LiCron/Regeneration Introductory Event and Workshop:

This is part of our VFP#1 PROTOCOL:

This is a focused introductory event and workshop on our LiCrON/Regeneration – for anyone and everyone seeking optimal performance – especially those seeking to balance nutrition with health or fitness – or overcome sleep problems, loss of energy, illness or physical, mental or emotional stress.

LiCrON Regeneration

The FULL LiCron/Regeneration Experience is provided FREE when you subscribe to a 12 month VFP Wellbeing Experience.

It is also available as a stand alone 12 month experience.

It is an experiential educational programme – you learn from your own personal experience of the guidelines.

Background Info:

The reason we do not perform consistently at our best, or get ill and age, is due to the diminishing benefits of our energy and repair and recovery system. As we get older if we do not keep energised and strong and don’t keep renewing our damaged and dead cells with new healthy cells then we become weaker, get ill and start to look and feel old – we effectively start to die.

We can start dying from a very young age or we can delay the dying process until we are very old – it comes down to how well we energise and optimise autophagy.

LiCrON/Regeneration maximises energy and  optimises autophagy:

LiCrON stands for Low Insulin Calorie Restriction Optimum Nutrition. Autophagy is a natural process that gets rid of damaged and dead cells and replaces them with healthy cells. Too much glucose (caused by sugar, carbohydrates) causes insulin resistance and this stops autophagy. Hormesis (a little bit of bad is very good for you) is also something that stimulates autophagy (5%stress:95%relaxed).

Positive stress from HIIT and strength training promotes autophagy (providing you are insulin sensitive). Negative stress from thoughts and emotions cannot be controlled as easily as exercise and such negativity activates the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) – this also stops autophagy. The body needs to activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) to activate autophagy

LiCrON overcomes Insulin Resistance (IR):

LiCrON/Regeneration is an educational and practical body transformation programme that focuses on optimising the functionality of your microbiome and your mitochondria. It will retune your body, mind and behaviour to make positive changes that will remove toxins and low-level inflammation from your body and brain. It balances hormones, challenges your energy and nervous systems and prepares you to optimise life. It is perfect for weight loss and body conditioning and for improving mental clarity and removing negative feelings and thoughts.

Regeneration occurs with activation of the PNS:

Regeneration within VFP#1 is concerned with protocols that activate the PNS for optimal exercise, fitness, and physical and mental performance – it puts you in ‘flow’.

Regeneration focuses on PNS activation through exercise and physical and mental performance training. It also uses nutrition and fasting to guide you to a more flexible metabolism, and one that improves your sleep to rejuvinate you fully.

It is perfect for combat professionals and cross-fit enthusiast, and anyone needing to be as fit and strong as possible because it provides ‘lean strength’.

We provide 1:1 support, even if you are part of a team. You will benefit most by taking specific blood testing before and during the next 12 months.

This intro to VFP#1 LiCron/Regeneration is provided to explain the depth of our support and the benefits, and to interact with you prior to starting.

Is any testing available?

Blood tests are essential and we also advise on HRV testing. Full details are provided at the intro event/workshop.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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