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Be Super provide support and guidance for Self & Team Actualisation, regeneration and transdifferentiation, using their own Protocols called VFP (Vibrational Frequency Programming)  – that’s what BE SUPER are all about – read on:

VFP Membership is all about relationships and behaviour – initially relationships and behaviour between your physical, mental and emotional self. We then deal with everything from self-actualisation and relationships, trauma and chronic stress, to optimal health & fitness, finding purpose, altruistic endeavour, peace, enjoyment in life, team actualisation, regeneration and transdifferentiation.

Be Super uses ‘Vibrational Frequency Programming’ that requires a commitment of between 18 to 36 months to appreciate. IT IS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE –


We provide an opportunity. It is up to you to be receptive and act.

We do not push or pull – we provide supported guidance and illumination.

We provide online information for you to access individually whenever you find time.

There are progressive insights with prompts, released every Monday and Wednesday with a follow up on the Saturday during the walk and talk experience.

You can also experience VFP with others – as a couple, friends, family, or kindred spirits.

You can access all that we provide via your mobile or online. Our insights are delivered via videos and podcasts and further information links.

More significantly we also have interactive meetings and experiences – these are live interactions –


We also provide organised physical challenges, adventures, and retreats.

Please view the video below to see the range of activities we seek to provide – and to gain an appreciation of the type of moment in life we seek to support you and others through.

Your learning will benefit most from the personal interactions you share with us and others. You will learn as much from the silent, thinking and feeling moments as the discussions and practical experiences – you can interact physically with us or from the comfort of your own time and space – the key to transformation is to be present with us in the moment; and for you to recognise and take action to integrate the positive changes you will experience – with compassion.

There are no shortcuts, there is only morethis is an opportunity to continually re-new yourself and those around you for the better. We are looking for others who can take what we share and further build on it – you may be such a person, so, please journey and grow with us – for the benefit of all.

We are not seeking to change any beliefs or faiths; we seek to integrate the polarities/differences of thoughts, feelings, and actions from the physical world with the thoughts, feelings, and intuition of the non-physical world.


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Marcus is focused on supporting others better interact with themselves and others.

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