Welcome to this introductory article about my publications.

My name is Marcus Pearson and I have published two books.

The main book is entitled “The Ultimate Purpose” – you may purchase it for £19.99 using the Buy Now Button below, or you may access it for free when you Unify/tune in by Registering as a FREE VFP Member.


I have also writtten an introductory book called “Because Your’e Worth It” –

you may purchase this from Amazon Kindle Online for £2.42

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About The Ultimate Purpose:


This invitation is free from any spiritual, religious, scientific, political or other inferences, and unlike any other invitation, you will be your own master of thought and decision.
‘CARPE DIEM’- Seize this moment to contemplate the insights within the book, to share them with your family and friends and to use them as the stepping stone for THE GREATEST JOURNEY in your life. This book will empower you to become your own teacher.

Nobody else can enlighten you – this book will clarify the journey.
When you gain enlightenment AND start to live in an enlightened way then you will have

Writing this book, was the start of a deeper journey for me.

I have since co-created Be Super Ltd, and have developed The 5 VFP Protocols. These have been created to support and guide you whilst on a journey that I now refer to Self and Team Actualisation.

Thank you for reading or listening to this,

Marcus, Sharon, and Morgan Pearson.

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