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LiCrON Regeneration


  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-employed
  • Partnerships
  • Home workers and networkers
  • Retired and semi retired
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Partners

It is a time based, flexible, co-structured experience, that specifically clarifies and supports your short, medium and long term purpose, behaviour and interactions:

The first 9 – 12 weeks:

You will experience VFP#0 Coherence combined with VFP#1 LiCrON/ Regeneration.

We believe this is a perfect starting experience as it supports mental and emotional balance with optimum physical performance.

We have found people in focus group #A often experience cycles of positivity and negativity – especially when considering significant changes! What we provide is support and guidance for you to re-set your sub-conscious patterns to re-clarify the purpose of work or leisure. We also deal with relationship balance, with an emphasis on re-setting natural cycles through:

  • improved clarity through better quality sleep
  • more mental and physical energy through better health and fitness
  • improved public and personal activity and relationships through the experience of more Scheduled Cycles of Positivity.

It also provides greater self-awareness, and awareness of Polarity Integration through:

  • integration of your EGO and SOUL
  • integration with your partner or key others
  • using compassion within mutual endeavour.

Every individual is UNIQUE, however, at some point during this initial 9 – 12 week period, we may also embark on additional supportive experiences within VFP.

The next 2 – 3 months:

After the initial 9 – 12 weeks we provide experiences to cater for your specific level of consciousness. Please refer to the VFP Wellbeing Experience Summary for more information.

  1. Our support may also extend to support with business and digital marketing support.

Core Costs:

The VFP Wellbeing Experience costs £75.00 per household per month for 12 months.

This provides 24/7 access to all our insights, videos and webinars. It also includes a personal 1:1 discussion with Mr. P every week, month, or agreed periods. It also includes discount on our other experiences, products and services – some of this is provided FREE of charge within the monthly cost.

Optional Additional Costs:

  • VFP BLUEPRINT £125.00 (£225 for non members)
  • GKI testing @£15.00 per test (£40.00 for non members)
  • Sleep and growth hormones optimisation experience £0.00 for 12 months guidance and support (£125.00 for non members) – further costs include natural supplements bought direct.
  • Muscle testing (via applied Kinesiology) to establish accurate levels of consciousness, mineral salt deficiences, plus vitamin, hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. £0.00 for members (£50.00 per session for non members).
  • Blood panel test and result analysis, using our own phlebotomist:
  • Test 1 £x
  • Test 2 £x
  • Test 3 £x
  • Test 4 £x
  • Blood panel analysis with supporting insights and potential solutions utilising natural minerals, vitamins and supplements.  £0.00 for members plus actual direct cost of any supplements. (Non members £250.00 per evaluation and educational guidelines).
  • HRV testing and PEMF and SSP – click here for more details.

We have created Be Super to support and guide you to uncover your authentic true self by accepting the issues, challenges and SOULutions to harmonise your physical being/EGO with your SOUL – this sounds deep but it is actually good fun, relatively easy, and life changing! If you can appreciate the benefits of this – then . . .

Perhaps you could help us, help you, help others be authentic (especially your partner).

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Thank you,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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