Longevity Testing using GKI, HRV, PWV & Fitness Testing

Longevity Testing:

Longevity testing using GKI (Glucose:Ketone Index), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and PWV (Pulsed Wave Velocity) – both done using an Oura ring; and Fitness Testing using worldfitnesslevel.org provide interesting results:

Such testing and the results are like a light bulb moment – once you see the results it’s like someone switched a light on with regard to your health awareness, longevity, and fitness age.

lightbulb moment


The following information has been kept from a previous time period:


For details on HRV Testing please click here.


GKI tests cost £15.00 for VFP Members or £40.00 for non-members, and are perfect when experiencing VFP#0 Coherence AND VFP#1 LiCrON/Regeneration (both at the same time).

It is a health test that may also be used to test insulin resistance, or to see if you are pre-diabetic. A GKI test result of 9 or lower is an indication of good coherence, consequently, GKI testing may be used to assess your level of coherence.

Mr P is not diabetic, nor does he normally eat a lot of carbs – he simply wants his body to naturally function as it should, and this means limiting the amount of glucose he eats and drinks  – he wants to be sensitive to insulin rather than insulin resistant!

Depending how long and much your body has become Insulin Resistance will determine how long it will take you to overcome this problem and become healthy and insulin sensitive.

What Health Zone overcomes Insulin Resistance?

In order to reverse insulin resistance (IR) you need to have a Health Factor of 1 (Max autophagy Zone) or 2 (Therapeutic Zone); a Health Factor of 3 (Optimal Health Zone) will also work. The longer you remain in each one of these zones the more health benefits you will acrue – and the better your levels of coherence. Zone 4 will overcome insulin resistance providing you are in it for many continious months. Similarly, once you go outside of the top 4 levels then you are going to become insulin resistant again, and your coherence will drop. Optimal health needs to be maintained to be effective – not simply achieved on rare occasions.

The more insulin resistant (IR) you are the harder you will find it to reduce and stop eating too many carbs, and the longer you will have to remain in the top 3 or 4 zones to overcome IR.

Using the GKI Health Factor Chart:

Mr P started testing his blood glucose levels and Ketone Levels on the 4th December 2021. On a regular ongoing basis he plans to record his levels and use the GKI (Glucose Ketone Index) ratio to assess “what health zone he is in”  – please refer to the Health Factor Zone Chart” below:Health Factor Zones

Click here for details on Health Factor Zones.

Background information and ongoing results:

Mr P had been following his LICrON protocol from 2019 – 2021, and maintained a weight of approx 170lbs, 12 stone 2 lbs (kg). During 2021 he conducted an experiment and for the full year he did not follow LiCrON. He still limited his eating to one meal per day, however, he then eat ‘with an emphasis on socialising and eating similar foods to others’ (which was medium to high carbs, medium protein and medium fat). He gained 2 stone and 2 lbs in 11 months – THIS WAS AN EXPERIMENT.

On 14th November 2021 Mr P eat a substantial meal with family (including carbs and alcohol) – he then embarked on his LiCrON lifestyle: On the 15th November (after 11 months of not resisting carbs and alcohol) he weighed 14stone 4lbs (200lbs)

A return to LiCrON:

W/c 15th November he used the LiCrON protocol with an initial 5 day fast.

W/c 22nd November he used the LiCrON protocol with a 3 day fast.

W/c 29th November he fasted for a further 3 days; he then weighed himself and did the tests:

On the 4th December 2021 he weighed 13 sone 2 lbs (184lbs) – a loss of 16lbs in 2 weeks . . .

Mr P tests between the hours of 1700 and 2100 hours (every day) – if he is eating, he tests just before eating. The results are posted below:

Mr P has now fully returned to LiCrON, which has been modified over this last 12 months to include a fasting regime. He now maintains a weight of about 172lbs (12 stone 4 pounds).

DateWeight Blood Glucose LevelKetone LevelGKIHealth ZoneNotes
14/11/21200lbsUnknownUnknownUnknownINSULIN RESISTANT16 hour+ fast then eating carbs etc
15/11/21200lbsUnknownUnknown9 - 6Weight LossFasted State
4/12/21184lbs5.1mmol/L1.1mmol/L4.6OptimalFasted State
5/12/21184lbs3.8mmol/L2.8mmol/L1.4Max AutophagyFasted State
6/12/21184lbs5.8mmol/L3.0mmol/L1.9TherapeuticLiCrON Eating
10/12/21182lbs5.0mmol/L5.0mmol/L1.0Max AutophagyFasting
3/01/22192lbs5.9mmol/L0.2mmol/L29.5Pre-diabetic3 weeks of carbs and alcohol
4/01/22191lbs5.8mmol/L0.5mmol/L11.6Insulin Resistant24 hour fast
5/01/22191lbs5.3mmol/L0.3mmol/L17.7Insulin Resistantcontinued fast (48 hours) - plus HIIT and cardio
6/01/22191lbs5.6mmol/L1.0mmol/L5.6Healthy Target Range72 hours fasting - no exercise

Alongside the Health Zones related to the GKI (Glucose:Ketone Ratio), the ‘HRV Health Zones’ are also a significant indicator of optimal health and maximum autophagy. HRV may be used as an excellent tool to identify higher levels of CRP (C-reactive protein).

Marcus Pearson is currently creating an infographic for the ‘HRV Health Zones’ – for now read on:

Find out more about the “GKI Health Factor Chart” and the benefits or ‘otherwise’ of being in a particular zone – click here to find out the health zone benefits.

If this is of interest then why don’t you consider having a test and knowing exactly what zone of health you are in – then consider LiCrON / Regeneration to achieve results similar to Mr P.

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Only the VFP BLUEPRINT provides the clarity for you to know thyself.

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