You are the conductor of your own life:

You are the conductor of your own life                        Be Super Disclaimer

A personal message from Marcus Pearson (co-founder of Be Super Ltd)

We have spent ‘years’ researching and practically ‘testing out & living with’ the insights we provide. We do not provide any insights that we have not experienced  – our suggestion with all our insights is simple – try them fully for 9 weeks and then modify them as you feel it suits you – thank you.

Marcus Pearson (aka Mr P)

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VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration is an educational and practical body transformation programme. It will retune your body, mind and behaviour to make positive changes that will remove toxins and low level inflammation from your body and brain. It balances hormones, increases energy and optimises physical performance. It is perfect for weight loss and body conditioning. It is the perfect experience to support you after your VFP BLUEPRINT REPORT & REVIEW – whatever state or stage of life you are in, VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration is going to better align your EGO and SOUL!

IT IS A PREVENTATIVE HEALTH & FITNESS CARE PACKAGE (Providing optimum nutrition for elite athletes and those seeking better performance).

VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration provides all the insights you need to support the tuning in of your body and mind to Intermittent Fasting / Time Restricted Eating, Intermittent Ketosis, Low Insulin, Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition – READ ON AND THIS WILL START TO MAKE SENSE . . .

Intermittent Ketosis may, surprisingly, be used by Vegans, Vegetarians as well as meat / fish lovers. Details on how to modify the foods is provided with menu’s and recipes in supporting documentation / links – once you have signed up.

This retuning programme will improve the quality of your life and will help you live longer. It is run in 3 phases of 21 days (9 weeks) and IDEALLY EXTENDED for 27 weeks to ultimately become a lifestyle programme:

We want you to be aware of what is involved before you commit to it – so:

Phase 1 – 21 days:

(4 Days ON) Days 1, 2, 3 and 4 You will experience and benefit from Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Ketosis, Low Insulin Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition.

(1 Day Transitional) Day 5 You will continue with Intermittent Fasting, Low Insulin Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition, however, you will ease up on Intermittent Ketosis.

(2 Days OFF) Days 6 and 7 Low Carb Hormetic zone.

(10 Days ON) Days 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Ketosis, Low Insulin, Calorie Restricted, Optimum Nutrition.

(1 Day Transitional) Day 19 Intermittent Fasting, Low Insulin, Calorie Restricted, Optimum Nutrition.

(2 Days OFF) Days 20 and 21 Low Carb Hormetic zone.

Phase 2 – 21 days:

Simply repeat phase 1, however, the amount of time spent in time restricted eating / intermittent fasting should be increased from 12 hours to 16 hours.

Phase 3 – 21 days:

Simply repeat phase 2, however, the amount of time spent in time restricted eating / intermittent fasting should be increased from 16 hours to 23 hours (this is optional).

The cost of VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration as a stand alone PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE PACKAGE (Providing optimum nutrition) with full personal support from Mr P is £500.00pa – THIS MAY BE PAID FOR BY STANDING ORDER @£50.00 PER MONTH or £75.00 per household.

N.B. The cost of a FULL VFP WELLBEING EXPERIENCE IS ONLY £75.00 PER MONTH – and includes all 9 VFP experiences – click here for more details on signing up for the full VFP Wellbeing Experience.

LiCrON stands for Low Insulin Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition:

When you focus on health then your body will change accordingly. With LiCrON, if you need to shed a few pounds – you will do; if you need to put a few pounds on – you will do. The LiCrON Programme allows you to be the natural you – the fit, healthy you, perhaps the you that has been hidden for a while – emotionally and mentally as well as physically.

The LiCrON Health Programme is NEW and DIFFERENT – BECAUSE IT WORKS LONG TERM – WOW – that’s a brave statement – because we ‘action the research evidence from Public Health England’; by providing ongoing professional support on key aspects of health and fitness regulation and maintenance – and all of this is included in your ‘one off payment’.

“We believe that The LiCrON Programme is the healthiest eating guide in the world”

It provides insights on what to eat, when to eat and why you should eat – you DO NOT NEED TO SEARCH ANYWHERE ELSE FOR HEALTHY FOOD GUIDANCE FOR YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW – simply read on . . .

Why EVERYONE should consider LiCrON as a lifestyle choice:

We want you to enjoy life on the programme by being healthy 95% of the time. The other 5% we want your body to cope with stress – this will involve eating and drinking ‘what you really should be avoiding’ (this is called hormesis and is a crucial principle of health) – this approach we use is like ‘YIN and YANG’:

How long does it take to make a difference to your health and wellbeing?

You need 2-3 months of strictly following The LiCrON Health Programme to improve your physical appearance and improve your mental and physical health – and 9 weeks (every day for 9 weeks to change your healthy behaviour for the better). We will induce your RF (Reticular Formation – brain pattern) to support your new positive patterns/cycles of healthy eating and drinking.

Once you know the programme you will have the insights for life – the truth is (even if you go crazy for a few weeks or months) – you are going to have all the insights you need and the knowledge that it works, to get back on track quickly and easily – FOR FREE.

Superfoods 4U Online:

www.superfoods4u.co.uk is a trading division of Be Super Ltd. From here we provide superfoods, superwater and other super products and services. VFP#1 LiCrON/Regeneration will be delivered to you from this website as well as personally from Marcus Pearson. This also makes it easier for you to purchase any of our products with DISCOUNT ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS.

Superfoods online

VFP#1-LiCrON/Regeneration works alongside VFP#0-Coherence and all other VFP experiences to optimise the restoration and regeneration of synapses, neurotransmitters and brain function, increases blood oxygen levels, improves circulation, balances blood pressure, promotes ATP production, and helps to activate the cellular antioxidant defenses throughout the body.

When you consider the body as multiple electromagnetic energy fields (mental, emotional and physical energy fields); then in terms of restoration and regeneration, it makes sense to have a programme that can focus attention on those factors that contribute to optimising this.

Click here fo details of the VFP BLUEPRINT or

Click here for details of the VFP WELLBEING EXPERIENCE.

Thank you,

Marcus Pearson.

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