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Welcome to this introductory article about my publications.

My name is Marcus Pearson and I have published two books.

The main book is entitled “The Ultimate Purpose” – you may purchase it for £19.99 using the Buy Now Button below, or you may access it for free when you Unify/tune in by Registering as a FREE VFP Member.


I have also writtten an introductory book called “Because Your’e Worth It” –

you may purchase this from Amazon Kindle Online for £2.42

Please feel free to copy the link location from the image below and to post it on facebook for people to share –

About The Ultimate Purpose:


I believe we are ALL capable of enlightenment – to me, this means awareness beyond our 5 normal senses, and beyond physical consciousness (it is spiritual coherence/consciousness)
I would like to confirm that I believe that –

“Whilst you are fully awake, if you can remove all thoughts and simply ‘be’, then you may receive some enlightenment on aspects that your conscious knowledge could not comprehend”.

  • I have received such enlightenment with regard to why we feel and behave like we do, and why we do things (not how we do things – this is dealt with by science).
  • I have received enlightenment on why physical creation exists.
  • I have also received enlightenment on what The Ultimate Purpose of life is and how perspective itself is created and works.

This enlightenment did not guide me towards any religion, spiritual doctrine or scientific endeavour – I felt it simply as a ‘pure knowing’ that did not need anything bigger to support it. The insights I gained from my enlightenment do not significantly conflict with most of the conscious insights I gained, however, enlightenment allows me to recognise the misguided endeavours I previously had and may have continued with, had I not ‘been enlightened’ to the true purpose.

“Most people who seek enlightenment, have been looking for enlightenment in the physical world; but it does not exist in the physical world!!; we can however find it in the non-physical world, even though we cannot sense it. Enlightenment has nothing to do with religion or science and my invitation to find enlightenment will explain how we may overcome the paradox”.

The Purpose of this book is to clarify how YOU may gain your own enlightenment. It is a book for YOU and about YOU.
If you can achieve ENLIGHTENMENT then it may allow you to become THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF as well as impacting on those around you in a positive way.

Can you imagine how it must feel not to have any doubt or not need to question why you do anything. Imagine how it must feel to have that calmness and strength of purpose and clarity about almost anything. I can tell you it feels amazing, however, we live in a real world where most people don’t feel like this, and the hardest part is trying to live a new life amongst others in the conventional ‘auto-pilot’ modern world.
I want and need more people to be on a similar wavelength of understanding and ‘being’, to share this enlightenment and awareness with – that is why this book is an invitation for you to join me – I am reaching out to you RIGHT NOW to read this book and to offer my support. I want to inspire and be inspired by you.

My enlightenment has also provided me with awareness as to what happens when your body dies – or from a different perspective, why you arrived in the first place. Rather than using words to describe something that your 5 senses and psyche cannot comprehend, I would like you to gain this personal enlightenment for yourself – and I believe with the support of this book you can.

“You will feel your inner awareness lifting up its head as it FINALLY senses that someone understands and is tuned in to why things are”.

This invitation is free from any spiritual, religious, scientific, political or other inferences, and unlike any other invitation, you will be your own master of thought and decision.
‘CARPE DIEM’- Seize this moment to contemplate the insights within the book, to share them with your family and friends and to use them as the stepping stone for THE GREATEST JOURNEY in your life. This book will empower you to become your own teacher.

Nobody else can enlighten you – this book will clarify the journey.
When you gain enlightenment AND start to live in an enlightened way then you will have


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