Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Optimal Health and well-being

What is the best way to Test & Measure Health and Well-being?

In answering this you have to have a BIGGER PERSPECTIVE – such as:

  • How do you test and measure, and ultimately support those who cannot self-regulate because they are too hyper or hypo present (too anxious)? Or other extremes, such as :
  • How do you test and measure, and ultimately support those who are comfortable with their life and are not prepared to risk ‘rocking the boat’ to gain more perspective?
  • How do you test and measure, and ultimately support those who know what they are doing is not perfect, but lack the time, motivation, clarity or support to action transformational change?

Sometimes people are not receptive or available to be tested or measured directly, they are simply too anxious to engage or they are stuck in procrasrination and acquiessence. Even trying to validate, or make them more aware of their behaviours or feelings does not work.


Using polyvagal (PNS) structured modalities, dependant on the individuals ‘level of consciousness’ will be more effective than non-structured approaches. These range from the gentler approaches, such as The Trust Technique, The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), The Yawning Protocol (YP), Coherence Breathing using HRV monitoring; Art:Binaurual Beats Combined (A2B Protocol), Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and Applied Kinesiology (AK), to the more active, such as Mirroring, Modelling, and Managing (3 M’s Protocol), or The Play, Move and Distract Protocol (PMD Protocol) – more details here.

Once someone is in a manageable phase it may be appropriate to label and validate the feelings – because it is only when they are at this state they can perceive correctly.

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