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VFP Membership of Be Super is for individuals and teams within small organisations including:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-employed
  • Partnerships
  • Home workers and networkers
  • Retired and semi retired
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Partners

It is a time based, flexible, co-structured experience, that specifically clarifies and supports your short, medium and long term purpose, behaviour and interactions – it is about self-actualisation rather than productivity.


Let’s not waste your time – 

Some experts say heuristic decisions (quick decisions) are mental shortcuts that allow you to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently regarding new information.

I need 65 seconds to present VFP Membership of Be Super – Let’s start now:

I guarantee my biofeedback, analysis, and support of the 5 Be Super Protocols will positively create that which is needed but can’t be clearly perceived:

VFP shares human experiences with new perspectives for the integration of challenges, and issues with positive solutions and further opportunities – IT IS UNIQUE IN WELL-BEING PROVISION.

VFP deals with the niggly nuances that impair optimum harmony and productivity at work – there are always aspects that require greater truth or information that hold other things back – we can deal with this because the answers lie within informational relationships. VFP also functions at that awkward place between work and home where personal issues and challenges linger but don’t get dealt with for various reasons – it is subtle but significantly beneficial. We can support staff to overcome what needs sorting so they can move on and be their best  – it benefits everyone!

VFP improves emotional and behavioural intelligence and improves integration (the way you handle differences) with others, leading to the removal of barriers that leads to better performance and outcomes.

It integrates the challenges, issues, and opportunities of finances, work, targets, purpose, personal relationships, family, leisure, pleasure, health, fitness, and well-being with mutual and altruistic endeavour– so your positive and authentic inner-self can be your greatest version.

As an employer it will cost you less than £3.00 per day per individual to access VFP.

For those accessing VFP their your health, fitness, well-being, purpose, relationships, and enjoyment of life will change for the better, furthermore, it can be extended to include your partner. It can also be extended to benefit your family, teams, groups, communities, and organisations.

You can trial it for 3 months (for £270.00 per person) and if you have not experienced an agreed significant improvement, you can have your money back.

Thank you – now consider if you want to discuss how a trial would best work for you.

When you are interested, please complete the Provisional Enquiry (simply provide your email address and we will forward you a link to more information and arrange a follow up meeting to discuss full details).

Thank you,

Marcus Pearson.

If you are ready to start on the pathway to Be super then –

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Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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