Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Overcoming negative forces

Hidden negative forces have caused problems for mankind for over 2 million years – they have prevented people from overcoming their perceived problems.

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Our subsequent courses, dialogue and experiences are all about cycles of retuning energy fields towards and beyond enlightenment.

The infographic (designed by Marcus Pearson) below is very powerful –

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Spiritual Beings

Earth Scale

What is hidden has not been found by looking beyond our planet.

planet earth

Neither has it been found by looking within our own planet.

the human mind

It has partly been revealed by scientists looking within ourselves.

Re awaken to positive power
Be Super will reveal what is hidden . . .

What was hidden was revealed to us from beyond our 5 senses.

99% of people will never

“receive this enlightenment”.

 Be Super will reveal what is hidden,


in order to perceive it you have to tune in.

The answer will be revealed at 1100 hours on 1st November 2020 and be available thereafter to those who REGISTER as a Free VFP Member.

and if you have no internet connection, no mobile, no radio or TV,

then you will not be able to tune in.

But even if you have all of this – you may still not be able to tune in?

Understanding ‘tuning in’ at this point is very important. So let us clarify things:

What we will reveal will be revealed to those who can tune in; for those who can’t tune in, then it will still be revealed – it just won’t be received or perceived. Those who can’t tune in will not have an awareness of it. They will not be able to perceive it with their 5 senses.

Further clarification is now needed:

What we will reveal cannot be tuned in to by simply reading, watching or listening?!

You have to physically experience “it” otherwise we just experience disbelief / amazement / doubt – the following 2 video’s show superhuman experiences – only the individuals who were involved can know what is truly going on – we hope this makes sense . . .

In this first video you will see an athlete doing something super human. She does something that she has never done before or since. Only she knows what it felt like emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Only she can truly understand  / tune in to what happened. We reveal this video below to you, in much the same way as we will reveal our forthcoming video about ‘what is hidden’but unless you ‘can personally experience what we are revealing’ – (the ‘simile’ being – unless you can do what this athlete does) – you will not be able to tune in . . .

In this second video ‘a force of strength’ (one of the the worlds’ strongest bodybuilders) gets to grips to experience ‘positive power’ from a school boy – this is the hidden secret that we will be revealing to you . . .

We will reveal the truth about what the hidden negative forces are and

how you can BE SUPER

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  The Purpose of Life

The truth will empower you
The truth will empower you

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