At Be Super we believe in “reincarnation” (the rebirth of a soul in another body) – or put another way, the transfer of the informational energy from thoughts, emotions and your inner-being from one physical body to another (because energy does not end – it simply changes form). You don’t have to believe as well, it just helps us tune in better if you understand our principles and that we are not trying to influence you in any way (certainly not is a political or religious way).

Our belief in reincarnation is not religious or political or even strange!

We do not hold beliefs about reincarnation attached to any religion or even a GOD; we simply believe that within humans (and other life forms), there exists more than just the physical aspects and senses – we have personally experienced a SPIRIT and a SOUL as well as an EGO within oursleves?! Allow me to explain further:


Many people do not have any awareness of an inner self – and this does not make them a better or worse person, or minimise or maximise its credibility,  – it is all simply perspective at the end of the day. At Be Super we have personally experienced awareness of our inner true self, what we refer to as our SOUL. Such awareness is pointless if not followed up, however, Marcus Pearson has fine tuned this awareness to the stage of constant knowing of self-actualisation. He lives as his SOUL through his physical body. He experiences frequent daily states of FLOW, where all that he focuses on, feels and does is with ease (without prior thought or stress), however difficult or challenging it may appear. This does not mean that all he does is a success (he might still lose a game of chess, or pool or misunderstand a situation or be perceived as wrong, however, he now has illumination that these are not negatives but learning opportunities in many ways.

Furthermore, this FLOW extends to a telepathic relationship between Marcus and his wife Sharon; meaning one of them simply has to focus on something (create an image in their mind of what the future looks like) and the other will say or do the something either at the same time or within a few moments to activate the focus into reality (and this often happens at great distances apart). Interestingly this only happens when they share compassion for a moment, either between themselves or for another person or place – such moments cannot be pre-planned – they are part of JOINT FLOW!

The Ultimate Purpose:

Marcus has a purpose in life to share this state/stage of consciousness with others. He seeks to communicate as his SOUL with the SOUL of another – through their physical bodies. He seeks to experience this on a physical basis whilst he is living in the present moment, rather than after he or someone else has physically departed.

He believes anyone can achieve this. However, he has also experienced that this state mainly goes when you are physically less than perfect (physical means body, mind and feelings), OR EXPERIENCE STRESS, FEAR , ANGER OR DEFICIENT IN SOME WAY.

His mission is to help people nurture their desire in self-greatness – so thus state is more constant.

To become the greatest version of yourself means increasing the vibrational tuning of all your parts to the maximum. In order to do this you must understand the game of life – which is POLARITY INTEGRATION (Integration of the SOUL and EGO).

To become a master in playing the game of POLARITY INTEGRATION involves being able to play it with another master – only then do you learn the higher aspects of the game from one another.

How do you understand that which may be beyond your current senses?

You may be experiencing communication between different aspects of your own inner self. This experience may include some kind of inner dialogue. This type of communication may delude you (confuse or make you think about an alternative); however, it is important for you to know this is not the type of communication we are referring to?!

This confusion arises because YOUR SOUL does not communicate through the mind – becuase, this is your EGO!

You may even believe your thoughts or feelings are entirely your own (this may itself be daunting to accept otherwise)  – awareness of the truth is very important, and not easy when you can’t (or have not as yet) experienced or even considered alternatives to that which you have little awareness of.

You may benefit from reading the last paragagraph again – and discussing it with someone for clarity.

This post is ITSELF a journey that will HOPEFULLY GUIDE you to illumination that true knowing will only arise when you can clear the hidden obstacles or LOWER vibrations that prevent you from tuning into the true vibrations OF YOUR HIGHER SELF.


The truth and knowing are never found when you search externally, it is only gained from personal experience (IT HELPS IF YOU HAVE A GUIDE TO FOLLOW A PATHWAY FOR SELF ILLUMINATION).

Be Super Illuminating the Truth

If you have ever experienced some kind of voice or communication going on within you, almost like an internal conversation – one that others seem to be having and YOU are just listening (the conversation may be about YOU); well this IS A START – however – LEARN TO LISTEN MORE TO YOUR INTUITION AND EMOTIONS, because THIS IS YOUR SOUL TRYING TO TUNE IN.

Non spiritual internal conversations?!

It may surprise you but most of what you think and feel is YOU is not actually YOU?!

Over 95% of the living and intelligent cells within you are actually NOT YOU, they are other beings that function together – they are called your microbiome and mitochondria.

Your microbiome (bacteria, fungi and viruses) live within you and use you as a safe and trusted environment to interact with one another and extend their own existence. They also interact with other living organisms (your mitochondria) to generate energy and rejuvinate themselves and you. Between them, the microbiome and mitochondria communucate and control, influence and adapt YOU – so that YOU live a functionally perfect life for the specific types of microbiome that dominate.

The only thing stopping them or limiting their potential is YOU.

Suprisingly, we are not referring to whether you live a healthy or unhealthy life, becuase this does not matter to your microbiome. What we mean by YOU stopping or limiting their potential is YOU being inconsistent or flexible. Your microbiome wants the safety of consistency. It wants to trust you to keep things as they are – it fears change as thus may lead to its own end?


Quite often the communication between the microbiome and mitochondria is so loud or distracting that you can hear it or feel it, and it is normally when YOU are not providing what they want and need – THEY FEAR CHANGE!

The good, the bad and the ugly:

This was the name of a film, however, I have used this phrase to clarify that the microbiome and the mitochondria DO NOT care whether you provide good or bad for them, because whichever one you provide the most, they modify themselves accordingly. They have developed the ability to like the ugly as much as the nice, and furthermore, they then further influence/control YOU to provide more of it AS CONSISTENTLY AS POSSIBLE. This means they will try and support you living for as long as possible, regardless of whether it is good or bad, healthy or ill, or even diseased. This explains why miserable people often live as long as happy people, and unhealthy people oftem live as long as healthy people.

The happy, calm, creative and energised microbiome do not want physical, mental or emotional stress, well maybe a little for a short time, but not too much. Too much stress and not enough FLOW for them causes them to modify what they want and they will communicate this to you. So if you do not know the difference then you may hear them communicating a lot?!

The miserable, stressed, conforming, and lazy microbiome will encourage you to think, feel and do things that take away your energy. You will experience more illness, disease, worry and seek out ways to procrastinate and retire from interaction – they do not want you to have any creative purpose in life – they want life to be easy.

Feelings more than voices:

YOU may hear voices telling you that you are hungry and want or need a particual type of food or drink, or that you should lie in bed a bit longer, chill out and undertake walks or thoughts without purpose or that you should think about things in the past or future a lot more. THIS MIGHT SOUND LIKE HEAVEN TO MANY – AND FOR CERTAIN MICROBIOME THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO THINK AND FEEL.

Whenever you think you have a problem and thoughts and discussions take place in your head – these conversations are not YOU – they are your microbiome and mitochondria using your thoughts to influence what they want. They use metaphors and stories, often within day dreams or in REM dream sleep.

When they have more bad parts then they focus on trying to get the opposite of their good parts. Their bad parts like stress – physical stress (such as disease, illness, headaches, inflammation, etc), and mental stress like worries, confusion, memory loss, lack of purpose, hesitation, fear and anxiety. They also like emotional stress such as hormonal difficulties, menstrual problems, sleep problems, depression, lack of focus and an inabulity to be creative, cam and at peace.

What about other voices that communicate with you?!


ORIGINAL Human Beings, as opposed to microbiome, mitochondria and OTHER intelligent beings (humans with implanted DNA) are creatures that have empathy – “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. These are SOUL filled attributes, and not all humans have a SOUL – THIS IS BECUASE THEY ORIGINATE FROM DNA THAT WAS GENTICALLY MODIFIED. THIS INFORMATION IS ONLY.FOR THOSE WHO ARE READY – MOVING ON:

If you are not from a modified source (which may only be 40% of the current world population)

  • We believe SPIRITS vibrate at a higher frequency than most people can perceive.
  • We believe SPIRITS are a life form and they seek to experience physical life on behalf of that which “created” what is.
  • Human physical life does not live for a long enough period for a SPIRIT to experience all that it seeks, so it uses “REINCARNATION” through a SOUL (which is implanted within a physical body). The SOUL is like a transformer and converts the super high vibrating frquency of the SPIRIT (from a celestial realm) into a lower earthly energy that may be used to interact with human life.
  • During “prenatal development” the SOUL enters the body and plans to experience further aspects of life – it does this in conjunction with your physical core being – your EGO (your EGO is not good or bad), whose purpose is to find solutions to protect you based on how it perceives life.
  • The SOUL and EGO use letters and numbers as information (like a hologram) for a psychological, emotional, and behavioural blueprint of what your SPIRIT intends to achieve through physical experience when you reach your birth destination.
  • Together they plan the date you will be born (such timing will impact on your future vibrating frequency).
  • They also influence your parents or selected carers to give you names. The letters within your name also relate to numbers and these have vibrating frequencies that impact on your personality, your natural strengths and the way you express yourself.
  • This blueprint may be identified and understood using “cosmic numerology”. It also identifies your life’s challenges and their SOULutions.

Holograms may be a way of perceiving what we refer to?

Holograms are becoming more popular – and are becoming increasingly more like real life!

hologram and reincarnation

I enjoyed a live hologram of Elvis Presley with the real Priscily present and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing live – it was like Elvis was really there. Holograms  (“vibrations of information/numbers”), are used to re-create light into 3d images. In a similar but simpler manner, reincarnation is a reconstruct of DNA into biophotons emitting electro-magnetic energy. Subsequently, a human being may be recreated from the information of numbers/energy – and this includes your life destiny – this is a very simple analogy, so let us delve a little deeper.


Every human has their own unique characteristics. These may be superficial, such as a difference in physical appearance, or a carbon copy (like idential twins), however, the key difference is that individual humans have their own individual SOUL.

Birth causes “abandonment issues”:

At birth, when the umbilical cord is cut the EGO feels so traumatised if forgets the desires of the SOUL, and what they chose for your human being. Instead the EGO feels abandoned and starts to create solutions for an existence where it believes it will be alone. In addition to this ‘trauma’ YOU may have experienced ‘prenatal chronic stress’ – caused by your mother either taking toxic substances, and or experiencing trauma or chronic/ongoing stress herself. These lower stress frequencies are vibrated / resonated to you as a developing fetus. Similarly, if you experience trauma or chronic stress within the first 12 months as a baby, the same negative frequencies will attract other negative vibrations to you and vice versa. If you do not clear and heal the deep rooted negative vibrations then they will remain with you and cause your EGO to find solutions that are not in tune with your positive and loving SOUL.

If you experience further trauma and chronic stress during the first formative 7 years, this will create a BIGGER GAP between your EGO and SOUL – and this continues with trauma and stress throughout your later life.

BUT DO NOT DESPAIR – VFP from Be Super recognise this, we have been through it and come out the other side ourseleves as individuals and as partners and as a family unit and with friends etc.

BE SUPER and VFP has been created to provide support and guidance for YOU to unify your EGO back with YOUR SOUL on a safe, trusting and loving basis. . .


We seek to nurture your awareness of your own Soul without forcing the concept of a god or leader or religion or faith on you. Furthermore we seek to communicate with you without the concept of wanting more, or a need to set goals and targets. We do not want to communicate with you by suggesting a need for any focus, meditation or praying or affirming,

We seek to communicate with you by being authentic to who we are, and supporting you to interact in the same way – with freedom! This may require you to break down barriers – we will guide and support you to do this.

Your reincarnated SOUL is waiting to be reintroduced and harmonised with your EGO!


The VFP Blueprint is UNIQUE to Be Super Ltd.

The VFP Blueprint is a UNIQUE combination of Pythagoras’ Cosmic Numerology, Levels of Consciousness, and Personality Profiling. It was developed as an analysis tool to best support and guide you to balance and harmonise your EGO and SOUL, with the purpose of empowering you towards higher levels of consciousness and a life experience of your true self.

We use it as an introduction and starting point for our VFP WELLBEING EXPERIENCE.


Please click here for more details or to arrange for a report.

Thank you.

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