Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

VFP#0 – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Natural Cycles of Balance:

Your SPIRITUAL BEING created 3 energy beings (they are all physical energy fields, even though they have different names and 2 of them are more difficult to see).

They are the mental, emotional and physical energy fields or beings  – and they all interact together to create imbalance – they are created to be imbalanced so you can be unique.


Your physical energy field only knows the physical truth – it is formed partly from the genetic DNA of your previous physical bodies and partly from the additional vibrating frequencies experienced during your physical life. The physical truth is not the SPIRITUAL TRUTH – the difference is simple:

The SPRITUAL TRUTH is balance through ‘cycles of natural movement’ (movement meaning harmonic resonance).

Harmonic resonance only occurs when different vibrating frequencies tune in together and resonate as one fundamental. When the cycle or repetitions between two or more sources align, or match up, we say they are in a state of vibrational or harmonic resonance.

The Physical truth is imbalance through ‘evolved and creative cycles of new movement’ (meaning new vibrating frequencies from those that exist naturally).

Evolved and creative cycles of new movement / new vibrating frequencies, occur when we have ‘an expectation of fulfilment of the perceived outcome’ from our emotional and mental energy fields.

Some of these expected fulfilments are based totally on emotions; some are based totally on thoughts and some are a combination of the two. They all come together in the physical body and manifest in the way we behave and the way we look and feel and interact – they manifest in how we do something (the why is normally because of the influence from our mental or emotional energy field).

When we do things or think things and feel things on a regular basis (with a regular pattern or cycle) – then this may be taken up as an automatic response by our physical being. We have an ‘autonomic nervous system’ that controls how we feel and how we function as a physical being. It controls us automatically and even when we feel or think something different from what we normally do (it makes us react in a way that is more ‘regular’, rather than the new way) – it is very powerful because it is based on cycles of behaviour (cycles of vibrational frequencies) rather than ‘infrequent‘ vibrational frequencies.

Basically, the more you do or behave in a certain/regular way (the greater the intensity and frequency of a repetitive cycle) the more autonomic it becomes – you then you can’t stop your physical body (including your mind) from following the same adopted/regular pattern. That is – unless you know how to do it – and we know how to do it, we know how to change your autonomic behaviours for the better.

Be Super and VFP is all about sharing this ‘know how’ with you – so you can better tune in to the true SPIRITUAL YOU – we will show you how best to retune your autonomic system. In following such a pathway of “retuning / recycling” you will become the Greatest Version of Your Physical Self. You will become healthier, fitter, stronger, more mentally agile and emotionally resilient.

Here are some visuals to help explain things:

The Spiritual You

When your emotional energy field is more dominant than your mental energy field then your physical body will be more inclined to behave with these emotional feelings. Similarly, if your mental energy field / thoughts are more dominant than your emotions then your physical body (mind) will be more inclined to behave with these thoughts (good or bad). The key learning point here – is that when you are experiencing trauma or stress or are anxious, then neither your emotions or your thoughts have much influence – your autonomic nervous system takes over. Your body will then behave in a way it normally behaves when faced by a challenging situation – and unless you know how – there is nothing you can do to change it!


Imbalanced energy fields

Be Super Ltd through its VFP approach focuses on your autonomic system. This system can be retuned so you automatically behave in a a better way then you may currently do. Contrary to what you may currently believe, there is no problem with having imbalance. There is no problem with your emotional or your thoughts being more dominant or subdued than the other – what is most important, is that you create and maintain balanced cycles of being / doing that take advantage of this imbalance AND BE /DO something with creative purpose for the benefit of others.

Let’s check if you understand this – lol . . .

Each lesson within VFP#0 Clear to Create brings awareness of best you can achieve this – nothing you learn could be greater than this . . .

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