Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Be Super deals with Covid-19

Overcome the negativity from covid-19:

DO NOT ALLOW politicians, radio, TV, social media, work colleagues or even family and friends push negative forces your way – it is not good for you. Low frequency vibrations will have a negative effect on your mental and physical beings.

Everything from hereon, (1st November 1100hours 2020) from Be Super Ltd will support individuals and mankind to find ways to re-tune to the unified field; so enabling people rediscover their true spiritual being.

The infographic (designed by Marcus Pearson) below is very powerful –

please save / download / copy  / print and study it:

Spiritual Beings

Covid-19 is simply a low frequency vibration that is resonating with people who still have deep rooted negative energy in their unconscious being. Your unconscious being is a deeper part of your subconscious where you store negative emotions as a safety measure rather than dealing with them at the time. The problem is – the longer they remain then the harder it is to get them back and deal with them.

How do low frequency vibrations make us feel bad?

Another name for a bad feeling, or something that you don’t want to deal with, because it is negatively emotionally challenging is a ‘low frequency vibration’. These negative and lower vibrating frequencies should be dealt with as they happen. Unfortunately, most people tend to ‘receive these frequencies’ when they already have other lower frequencies going through and around them.