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LiCron/Regeneration Introductory Event and Workshop:

Date and Venue TBC – Planned for Saturday 11th May 2024

This is part of our VFP#1 PROTOCOL:

Rather than you simply reading and analysing information about what we eat etc; perhaps we can gain more insight from discussing why we eat, when we eat and how we eat!?

This event and workshop will have 2 parts – PART A will discuss:

  1. If we are eating because we are hungry or because we have an allocated time to eat or
  2. Because someone has made us some food or bought us something to eat or
  3. Are we are eating to socialise – do we recognise the benefits and trauma of social eating or
  4. Are we eating to provide energy to sustain our energy levels or
  5. To help us gain muscle or lose weight, or
  6. Are we eating simply because we ‘crave’ or can’t resist foods that are easily available.
  7. Are we eating to try and provide optimum nutrition or
  8. Are we eating after a period of fasting or
  9. Are we eating for something to do and are we comfort eating.
  10. Are we eating last thing at night or are we eating at ad-hoc times of the day.
  11. Are we nibbling snacks and are we drinking other liquids besides water – are we drinking with a meal.
  12. Are we eating alone or in company.
  13. Do we socialise and take our time whilst eating and do we chew our food and eat slowly to activate our enzymes.
  14. Are we eating whatever we want or do we carefully combine the various food groups.
  15. How much of our food is fresh and eaten raw.
  16. Do we microwave food?
  17. Do we know how much nutrition is in our food when you eat it?
  18. Are we aware of our PH levels and are we aware of the amount of macronutrient and micronutrients in our food.
  19. Do we know our metabolic type?
  20. Do we know the relevance of knowing our BMI and BMR and do we know how many calories or how much protein, carbohydrates and fat and oil we should be consuming per day – and does it matter?
  21. Do we know how high our insulin load is?
  22. Do we know about ORP?
  23. How much water do we drink every day and when do we drink.
  24. Do you know about SuperWATER?

With regard to our body then 80% of good health is related to nutrition and 20% to exercise – and yet both are linked. 

Whist discussing these answers then bigger questions, perhaps more holistic questions concerning the body, such as emotional, mental and physical energy, all become more apparent.

The discussions and workshops are also supported by specific insights to help you achieve your personal goals, and PART B will discuss:

  • Weight loss.
  • Body restructuring.
  • Muscle gain.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Optimal nutrition.
  • Hormonal balance and stress reduction.
  • Overcoming tiredness and low energy levels.
  • Lower cholesterol levels and improved fitness – impress your doctor and family.
  • Increased mental energy and mindfulness.
  • Improved memory and brain functionality.
  • Improved self-esteem.

Is any testing available?

Blood tests are essential for our PROTOCOL, but not for this event. Although tests will be available for £5.00, and the benefits of other testing will be discussed.

We also advise on HRV testing. Full details are provided at the intro event/workshop.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

To find out more visit our Home Page, or to ask any questions or arrange a meeting:

By Mr P

Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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