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Overcoming covid-19 negativity

This post is a summary of the solutions we provide to help people overcome the negative effects of covid-19 and the accumulation if stress.


We provide a ‘10 day re-tune’ that supports and guides pupils back into learning. It nurtures a willingness and ability to focus and retain information whilst improving resilience and social interaction – read on to find out more

The Problem:

The pupils are returning to school and you have an individual pupil (or multiple pupils) that need extra support because they can’t cope with the return to the school environment and learning. Even if the pupils are calm and not challenging; they may genuinely have a problem with concentrating, listening and retaining any information. You anticipate challenges because you have already experienced it with those who are in school and with home schooling – and you need to gear up to avoid anxiety and stress for the pupils, teachers and support staff.

Small disruptions quickly disrupt the learning potential for the whole class and the domino effect of negativity can lead to that which you are striving to avoid!

Normal support is time consuming and needs specific 1:1 or small group work – and yet you probably already have all your support staff allocated for those who are challenging at the best of times – so what do you do with this covid-19 return?

Be Super Ltd, are a Rochdale based provider of professional wellbeing solutions and we have a solution that is measurable, timely and cost effective – read on . . .

The Solution: (

We have created a modified version of our school intervention / pastoral solution.

We call it “POSITIVE RE-RETUNE” and it provides a ‘10 day re-tune’ that supports and guides pupils back into learning. It nurtures a willingness and ability to focus and retain information whilst improving resilience and social interaction.

Up to 10 pupils can be supported per 10 day block – and ‘additional ongoing tuning’ can be incorporated for self-regulation afterwards.

It utilises HRV (Heart Rate Variability Technology) and

SSP Therapy (Safe and Sound Protocol developed from Polyvagal Theory)

Our qualified SSP therapist will work closely with the teachers (plus Heads of Year / Senco’s / Family Workers and Support Staff etc) and the pupil(s) to identify the main ‘points of concern’ (causing anxiety and stress). He will then personalise a creative learning environment/opportunity (possibly outside of the class) based on feelings of safety, trust, relaxation and positivity (avoiding that which triggers negativity). He will re-tune the pupils to be relaxed and positive with a combination of ‘activity / movement sessions (physical and thoughtful play & creativity) incorporating music, gentle discussion and ‘gaming technology’ (HRV Neurofeedback Games*1). He will introduce and develop ‘SCP’ (Scheduled Cycles of Positivity) that induce / entrain positive changes in the pupils sub-conscious behaviour.

With our ‘SCP’ every day is planned, enabling the student(s) time to experience being themselves without any thought, discussion, emotional attachment, or learning requirement disrupting the moment – this purposefully avoids conscious negativity (including triggers, thoughts & memories).

  • It avoids ‘talk therapy /CBT’, and purely focuses on being in the now and being relaxed.
  • It avoids any mindfulness/meditation, which may be extremely negative (it may trigger negative emotions and thoughts).

Is there a measurement criteria ?

*1 – HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is used as a measurement criteria to establish a base level for ‘stress / positivity’ – (more specifically ‘coherence’). Heart rate variability (HRV) is one of the ways you can measure your vagal tone and can be a great indicator of overall health (mental and physical) and indicates an ability to heal (emotionally and physically). It is an objective measurement based on the bodies truthful response to what is going on ‘in and around’ a person.

The HRV Neurofeedback Games provide a self-learning experience for the student to better regulate anxiety and improve calmness, mental clarity, positivity and creativity. This will manifest itself with improved social interaction and a greater willingness and ability to learn. This positivity will also be mirrored by an increase in HRV (providing ongoing evaluation criteria to support soft outcomes).

*2 – SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) using the Unyte/iLs App involves 30min scheduled headphone listening to ‘acoustically altered sounds’ that positively stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System of the Vagal Nerve (inducing your sub-consciousness to be relaxed, creative and positive). The SSP is a portal to the Social Engagement System, and it has a powerful impact on how someone interacts with other people and their environment. Resulting new behaviours reflect an increased sense of safety in the world, yet ‘they are fragile and can be disrupted if not recognized and responded to in a positive manner’ – hence, SSP, should only be overseen by our qualified practitioner.

Essentially, the SSP is opening the system for greater engagement. The aspect of ‘SAFETY’ must come before the SOUND experience takes place. What comes with and after the SSP will then cement and extend the gains.

Our Solution is UNIQUE and is delivered on a 1:1 basis with our therapist and the pupil. It may also be delivered in a small group environment (subject to the maturity and interaction of the pupils).

How long does it take to affect long lasting positive behavioural change?

It normally takes 9 – 12 weeks to affect long lasting positive behavioural change. However, this solution is not attempting to do this – it is seeking to quickly ‘re-tune’ pupils who have lost the willingness or ability to feel relaxed and positive about learning, their future or even the present moment.

Many are involved in cycles of negative behaviour that control them through their sub-conscious mind -and this is what we seek to change. 30 mins per day (for 10 days) with SSP is the core of this solution. We build on this with HRV Neurofeedback games, and further build on this with a variety of focused breathing techniques and the use of visual and audio affirmations and natural cycles/ratios to create a new positive cycle/rhythm for more ‘focused work-reward’ experiences. It then progresses into gentle, positive social interaction, creativity and resilience (and starts to mirror the classwork of mainstream lessons, assessments and mock exams). All of this is completed in just 10 days – 10 days to turn a pupil around, to re-tune them back to being the best they can be!

Marcus Pearson is our qualified and experienced SSP Therapist (the co-founder of Be Super Ltd); and he is available to provide personal support within a 25mile radius of Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

Our solution is being offered at a reduced rate. The normal price for the full SSP therapy is £432.00 per person (normally delivered via 5 x 1 hour sessions over 5 consecutive days). Plus the HRV Neurofeedback gaming is normally £199.00 per person. What we are offering extends the normal provision of 1 hour per day for 5 days to 6 hours per day for 10 days. We have modified and improved this delivery for school children for maximum benefit and practicality.

We provide a fixed daily rate (rather than a 10 day block); and the number of pupils that may be supported is between 1 and 10 per day (so if you had 10 children rather than 5 it would be more cost effective).

Our reduced rate is VERY AFFORDABLE  – BUT HURRY because we only have limited capacity in the short term – and then prices will significantly increase.

Look what we provide for every pupil – every day for the “POSITIVE RE-RETUNE”:

  • 30 mins split – 20 mins of togetherness (physical and mental tuning) PLUS 10 mins of focused breathing techniques (1:1 with Marcus or as part of a small group)
  • 30 mins of 1:1 HRV Neurofeedback gaming time (as an individual)
  • 30 mins of 1:1 SSP time (as an individual)
  • 30 mins of visual and audio affirmations (1:1 with Marcus or as part of a small group)
  • 30 mins developing natural cycles/ratios to create a new positive cycle/rhythm for more ‘focused work-reward’ experiences (as part of a small group)
  • 30 mins progression into gentle, positive social interaction, creativity and resilience (and progression to mirror the classwork of mainstream lessons, assessments and mock exams) (1:1 with Marcus or as part of a small group)

Each ‘Pomodora Cycle’ will be split with a 30 minute activity for physical and mental positivity

All of this increases the Optimal Arousal Zone of the student – as shown in the info-graphic below:


School : Home Mirror Affect Ratio:

In most instances the full benefits of this “POSITIVE RE-RETUNE” are only maximised and become long lasting when they are duplicated at home as well as in the learning environment. This is even more relevant during Covid -19 restrictions, home learning and the return to school. Subsequently, our solution provides pastoral support opportunities for the parents / carers to also experience the HRV Neurofeedback Games, and to experience the acoustically altered music used in the SSP experience. Furthermore, support and guidance are provided to try and ensure that the home environment is as safe, trusting, relaxed and AWARE as possible.

This type of support would be discussed with any family / pastoral workers the school may have in place.

N.B. Marcus may be available on a full-time basis if the opportunity arose to integrate this type of approach for the benefits of children and young people.

Where do you go from here –

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