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List of Top Superfoods

List of the best superfoods in the world:

Be Super Disclaimer

Rather than asking what are the best superfoods? It might be better to further clarify your question into key categories – we have done this below:

The best superfoods in the world are listed below in 4 categories:

Category #1: The most nutritionally dense superfood blend.

Category #2: The best superfoods in the world for hormonal balance and stress.

Category #3 – The list of superfoods that act as a Detox, Cleanser & Anti-Depressant.

Category #4 – List of the best superfoods for longevity and energy production.

Details are provided below:

Category #1: The most nutritionally dense superfood blend:

Certain superfoods are more nutritionally dense than others. Other superfoods provide more antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties than others. When you blend them together, in the right quantities, then even greater benefits are possible.

The most nutritionally dense superfood blend in the world is probably SF1 from

It provides more of the RDI (recommended daily intake) for all the vitamins, minerals and amino-acids per 5g than any other superfood or blend of superfoods in the world.

SF1 was developed from research on all the available foods in the world to determine which had the greatest density of micro-nutrients. Antioxidant and ant-inflammatory capacity were also factored in. They were then blended together in the correct quantities to ensure maximum benefit and taste.

Nutritional Research Data

SF1 list of ingredients include:

Barleygrass, Camu Camu, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Cocao, Chlorella and Astaxanthin – plus Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Calcium with Vitamin D3.

100g of SF1 contains over 100% of the RDA for Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E & K; plus over 100% of the RDA for Calcium, Iron, Zinc & Copper.
SF1 is a Polyphenols Powerhouse.
Super high in superoxide dismutase, beta carotene & chlorophyll, which are natural detoxifiers.
Just one 5g serving of SF1 contains 4mg of Astaxanthin – proven to improve brain health, reduce inflammation & oxidative stress. Astaxanthin as an antioxidant is 6000 times greater than Vitamin C; 500 times greater than Vitamin E & 11 times greater than beta-carotene.
It also has benefits for vision related problems including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts & Diabetic Retinopathy
SF1 supports physical activity, muscle growth, recovery and helps prevent DOM’S (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).

SF1 contains Spirulina, Chlorella and Barleygrass in proportions that provide the
highest natural levels of enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) and chlorophyll – natural detoxifiers.

Furthermore, this list of the best superfoods, is not just delicious its “P Diddly Dacious”.

Further details of SF1 and The Ultimate List of Primary Foods contained within The LiCrON Health Programme are available within step 3 of LiCrON.

When you subscribe to VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration you will receive 20% discount off all our products.

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Category #2: The best superfoods in the world for hormonal balance and stress are listed below:

The best superfoods in the world for hormonal balance and stress are Turmeric, Ceylon Cinnamon and Ashwagandha. These superfoods act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & antidepressant – However, the Turmeric and Ashwagandha are not beneficial superfoods unless you can maximise their bioavailability. In order to do this have created a blend called SF5. This combines them with black pepper (piperine) and sunflower lecithin. This powder should then be further mixed into a golden paste with coconut oil and water.

The list of superfoods within SF5 were initially blended for the elderly and those suffering from inflammation of the joints through age, sport or physical work.

However, one of the incredible benefits of Ashwagandha is its ability to support thyroid health. This helps overcome problems with fatigue, unexplained weight gain and dry skin.

SF5 is a true superblend because the quantities of each superfood is carefully researched and maximised.

According to ‘Medical News Today’ Cinnamon is considered as an alternative treatment for diabetes mellitus.

Ceylon cinnamon stimulates insulin-like activity. It reduces insulin resistance in the body.

Ceylon cinnamon is a promising treatment for people looking for alternatives to synthetic insulin therapy. To use cinnamon as an insulin stabilizer, at least 120 milligrams (mg) per day are recommended. SF5 contains 1000mg of true cinnamon per serving and is a perfect compliment to The LiCrON Health Programme.

Research has also shown that anything less than a 500mg dose of Ashwagandha is a marketing ploy. SF5 provides 750mg per serving – a proven beneficial amount!

As well as helping to overcome chronic low-level inflammation, SF5 can also help prevent metabolic snydrome, Alzheimer’s and various degenerative conditions like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and cancer.
The super ingredients make it beneficial for those involved in physically or mentally challenging situations because it promotes BDNF. ‘Brain-derived neurotrophic factor’ is active in the hippocampus, cortex, and basal forebrain. These areas are vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. BDNF is also expressed and beneficial in the retina, kidney, saliva, prostate, motor neurons and skeletal muscle.
SF5 also increases testosterone levels, muscular strength & energy levels.

Category #3 – The list of superfoods that act as a Detox, Cleanser & Anti-Depressant:

The list of superfoods that act as a Detox, Cleanser & Anti-Depressant include Bicarbonate of Soda, Diatomaceous Earth and St. John’s Wart. have blended these together and called it SF3.

As a detoxer and blood cleanser SF3 has benefits for athletes and those involved in physical exercise. When taken before HIIT or other intense exercise, SF3 buffers any lactic acid that builds up in hard-working muscles, delays fatigue and enhances athletic performance.
SF3 carries a high negative electrical charge that both cleans the blood and elliminates free radicals, viruses and other harmful organisms. It also improves bone mineralization, protects joints and fights the effect of ageing.

Hormonal Benefits –

The St. John’s Wart within SF3 helps overcome mental fatigue and acts as an anti-depressant by increasing the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. It is also effective for teenage depression as it helps balance hormones. It may help overcome insomnia or sleeplessness, ADHD, OCD and Premenstrual Syndrome.
SF3 improves digestion, combats kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, reduces heartburn and provides better colon functioning whilst removing heavy metals.
It provides a stronger immune function and protection from illnesses and is also a mild antiseptic. SF3 also provides a healthier looking skin, hair, nails and stronger bones. It also provides protection from fractures and osteoporosis as well as improved joint and ligament health and improved energy.

Category #4 – List of the best superfoods for longevity and energy production via retuning:

The list of superfoods that have the greatest benefit for longevity and energy are Astragalus and Beta-hydroxybutyrate. Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is actually an Exogenous Ketone Salt.

SF432 is a unique superfood blend from that focuses on energy production, longevity and the retuning of cells. It blends these two superfoods together for a unique retuning for your body. Furthermore, when combined with intermittent ketosis and intermittent fasting (a key principle of The LiCrON Health Programme) additional health benefits may be gained.

BHB Benefits:

BHB is a cleaner fuel than glucose and the primary function of BHB is to act as a cellular energy source. The brain, heart, skeletal muscle, and other bodily tissues are able to break down ketones and produce ATP to fuel themselves.

BHB promotes Ketone breakdown, which in turn leads to less ROS production. This is because the high heat combustion of BHB increases the efficiency of ATP production by the mitochondria, reducing the production of free radicals.

Furthermore, BHB actually protects against oxidative stress within cells. In a way, having high BHB is like having a “clean up crew” for your mitochondria.

This evidence suggests that substantial health and longevity benefits might come from reducing your reliance on glucose oxidation (“carb burning”) and increasing your metabolism of ketone – whether through fasting, exercise, or a low-carb diet (all part of The LiCrON Programme)

Brain Food

Our brains love BHB. Since we have monocarboxylate transporters on our blood-brain barrier, this means that BHB (and other ketone bodies) can travel across this membrane with relative ease. Once inside the brain, BHB can trigger the release of neurotrophic factors—chemicals that support the health of our neurons.

BHB also helps increase the synthesis of GABA—an inhibitory neurotransmitter that we need for proper brain health. This is probably one reason why ketogenic diets are beneficial for epilepsy; GABA can “calm down” over-excited neurons that are one of the causes of seizures.

Another role for BHB may be in reducing age-related cognitive decline.

BHB has been shown to inhibit a complex known as the NLRP inflammasome, which could reduce levels of inflammation within the brain. Studies support this—BHB is associated with better cognitive performance and memory in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive deficit. In one study, BHB actually reversed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Besides boosting brain health with age, BHB could also be a cognitive enhancer. However, we have to rely on mainly anecdotal evidence for this. Many people report that the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones give them extra mental energy, clarity, and focus. This might be one benefit you need to experience for yourself.


Lifespan could also be enhanced through BHB by reducing the prevalence of age-related diseases like cognitive decline, cancer, and immune dysfunction.

Other lifespan-enhancing effects of BHB might be due to signaling effects within the body, including inhibition of histone deacetylases (HDACs), inflammation, and mTOR (a key player in cell growth and metabolism).All of these have been associated with the aging process.

But there is more to support anti-ageing than BHB . . .

Introducing Astragalus – the telomere extender!

Astragalus has been shown to lengthen telomeres and reverse cellular ageing. Telomeres diminish as people get older and thus protection of the telomeres may extend life as well as improve the quality. SF432, and in particular the Astragalus activates an enzyme called telomorase that directly helps prolong the integrity of the telomere. SF432 helps old cells retune to function as they did when they were younger tuning their gene expression to a younger phenotype.

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Some of the negative effects of Covid-19 include:

  • Struggling to deal with loss and / or feeling isolated or lonely..
  • Joint pain, loss of energy and weakness.
  • Feeling unsafe and not knowing why.
  • Confusion and frustration with not understanding what is going on.
  • A lack of trust with people, situations and places.
  • The lack of stucture and order and not knowing what to do with your time.
  • Brain fog - not being able to concentrate or think clearly.
  • Struggling to have longer conversations and discussions about positive and creative opportunities - and too much negative talk.
  • Couples and families stuggle interacting together due to a lack of personal and joint purpose in life.

The severe isolation measures imposed by governments have been traumatic to the psyche of people; to the extent, many have the fear of getting tests done and or divulging the results to authorities for fear of loss of income or further isolation. Others live every moment on the edge of media releases and feel totally reliant on vaccinations and guidance and rules on how to live.


Society has created a situation where many people have an overdependence on other people for guidance and regulations on how they live. This can be clearly seen with those people who have retired or are suddenly not working and do not know what to do with their time. For many people walking the dog, watching some form of day time TV and cooking, represent the limits of their activity. Their social interaction and discussions are based around such activity or in discussing the limitaions imposed on them and everyone else -

"very few people do something that is both creative and of benefit for themsleves and others; furthermore, they do not discuss the creative process for making this happen - they have lost (or never developed) this self-relience and love of life - they are lost within an 'auto-pilot' existence" -


When individals within a relationship or within a family, educational, work or team environment, lack any purpose in life or don't have any creative ideas to stimulate their emotions or thoughts, then they are more dependent on external forces to influence their behaviour. The majority of outside forces are negative, therfore most of the time people will be negative. Covid-19 is not the cause of this negativity - it highlights the hidden problems faced by most people and society.

This post provides a short practical instruction on how to conduct a quick coherence / QUICK CALMING/POSITIVITY PRACTICE:

The optimal times for doing this practice are:

  • first thing in the morning whilst still in bed (before getting up)
  • First thing when you get to work or school etc.
  • every 90 mins once you are active and the day has begun
  • when you get back in bed to settle for a sleep.

It is perfect when combined with other people (especially smaller groups) just before a meeting/lesson/meal.  It may even be used by a family group or a group of friends or work/school/college friends - perhaps in conjunction with an agreed 'positive statement/affirmation'.

Whilst it helps to reduce stress; with the 'the more advanced breathing progression' it is most beneficial in promoting a feeling of wellbeing and positivity; and in activating your parasympathetic nervous system (your feel good system). Once activated this may lead to positive stimulation that facilitates exceptional mental and physical performance, or, if you are relaxing, it will lower your heart rate, lower your brain frequency and promote better rest and natural sleep patterns. When a calm and positive state is maintained for longer and longer periods (with monitoring and practice) then it leads to 'flow' and extends the 'optimal arousal zone'.

Quick Coherence only takes 1 - 2 minutes (it is best done with your eyes closed):

Welcome - By following this short process you will feel calm, positive and energised. The process will work even better when you smile during the process and continue smiling after it has finished - let us begin - you may keep your eyes open or close them - do whatever helps you focus . . .

  • Focus your attention on your heart just to the left of centre in your chest. If it helps, place the fingers of your right hand over the heart so you can physically feel your heart beat - then relax.
  • As you breathe in, visualise the air going into your heart. As you visualise breathing in, count to between 4 and 7 and with each count visualise your heart expanding your belly. Continue doing this until you find your own natural timing. Once you have established your natural breathing in cycle move to step 3.
  • As you breath out and feel your belly go down, visualise either:
    • a special place that makes you feel good; or
    • visualise what you are doing that makes you feel so good;
    • and /or visualise a person or group of people that makes your love come out.
    • as you become more familiar with this, and as it becomes easier to do - focus on giving appreciation or gratitude to someone and allow your love to come out.
  • More advanced breathing progression - once you have become familiar with all of the above - then as you continue with the heart felt focus - PROLONG the breathing out stage, so it is between 3 and 5 seconds longer than your breathing in stage. Then continue this staggered breathing cycle for between 1 and 3 mins. This will physiologically activate your parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate creative and happy hormones.

Adopt quick coherence as a pattern of positive performance:

The quick coherence practice, including the more advanced breathing progression, may also be used in the build up to a high performance related activity - especially as a precursor for being in the flow zone. This is perfect for activities such as climbing or skill related performance or even high intense muscular activities such as arm wrestling, powerlifting, strongman event and surprisingly combat sports - because the more you can perceive stress as a positive opportunity, the greater you will maximise your optimal flow zone perform to your maximum potential. When stress is perceived as being negative, it increases anxiety, increases muscle tension, reduces reaction times and speed and reduces power. Negative stress leads to a quicker loss of energy and reduces mental clarity and sharpness.

Smile and be positive.

Group / team coherence:

Imagine the benefits to a team if you all acknowledged gratitude for one another prior to starting a more physical warm up or at the end of a warm just before you went out to compete. This would minimise stress and allow you to perform at even higher levels of intensity for much longer.  

When Phil Jackson began coaching the Chicago Bulls - and later the Los Angeles Lakers - he says he used the Zen philosophy of mindfulness to help build both teams.


Coherence practice is used by the NHS in Derbyshire:

Quick coherence may be used to overcome feelings of anxiety, stress and help calm you or someone else down when they are feeling their behaviour is becoming more challenging to others.


More scientific research on this is available at -

Monitoring and measuring coherence can be done using new technology and with the correct insights.

Elimination is the lowest level of consciousness and calibrates <20:

The strategy for getting yourself or someone else out of this stage is provided below:

The VFP strategy for achieving higher/more positive 'natural patterns / cycles of being' is to re-tune your mental and emotional energy fields, so they do the 'right things' on an automatic basis (using your autonomic nervous system), rather than a cognitive basis (having to think and feel if what you are doing is working).

This approach is more significant when dealing with those at the lowest levels of consciousness. Such individuals 

  • You must have natural cycles of imbalance in your life. These should be positive in maximising you as a physical being. Look at every situation as an opportunity!
  • You should maximise the functioning and capabilities of your physical body/mind.
  • You should maximise your individual creativity and find purpose in all that you do.
  • You should be your best and give yourself for the benefit of all.

When you do this you will find love will allowed to flow from you and you will attract it!

You can’t tune into Love when you have negative forces influencing you - 'love is felt through tuning in to the truth'.

Love is not felt when someone is holding you back and not caring for you as best they can.

You cannot hold other people responsible for their imperfections in respect of your relationship. You need to break negative cycles with people - this does not mean you have to stop being with them, or loving or caring for them; but it does mean you must take responsibility yourself for following more positive natural cycles. If you are not capable of allowing love to come out of yourself for your TRUE SPIRITUAL BEING then your imperfect physical being will dominate your life. You must learn to let love come out by turning negative thoughts and emotions into opportunities to help yourself and others.

You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and you must stop using others as an excuse.

You are not an 'imprisoned physical being' - you may feel like one, and may be treated like one - but you have the opportunity to change this.

When your mind thinks with moving pictures rather than thinks with words (self-talk), then the results/benefits are significantly better.

Mental imagery is a more intuitive process than an intellectual one. It allows you to influence and take control of your unconscious and subconscious; whereas self-talk and worded affirmations focus your influence within your conscious mind.

For most people the language of imagery is commonly experienced during REM sleep at night or whilst daydreaming. However, becoming aware of images whilst waking simply requires us to give it more focus than we currently do. Most people self-talk rather than self image!

Scientific research confirms the benefits of imagery for improving health:

Doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals that control the mind through the body; eg. tranquilizers, antidepressants and anaesthetics. In much the same way, we can use the mind to control the body - and imagery is far more effective at doing this than self talk. There are at least two major scientific journals devoted to imagery research; one from Marquette University (The Journal of Mental Imagery) and one from Yale University (Imagination, Cognition and Personality).

Mental imagery may be used as a process for reacting to experiences (negative or positive), however, it is more powerful when used as a way of 'creating new experiences'. After successive repetitions/cycles (21 days being a natural cycle time that changes behaviour) then the physical body attunes with the mind to make the mental imagery reality - THIS IS A PROVEN BENEFIT!

Within the VFP Digital Tuning Chart we have created audio links that explains how to use imagery to help create your own good health (this is an ongoing development).


HRV (Heart Rate Variability):

In terms of 'measuring SPIRITUAL BEING REALISATION' or 'SPIRITUAL COHERENCE' - it may be measured on a physical basis by HRV (Heart Rate Variability). However, what you have to realise is that SPIRITUAL COHERENCE extends beyond your physical being and HRV is therefore limited in its potential to measure the higher levels of consciousness. It would be reasonable to estimate that below the level of 200 HRV is low and not smooth. Peak HRV will start and continue at a level of approx 250. Above this level HRV will peak but it will not indicate your level of consciousness - this can be better estimated using the VFP Digital Tuning Chart.

The similarity between SPIRITUAL COHERENCE and HRV, is that HRV maintains 'high activity, smooth sine wave cycles' regardless of the heart rate or brain wave frequency (excitatory or inhibitory) - and SPIRITUAL COHERENCE maintains 'natural/balanced cycles of smooth waves - that can be excitatory or inhibitory' - so they are very similar to measure!

When SPIRITUAL COHERENCE occurs, on a physical basis, the heart and brain waves become more synchronised / tuned in to one another on an autonomic basis. The important aspect to measure is not whether the heart or brain frequencies are high or low - but that the 'HRV is high and smooth', thus showing a willingness and readiness for either positive/excitatory or negative/inhibitory states. Good coherence indicates a wide range of optimal flow zone frequencies (an ability to perceive stress as a positive challenge, rather than something negative to overcome).

Coherence and a good HRV are indicators of:

  • Positive relationships.
  • Creative initiatives between positive people.
  • Problem solving and group decision making.
  • Bonding and mutual support.

Quick coherence practice is only part of the VFP Tuning Protocol; By following the VFP retuning protocol you will reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout - you will feel calm, positive and energised.

VFP uses the Inner Balance App in conjunction with the Bluetooth sensor from Heart Math to measure HRV. By recording your HRV before any interventions/therapy sessions, during the sessions and after the sessions we can better evaluate the impact of our VFP Protocol.