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How much do UK Wellbeing Packages cost?

How much do UK Wellbeing Packages cost – is a good question, however, it depends on what you are trying to value or compare?

Our Wellbeing Experience is UNIQUE. It does not seek to promote spa or gym sessions, or provide discount on a range of products and services. This is not wellbeing, it is a perk!

Wellbeing is about being authentic:

“Have you ever experienced being an authentic version of yourself and being involved in work or life with someone else who is also true to themselves – have you lived or worked with people as their real self and the truth”?

WOW, what a question, furthermore, if the answer is yes, then you will love our VFP WELLBEING EXPERIENCE. If the answer is no, then you would benefit most from discussing this with your employer. If you are the business owner or a team leader, imagine having employees that perform at their best and love life – and perhaps even love working for you – imagine the true value of that.

Before we delve in please accept this personal intro from the founders.

“As the founders of Be Super Ltd we devote every breath towards finding, living and interacting as our true selves – to be authentic. Some people refer to this as wellbeing – we have taken it to another level  – we believe we are all capable and should BE SUPER!

We started supporting ourselves (and whilst we will always consider ourselves ‘work in progress’), we now seek to scale up our support for our family and friends and for those we come into contact with – that’s what we do!

UK Wellbeing packages – what are they and how much do they cost?

Perks and rewards!?

If you really believe that providing discount on cups of coffee and cinema or gym tickets is what wellbeing is all about – then an inexpensive app based package may suit your tick box.

If you are looking to compare perks and rewards with cost and relate this to wellbeing – we wish you all the best. Marketing companies do not provide wellbeing – they sell you something that does nothing to make you or your employees their greatest version.

What about the 24/7 online libraries of workplace wellbeing – masterclass video’s!?

We believe the quality of some of the ‘masterclass video’s on wellbeing’ are excellent – and the prices are almost unbeatable. They often identify more specific solutions, but rather than being included in the cost, they are an additional cost. Then you realise what you are paying for is actually feeding you into a funnel of greater cost. Beware of this type of wellbeing funnel marketing approach – its great until you actually need it and then oops.

Wellbeing based on detailed questionnaires!?

Some of these are based on ‘pillars of resilience’ and analyse established psychological profiling. They do an excellent job in highlighting workplace stress and feelings, however, they often overlook the bigger picture. Even if they do identify out of work problems, they often direct you to solutions that involve courses that cost more money – they create a funnel for upselling.

All of the above focus on the EGO within you. Only the VFP WELLBEING EXPERIENCE balances your EGO with your SOUL.

What about wellbeing events and workshops:

These are an excellent idea however, ask yourself how many of these are really just trying to upsell you another product or service. Do they provide you with an opportunity to discover the real authentic you – and then provide supportive solutions and experiences included in the price.

Why is the VFP Wellbeing Package the best value in comparison to others?

We don’t sell dreams  – you create them and we simply guide you to better understand if you are asking the right questions. Once you realise the truth and deal with it as the real you – your whole life – at work and at home etc will be in better harmony with your thoughts, emotions and being.

Inclusive pricing AND additional costing benefits:

  • £500.00 of free business support and therapy
  • £5000 worth of additional support


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