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SNAG Index

SNAG – Super Network of Altruistic Guides – available to support you –

“a network of altruistic guides to “help you overcome a problem or positive challenge that stops or slows your progress in life”.

This index assumes you already know what each category means and provides. If you need clarity please click here for reminder – thank you.

The SNAG’s are listed to the right of the category – as you can see (and not suprisingly) ‘Be Super’ are listed for every one – because that is what we are all about. Other providers may be added for single or multiple categories in due course (we are currently adding SNAG’s but not listing them until we have all agreed on a mutual altruistic way forward).

SNAG Index

Category Type
VFP#0-CoherenceBe Super
VFP#1-RegenerateBe Super
VFP#2-Clear to createBe Super
VFP#3-Physical:SpiritBe Super
VFP#4-Connect with egoBe Super
VFP#5-Connect without egoBe Super
VFP#6-Spirit:SpiritBe Super
VFP#7-Heal to evolveBe Super
VFP#8-GrowthBe Super

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