Alternative Intervention Support for children and young people

Alternative Intervention Support for children and young people.

Our alternative intervention support (AIS) is an intervention – not a medium to long term provision (for this please click here).

Our AIS is for children and young people who need to overcome trauma & chronic stress. We cover Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

The service delivers short to medium term therapeutic interventions – with and without academic education, There is virtually no limit as to the range and scope of our flexible service.

It may be considered as Alternative Intervention Support for overcoming trauma, challenging behaviour, hopelessness, and negative peer pressure for children & teenagers.

Alternative Intervention Support for children and young people - perfect for overcoming trauma & chronic stress.

We are not just another provider of intervention support!

If you want a supply teacher, therapist, or a person to occupy or distract challenging pupils for half a day or more – you can tick that box with an agency!

We exist to do what others can’t do, won’t do, don’t know how to do or are fearful of doing.


We are exceptionally experienced and successful hands on therapists that can also provide academic support if required. More significantly, we seek to integrate the pupil(s) back into mainstream life as upstanding citizens you would be proud of.


The high end specialist therapy modalities we provide are predominantly based on the clinical approaches of Prof. Stephen Porges. Our approach is endorsed by CAMHS and can be applied for almost any trauma, chronic stress or neurodivergence.

The pupils we support are normally those that cause major problems for parents and carers. Our unique support service involves working with family or pastoral workers, outside agencies and even the doctors. We can support with nutrition, exercise and sleep issues. We can support with lateness and absenteeism.

The pupils we support are normally those that cause the biggest challenges for teachers, heads of year and teaching assistants. Due to our autonomy (not being school based), we are more flexible. We can support the pupils out of school as much as in school. We can even provide therapy and academic education out of school and in school – we can provide that transition – and manage it, rather that allowing it to break down due to lack of continuity.

Every day for half a term (or longer) – we can support pre-school, during school, and after-school. We prioritise the causes of the challenges and seek to provide supportive solutions. TRY US WITH YOUR MOST CHALLENGING PUPILS TO TEST US OUT – now that’s an interesting offer – lol.

Services can be provided to mainstream, SEND, and SEMH schools as well as for pupils who do not attend school or for pupils in residential care homes.

Every challenged pupil has there own unique set of issues and we treat them with value and dignity. We support and guide them to find and be true to themselves, to be authentic, and to be positive.

Alternative Intervention Support for children and young people – FULL TIME FOR 6 WEEKS:

In order to achieve success we prefer to have pupils on a full time basis for at least 6 weeks – and ideally 12 weeks. We prefer to take them out of their existing environment; however, if positive circumstances prevail,  to provide our service within your environment.

If this is not possible, then we are flexible and caring enough to listen to your challenges and provide a compassionate response.

All circumstances are unique, and the only way to proceed with this is to invite us in to discuss your needs and ideally meet the pupil(s) and assess your environment.

Availability from 1st September 2024 on a first come first served basis.

To find out more, or to ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

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