with improved social interaction and a greater willingness to ‘move’ (to overcome procrastination) and an ability to find your own unique purpose in life – not what you do in life but how you do it! This positivity will also be mirrored by an increase in HRV (providing ongoing evaluation criteria – and a fun way to track your feel-good factor).

*2 – SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) using the Unyte/iLs App involves 30 – 60min scheduled headphone listening to ‘acoustically altered sounds’ (for a total of 5 hours) that positively stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System of your Vagal Nerve (inducing your sub-consciousness to be relaxed, creative and positive). The SSP has a powerful impact on how you interact with yourself, other people and your environment. Resulting new behaviours reflect an increased sense of safety and positivity in the world, yet ‘they expose your fragility’ – hence, we will personally support you during this experience (this way you may also use it to further help others – from a position of having experienced the support personally).

Essentially, the SSP is opening the system for greater engagement (with yourself and with others). The aspect of ‘SAFETY’ must come before the SOUND experience takes place. What comes with and after the SSP will then cement and extend the gains. VFP#0 Coherence provides a BTJ (Behaviour Tuning Journey); which is UNIQUE and PERSONALISED in providing additional complimentary physical activity that increases HRV and journeys you further down the ‘newly opened positive pathway’. Crucially at this point, it is the repeated and consistent support and responses from ourselves and perhaps other people in contact with the you, that will enhance (or hinder) your new sense of clarity and positive behaviour.

Subsequently, your experience will personally be supported by our founder who is a qualified SSP therapist and practitioner with Unyte/iLs.

Your experience involves using the SSP with guided art or in combination with the HRV Neurofeedback Games before progressing to a variety of focused breathing techniques and the use of visual and audio affirmations and natural cycles/ratios to create a rhythm for more ‘focused work experiences’. Be Super are prepared to support you at this point with any creative work (such as business / digital marketing and video’s to support any venture or idea you may have).

Work : Home Mirror Affect Ratio:

In most instances the full benefits of VFP#2 Clear to Create with a BTJ (Behaviour Tuning Journey) are only maximised and become long lasting when they are supported at home by other key people in your life. This is even more relevant during the Covid -19 restrictions and home learning / working and the more challenging circumstances that have arisen. Subsequently, our solution from the start encourages you to involve key people in your life to journey on this experience with you.

2. How long does it take to affect long lasting positive behavioural change?

VFP#2 Clear to Create with a BTJ (Behaviour Tuning Journey) normally takes 9 – 12 weeks to affect positive behavioural change (IE – to tune you in to your true inner self). When fully supported by ‘key others’ some individuals have been able to reduce their medication or in some circumstances completely stop the use of medication after the experience. The graphic below gives a more vivid explanation of what is provided and how it works.

Before the graphic it is important to recognise what VFP#2 Clear to Create is not –

VFP#2 Clear to Create IS NOT AN ATTEMT TO CLEAR THE CAUSE OF TRAUMA –  UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED VFP#0 CoherencePlease take your time to study the following graphic – a picture often paints many words . . .


Caring Support is often overlooked for professionals and those who appear stable:

Professionals such as Doctors and Nurses, Health, Sport and Energy Therapists and Practitioners, Teachers / Educators, Police Officers and business owners and managers / team leders – plus many people who simply strive to do their best with honesty and integrity – they all have moments (for some it may last weeks and for some years) when doubt, anxiety, stress and a lack of ‘deeper’ purpose impacts negatively on them and on those around them (including the children of busy and ‘well to do’ parents/carers).

3. Where and when is it available / accessed?

4. How do you book a trial?

Marcus Pearson (the co-founder of Be Super Ltd) is available to provide personal support within a 25mile radius of Rochdale, Lancashire, England. He may be used for:

  • Specific 1:1 support of VFP/BTJ – HRV and SSP
  • Small group / home based interventions solution using VFP/BTJ – HRV and SSP
  • Whole workplace implementation or training for VFP/BTJ – HRV and SSP

It takes 9 – 12 weeks to affect a lasting positive behavioural change!



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