Short workshops to support specific experiences

Be Super provide VFP (Vibrational Frequency Programming) in short (90min) workshops:

These may be tailored for your needs or may be specific to support one of our 9 different cycles of experience:

Our workshop experience of VFP#0 Coherence:

Workshop timetable:

  1. Why were you created?
  2. The BIGGER PICTURE and time scales.
  3. Who/what are you?
  4. What is your purpose?
  5. How to fulfil your life’s potential.
  6. How to overcome boredom.
  7. How to overcome trauma and chronic stress.
  8. How to live with peace, joy, and satisfaction.

This may be delivered to children aged 7 – 16, young people aged 16 – 25, adults aged 25 – 55, and those in the later cycles of life.

It is run as an interactive workshop that may be experienced when you are feeling bad or when you are feeling good. We introduce you to different tools and approaches you may use to support and measure how well you and others experience flow.

Coherence is especially helpful when you are tense and suffering from the signs and symptoms of trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. These may have been caused by emotional, mental, or physical difficulties or sudden shocks. It may also have been caused by too much negativity or even too much-focused positivity (perhaps as depression after a major success or loss in your life) or you may have simply ‘lost your sparkle’.

This workshop experience is of benefit for those who have too much focus (perhaps for those who feel they have reached their pinnacle). It is also of benefit during challenges at work, or whilst learning and doing exams, or with training / competing, or even with a relationship – even retirement; all of these can cause an imbalance in your energy levels.

The workshop explains how to connect with your inner true self, how to overcome ‘boredom’ at its three different levels, and how to activate flow.

We provide gentle insights to help nurture your ‘parasympathetic nervous system’, induce flow and increase your optimal arousal zone. Learning how to increase your coherence is a great benefit for competing athletes, team leaders, business owners, and anyone seeking to improve their mental agility.

You get just what you need from the experience – it works at all stages of your journey. We guide you to be the architect/conductor of your own self-awareness. This workshop will help you develop an awareness of the different parts of your being, to allow the real you to conduct matters.

This workshop experience may be experienced on your own, with a partner, or within a small group – but it is always done on a face-to-face basis – this is the only true way to interact.

Why were you created?

That which created life as we know it, did so to experience life in a way it lacked – in a physical manner!

On a lifetime scale of 24 hours, and in relation to our own planet (let us condense 4.53billion years into 24 hours for perspective of human life):

  • First 10mins – a planet collided with earth and from it came our moon and the benefit of its orbit.
  • At approx 0400am cellular life evolved.
  • 9.12am and oxygen is now available from algae in the sea.
  • 9.52pm saw the start of marine plant life and creatures.
  • 10.56pm dinosaurs evolved.
  • At approx 11.39pm the dinosuars became extinct and mammals continued.
  • 11:59 humans evolved

The question may be – will we last until the end of the last minute (especially as we appear to be destroying the planet – and natural cycles are even more destructive)?

We are now poised to enter the ‘age of aquarius’ (or day 2 of earth life) – so let us not get too carried away with our own greatness.

What does the future look like?

The BIGGER PICTURE and time scales.

It has become clear that ‘life’ was created to follow certain predictable patterns/cycles.

Randall Carlson illuminates natural catastophic cycles of disaster – within which he clarifies that plant life will actually benefit from global warming, rather than suffer!

It is interesting that despite the ‘so called threat of global warming,’ CO2 levels are at their lowest than at any point in the past 600million years (and plant life and growth increases with higher CO2) – so the planet can handle a significant increase in CO2 levels. With more plants then humans will have sufficient food sources.

It is perhaps more illuminating,  that the cycles of catastrophic disaster revolve more around the natural cycle of ice (causing CO2 levels to drop below 180ppm – which prevents photosynthesis).

It is also illuminating that within the natural cycle of our planet is a pattern of collisions from objects hitting earth (asteroids, cosmic matter and energy pulses). There have been at least 16 such events in the past 150,000 years that have had a catastrophic effect that effectively wiped out civilisation as we know it. Furthermore, they are ongoing and one is OVERDUE (as they happen every every 6,480 years and 12,960years). With the last one approx 10,000 years ago.


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