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The human spirit and the human heart and mind are the most amazing tools and devices; however, sometimes we can and need to support them. For more than 25 years, Marcus Pearson has been using sport, exercise and music to help individuals and groups better tune in to themselves and one another. For the past few years Marcus has also become qualified and experienced in using various high tech tools and devices to further support tuning of the mind and heart – these are all proven to work:

Marcus provides short practical workshops to schools and organisations (and to groups of individuls); that seek to provide people with a better understanding of how negative stress may be replaced with positivity. Further information is provided below.

Physical Activity for Positivity:

PEMF – (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields):

PEMF is very powerful, because it can increase parasympathetic tone (the safe, calm, creative and positive nervous system) and brings with it all the social, creative and relaxing benefits of calm positivity. PEMF is more of ‘parasympathetic entrainment’ (DO IT FOR YOU KIT) for people who struggle with being able to ‘self calm’.

HRV – (Heart Rate Variability):

SSP – (Safe and Sound Protocol):

Remaining positive and further growth:

Once you have transitioned from a negative to a positive being; you have to put things in place to remain positive and to further grow. Marcus provides further discussion and insights that focus on how you self create visual and verbal affirmations and support them with physical action to achieve this.

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