The Unified Agenda


It is my intention to direct as much time as is possible, within the confines of normality, to communicate through my ever clearing spiritual presence with the spirits of those with even more clarity about the truth. If you are reading this it may be because we are being drawn together.

I am seeking to impact how mankind behaves on a significant worldwide basis – please be part of the ‘power of will’ I am sharing with you. I am currently, through this website – seeking to help others clear and grow; however, there are other people that are also doing this in different ways (such as you?!) –


I am asking you to share our power of will!

Let us combine our awareness and resources to seek out communication with ONE ANOTHER AND others and ultimately OUR SPIRITUAL BEINGS will show us how we may focus our physical beings to ‘sustain inter-planetary survival and growth’. Let us not limit communication to ‘just helping others overcome’ – let us be open to communication that will empower those who are ready –  to impact the behaviour of our ‘current physical beings’ – for more productive means – for the time has come . . .

The time has come to FOCUS OUR INTENTION, to start avoiding pathways with those who bring down our frequency – we no longer need to be led into temptation –

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory . . .”

The time is NOW for us to tune into our / your inner and unified being and to show those who are waiting that we want to listen; we seek further guidance and clarity on how we can interact with one another on a more spiritual level THROUGH OUR PHYSICAL BODIES . . .

If you are tuning in to this – PLEASE REACH OUT AS I AM – contact me PLEASE . . .

Marcus Pearson

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