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Some of this information is copied directly from the last few pages of my  book ‘The Ultimate Purpose’.

The Ultimate Purpose

Before we start, I wish to clarify that I am offering myself to you as a guide or mentor to support you ‘should you choose to pursue a pathway for self-enlightenment’. I further offer my support as a guide / mentor after you have become enlightened – you will need it – and I will support you in living as an enlightened being. I will do this from a practical perspective – it will manifest itself with your actions (and very little will be from me talking).

Here we go –

Goals and targets are superficial conscious states of perspective – there is nothing wrong with them, in fact they are often an indicator that someone is becoming more focused and thinking about what is important in their life. If you are someone who has set any goals or targets then you may be nearer to starting the journey of enlightenment than someone who has no focus. However, some people are happy just to ‘be pure to themselves’, and simply ‘being’ is most definitely a clear indicator that you are receptive to enlightenment.
However, if you are someone that is simply ‘being on auto-pilot’ and going with the flow of conventionality, then you may need to undertake more changes before you are ready for the journey of enlightenment.
Do not feel confused or disheartened by this message – most people live conventional lives and are a long way from the journey of enlightenment.
A clear and simple recognition is now required, and that is –
“Only enlightenment provides purpose – consciousness provides goals!”
Anyone can start on the journey towards THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE – the calling can actually come to you at any point on your own ‘Hero’s Journey’; and is prompted by you asking the BIGGER QUESTIONS to life and then experiencing what you have concluded – before asking again for clarity.
Age is not a barrier to understanding enlightenment and The Ultimate Purpose; indeed many children are closer to their inner true being when they are younger than when they are older.
You will either discover or know that enlightenment needs support, because it is very difficult to keep focused and to take action when all around you are unaware.
Providing support for someone on a practical basis requires the right perspective, and because most people do not possess this, it makes the journey of enlightenment more lonely and difficult.
Success on the journey of enlightenment may be achieved on your own, however, for most people support from a ‘professional support mentor’ is preferable.
The journey for enlightenment requires willingness on the part of the person seeking enlightenment to want to ‘receive awareness’, and it requires willingness on the part of the guide / mentor to ‘provide support’. (N.B. It is very important that you recognise that the giving of ‘professional support’ is crucial, moreover, this support must be such, that it reminds the ‘receiver’ that they must try not to be influenced by the conscious perspective of the supporter, or others or even themselves – this is very difficult for anyone to do, but almost impossible if the ‘supporter’ has not gained enlightenment themselves).
One of the biggest problems with ‘conventional and honest support’ is that although someones ability to support us at a conscious (and even a sub-conscious level) may be very good, transparent and purposeful – it is of no use to you in supporting your enlightened journey. One of the typical problems you encounter is that the supporting individual often relates solutions to ‘financial gain’ or ‘working smarter rather than harder’ – these are all conscious goals, and have nothing to do with enlightenment and the journey for an enlightened person.
An enlightened support mentor would not focus on these factors they would focus instead on enlightenment itself . . .
In a nutshell, you have either received enlightenment or you haven’t.
If you have, then an enlightened support mentor would remind you to focus your efforts on that journey and on what ‘you know to be true to yourself’ – and this may be unique to each person.
If you haven’t received enlightenment, then an enlightened support mentor would encourage you to create as much time in your life in which to seek and gain enlightenment – it is simple.

Living in an enlightened way without being enlightened:
Professional Support Mentors:
When you start your journey for enlightenment then a professional support mentor may be of benefit to you.
There are very few people that provide such a professional service, however, there may be many who provide a service that they or you may consider to be of benefit – but this will not be supportive for enlightenment. This is a VERY SERIOUS consideration as such a journey in your life will impact on everything, so it is ESSENTIAL you chose the correct person to support your journey.
• Anyone can gain enlightenment, however, only someone that has gained it AND is on a journey to live as their enlightenment indicates, has the perspective to support you.
• Someone on an enlightened journey will not be focused on themselves – they will have created time in their life to provide focus for you. As such they will have limited time available for others – unless they have changed their whole lifestyle to dedicate to this kind of support.
• Empathy from someone is always good, however, someone who is living in an enlightened way will be as they talk – they will “talk the talk and walk the walk”. If someone is supporting you with information about nutrition, health and fitness (as part of your journey to be THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF), then you should be able to see that they themselves are fit and healthy and they do as they say – are they walking with you?!
• Similarly, whilst wealth and financial freedom is not an important requirement from a ‘professional support mentor’, if they are supporting your need to free up more time and ‘work smarter rather than harder’ then this should be something they have experience of themselves. They should be as they talk, or at least provide you with the opportunity to fulfil what may work for you.
• If filling your time with ‘something worthwhile’ is important for you, then a ‘professional support mentor’ would be able to clarify and remind you of THE BIGGER PICTURE, to minimise any time you are on a positive yet un-enlightened path.

Anyone that has time on their hands, may be in more favourable position to journey down the path of enlightenment than someone with a hectic schedule. The opportunity that this time brings “for you to be true to yourself” is less of a barrier than others may face that have to live within the ‘auto-pilot existence of the conventional working community.’ If you have time in your life to ponder on ‘how to fill your time’ – imagine how rewarding it would feel and how energised you would be if you had clarity if purpose – THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE.


Your inner true Spiritual self has all the awareness of all UNIFIED BEINGS. There is nothing worth knowing that your inner self does not already know. Stillness and silence heighten the opportunity for you to receive the insights you desire.

Experiencing stillness and silence whilst someone is with you providing support is very rewarding. Such an experience, with the right intention may bring out the love within you: not for the person providing the support, but the love needed to appreciate clarity, bliss, peace and possibly the truth (enlightenment –  The Ultimate Purpose).

Your life does not have to be much different from what it is now – it will just have clarity of purpose.

As your guide I will empathically witness and support such silences, they offer you true space to ‘be’ – the space for which, at some level, we maybe all yearn for and need.
What Now . . .?
May I suggest, you think about things and consider reading my book, furthermore,
I hope it inspires you to take up the journey.

For anyone interested in my most current work and my personal journey of enlightenment, or my services as a ‘professional support mentor’ – then please browse my website and all the links.

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That’s it.
All my love,
Marcus Pearson

Professional Spiritual Support Guide (husband and father)

The Purpose of Life

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