VFP#0 Coherence may be experienced as a workshop, as part of a small team or on your own as an individual. It is all about you learning how to relax the tension between your inward and outward journey of self-awareness. It guides you to be more accepting and supportive of difference and imbalance; for the benefit of yourself and others.

At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of both these journey’s; we seek to synchronise your awareness so you may maximise all the gifts available to you at any point in your life.

We use VFP#0 at the start of your journey (if or when your level of coherence is low). This is when you are tense and may be suffering from the signs and symptoms of trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. These may appear as emotional, mental or physical difficulties or sudden shocks. It may be caused by too much negativity or even too much focused positivity (perhaps as depression after a major success or loss in your life) or you may have simply ‘lost your sparkle’. Too much focus (or even getting stuck in a rut or a shock) – perhaps at work, or whilst learning and doing exams, or with training / competing or even with a relationship – even retirement; all of these can cause an unbalance in your energy levels. Regardless of how it was caused, you may benefit from experiencing VFP#0 Coherence – and relaxing.

This gentle experience helps stabilise your ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ and increases your optimum arousal zone. Its purpose is to better balance and remove tension from your emotional, mental and physical being.

VFP#0 Coherence may be experienced throughout all the stages /cycles of VFP – it may be used when your coherence is balanced and also when it is very good; and we use different tools to support you depending on how well you are tuning into yourself.

At all levels we provide SSP (Safe and Sound Therapy); HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and may also use PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) to measure and tune you in to yourself – you get just what you need from the experience – it works at all stages of your journey.

VFP#0 can be experienced on your own or within a small group. It may be experienced online or via a mobile app, however, we prefer and suggest that you engage on a more personal and face to face basis. We combine these high-tech tools and devices with practical wisdom depending on the needs and suitability of each individual or group.

If VFP#0 was purchased as a stand-alone experience, it would cost approx. £500.00 per person ‘per course’. Time wise it takes a minimum of 5 hours and this is spread out over a 5 to10 day period.

Thank you for reading this – we hope you found it supportive.

Click here for details of our VFP BLUEPRINT  – this is our starting point together.

To find out more and ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

Marcus and Sharon Pearson (and Morgan).

By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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